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Speaking in Tongues Was for the Early Church, Not for Today: A response

Out of all the objections to speaking in tongues and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, this argument is perhaps the most irrational that does not even attempt to construct a biblical argument.* 203 more words


Undeservingly Beautiful

“I don’t deserve it.”

Have you ever said these words before? Have you ever felt like you didn’t deserve the good things in your life, the people that love you, the calling placed on your life, or God’s mercy and grace? 499 more words


My word for this year is push.

  1. Push past the lies the devil tells me.
  2. Push past my insecurities and my weaknesses.
  3. Push through the trials I have to endure.
  4. 267 more words

Chookwatcher's betrayal of classical Pentecostals

Chookwatcher’s persistent dalliance with Calvinist cessationists has greatly diminished any theological credibility he may have had when he was connected with the Pentecostal church.

As a contemporary internet commentator, … 1,168 more words


Being shaped in the fire.

The way God shapes His children, in general, is through the fires of affliction. Yet, I believe He will not inflict these fires upon those who have no genuine desire to be like Him. 34 more words


Available Now: The Discipline of the Pentecostal Holiness Church 1921 & 1949 Editions!

The Discipline of the Pentecostal Holiness Church, 1921 & 1949 Editions are invaluable documents in the history of the Pentecostal movement.  Pen and Spirit Press is honored to put these works back into circulation.  36 more words


Gods Plan Of Salvation

When I first began my blog, I wrote on a draft explaining pretty much why us Pentecostals do the things we do. I feel like I should go back and explain everything in spate blog posts. 1,365 more words

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