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Overcoming mountains

Have you ever seen the mountain goat traverse almost vertical sheer cliffs? It is a sight to behold. In the making of these goats God withheld fear. 154 more words


The path that leads to glory

Suffering is the path that leads to glory!

A wise man once wrote ” Friction is the polish that shines our graces.” Another way of saying that could be ” suffering is the path that leads to glory.” Now, this is never a popular teaching, but suffering is a gift from God in the sense that it helps to sanctify us and shape us and teach us. 250 more words


Why Everyone Needs a Sports Bra

Behold, the sports bra.

I don’t play sports anymore, but I keep one in my regular rotation, for various reasons. Since breasts are made entirely of glands, fat and connective tissue, there is no muscle to hold them down. 1,313 more words

The Door is Always Open

We all have questions we want to be answered or requests that we want to be made known. A college student asks a professor about a grade on an exam, an employee asks their boss for a raise, and so on. 336 more words


Prophecy is Natural (pt. 1)

You might not guess it but there’s a double meaning of the title statement ‘prophecy is natural.’

(Just quickly, here’s a key for usage (which is sometimes mixed up): ‘Prophecy’ <– with a ‘c’ is pronounced ‘pro-phe-SEE’, and is a noun.  1,982 more words


Bearing fruit

Jesus once said this way “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” (John 7:38). 247 more words


'The End of Denominations' or 'My Experience with the Quakers'

My last post may be a prequel thought to this, so I’ll just leave it here: Fox and the Reformation.

And my general philosophy (/theology) on this school of thought is explained, somewhat, here: … 2,098 more words