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This winter is warm and now the camellia are blooming a lot.
Each year they are blooming a little, in December.
It is very lovely and I love.


fallen leaves

After the storm, there is some beautiful fallen leaves.

I found red and yellow leaves at water surface.

Pentax K10D

Tangerine and cats

I love cats because they are very cute.

Pentax K10D

Let's see now. A mailbox and a chair.......

Chair for rent, Bantam, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Does this speak more about the entrepreneurial spirit of the person hoping to rent a chair, or to the optimism of a person who starts out by renting it, perhaps dreaming of the day he can rent a sofa? 10 more words

Beautiful Season

It is a beautiful season of autumn leaves. However, this year is a little warm, is not good is the color of autumn leaves.

Pentax K10D

Are you kidding?

Guilford, Connicticut © Steven Willard

I don’t know about you, but if someone is big enough to throw these rocks I don’t want to be the guy to tell him to stop! 22 more words

Moon shadow

Moon shadow, Kent, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Modern digital cameras with fast lenses and the ability to photograph successfuly using high ISOs have made it possible to photograph scenes such as this with very little effort; put the canmera on the tripod and trip the shutter, let science and technology do their thing. 93 more words