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Are you kidding?

Guilford, Connicticut © Steven Willard

I don’t know about you, but if someone is big enough to throw these rocks I don’t want to be the guy to tell him to stop! 22 more words

Moon shadow

Moon shadow, Kent, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Modern digital cameras with fast lenses and the ability to photograph successfuly using high ISOs have made it possible to photograph scenes such as this with very little effort; put the canmera on the tripod and trip the shutter, let science and technology do their thing. 93 more words

Little by little

Stone on stone, Bulls Bridge, Connecticut © Steven Willard

All it takes is a small depression, a few loose stones, some running water, a lots of time. 21 more words

'round back

Watertown, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Isn’t it interesting what you can find at the rear of buildings? More like a candid photograph than formal portrait. Not necessarily a more acurate image of what goes on there, but providing a fuller picture. 132 more words

cosmos & wind

It is fine.

I love these autumn flowers.


The Juxtaposition Approximation

This is an experiment. Dream up a title and see if I can come up with an image or images that “define” it.

The title above just popped into my head as words sometimes do, and I liked the sound of them together. 304 more words

Lest we forget

New Preston, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I was killing time while Chris shopped and found this forgotten flag in the window of someone’s garage. Perhaps they take it out for display on special occasions, but I doubt it. 43 more words