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Krka National Park

On the fifth day, we got off our lazy bottoms and went somewhere! It was an early start, as Krka was 2 hours away, and for some reason the people we booked the trip with felt it was necessary to stop off at another town for an hour. 38 more words


Time Can Make a Difference

Yesterday I was listening to Episode 5 of The Photo Podcast Network’s Q & A show, with hosts Scott Bourne. & Rick Sammon. A listener asked why were they not able to produce the same image in the camera as exists in their head. 288 more words


Croatia (day 4)

Another lazy day on day 4, more swimming in the sea, more cocktails… However I got up for sunrise (again) but this time went into the mountain first, then came back down to the beach.


Croatia (Day 3)

The third day in Croatia I’m not sure that we did a lot. Drank some cocktails, swan in the sea….

The sunsets were spot on though, fantastic view from the hotel and thus the beach.


Weather - Dublin, Ophelia and the rainbow

Dublin, a beautiful city in Ireland with a tremendous growth in tourism despite its ambiguous weather …

As reported in a previous post here on… 381 more words


The missing part

The missing part, the silent gaze, the subtle feeling, the thorn in your side, the wounded giant, the sea storming, the waves cradling, the clouds playing, the moon obscured by the earth, the earth sliding away, galaxies moving so fast, universe expanding, universe collapsing, entropy in your mind, the betrayed bride, the man in black, the poisoned water, the melted reactor, the missing matter, the obsession of being, the touch of the lover, the scent of a woman, the tear falling, the dissonant note, the uncorrelated event, the unexpected coincidence, the things moving on, the connection lost, the lady from the woods, the rain falling.
The benediction of life.