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A lot of people are often confused and misled about how many Gods there are. Before I go any further, let me go ahead and tell you… there’s only ONE God. 338 more words


Speaking in Tongues (Part Two)

It’s a quiet day around here. I probably lost a few subscribers with what I posted yesterday. But it happened. It’s part of my past. I spoke in tongues. 423 more words


Speaking in Tongues (Part One)

Myself and a friend had traveled all through the night in his bright red AMC Pacer after visiting with some newfound friends in Pittsburgh following a large outdoor Christian festival north of the city. 1,194 more words


Howdy all (:

Well it has been quite a bit of time since we have talked, now hasn’t it? I just recently discovered that I think I still have a lot to share and talk to you about. 88 more words


Etz Chayim - reaching for the Tree of Life

It has been almost a full year since I last posted on this blog. Much has happened. After almost 7 years of ‘wilderness wandering’, we finally have our own home again and are settled, albeit out in the rural wilds of north Cornwall, far away from any kind of Messianic fellowship or congregation. 707 more words


Who is on the Lords side?

In Exodus 32 we read a very disturbing story. Moses leaves the people and goes up into the mountain to be with God. It was not long at all before the people come to Aaron, his brother, a priest, the religious head, and demand from him an idol to worship because Moses was seemingly gone and would not return. 791 more words


Why are ‘good gospel churches’ the worst at Evangelism?

I heard the biblical gospel for the first time in 1999. The Holy Spirit, in relation to that event, invaded my life. I’ve never been the same. 758 more words