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Pentagon Heads Toward Escalating Genocide in Yemen

Yemen is Obama’s war, now Trump’s, complicit with Saudi terror-bombing, massacring civilians indiscriminately, causing vast destruction, human suffering and starvation.

A previous article explained millions of Yemenis face slow, painful deaths from lack of food needed to survive, blockaded coastal areas preventing it from entering the country. 353 more words


White House plan to help pay for border wall is a long shot

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is calling for immediate budget cuts of $18 billion from programs like medical research, infrastructure and community development grants to help pay for the border wall that President Donald Trump repeatedly promised would be financed by Mexico. 603 more words


Adam Smith | NYT Says Congress Has ‘Duty’ to Make War–Rather Than the Right to Reject It

To the extent the Times is concerned with legality, it is only so in a very narrow, domestic way. What international law says about the US-led bombing of Syria is hardly broached, much less explored. 990 more words

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$10 Trillion Missing From Pentagon And No One — Not Even The DoD — Knows Where It Is

By Claire Bernish

Over a mere two decades, the Pentagon lost track of a mind-numbing $10 trillion — that’s trillion, with a fat, taxpayer-funded “T” — and no one, not even the Department of Defense, knows where it went or on what it was spent. 1,089 more words

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California National Guard Official Tells Legislators Forced Bonus Repayments Will Be Resolved by Mid-Summer

A top official for the California National Guard told state legislators Monday that he hopes lingering issues from the soldiers being forced to repay enlistment bonuses will be resolved by mid-summer. 115 more words

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The Price of Being Ignored - Or Ignorant?

For the last few months, John Moody, Executive Vice President and Executive Editor of Fox News, has been banging the national media drum slowly but with ever-increasing strength. 73 more words

The Pentagon has never been audited. That's astonishing | Thomas Hedges | Opinion | The Guardian

The DOD and Pentagon have NEVER been Audited. $10 TRILLION in taxes unaccounted for. #AuditDOD #AuditFed #Pentagon #MAGA