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Naked in the Rain

Ohara Hadaka Matsuri a.k.a. the Ohara Naked Festival took place in heavy rain on the 23rd of September.

To clarify “naked” is clearly not an accurate description with the participants wearing far more than the… 155 more words


The Moon and The Bridge

Oh what a lovely pair they make, I’ll try a Haiku:

Crescent moon in brightened sky,

Stately Bridge in serene river of bustling city

Just too bad, it must end in a few hours.

Light Meters: An Intro To The Light Meter


Due to digital cameras becoming increasingly more advanced, many beginning cinematographers, including myself at one point, believe that light meters are no longer necessary in order to capture well-exposed, cinematic images. 1,699 more words


Driving on the Left

More countries drive on the left side than I imagined. 55 countries, according the U.N., listed on this Wikipedia page. Of course, I knew the U.K. 111 more words