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Charismatic - Pentecostal Deception

To the brothers and sisters in Charismatic – Pentecostal churches, this post was written out of love and concern, and I pray you will receive the message in the spirit it was intended. 5,806 more words


Man-made opinions don't matter much to me, especially those of the snide variety that aren't backed up with scripture from the Authorized King James Bible

If you have come here to argue your standpoint from your denominationalist viewpoint, or any man-made viewpoint – don’t expect me to argue and/or debate with you, especially if you are taking your Biblical view from a perverted Bible version, or an heretical proof-texter who stands behind the pulpit ,or any other point of view that goes against the Word of Truth (the Gospel of your salvation) rightly divided. 1,514 more words

Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth

The Sky was Never His Limit: The life and times of Bishop Banda of Kitwe

E. Munshya, LLM, M.Div.

In his 2008 dissertation, theologian and historian Dr. Andriano Chalwe wrote the following about Bishop Sky Zibani Banda: “Banda will be remembered for his generosity.” He was right. 798 more words

Zambian Politics

Taught to fear Jesus in a small town...

I was born in a small town so since I went to church in said town chances are it would be small also.  Attendance was around 75 when I was little (and that’s being generous) and fell to around 30  when I was in high school (now I’m being magnanimous). 1,068 more words

Small Town Living

After We Have Said “Amen”: Towards a Pentecostal theology of politics in Zambia

Elias Munshya, LL.M, MBA, M.Div.

Pentecostal church leaders in Zambia are almost unanimous. They will heed President Edgar Lungu’s call to prayer, fasting and reconciliation on Sunday, October 18, 2015. 1,037 more words

Zambian Politics


When I first arrive in Zagreb I stayed with my relatives. I got used to walking everywhere and eating cabbage for dinner. It was a fantastic combination for losing weight. 288 more words

Mark Zlomislic

An Excerpt from My Unfinished Memoir...

It was 1970 and Mom and Dad had both experienced a dramatic conversion.  Dad’s cousin, Earl, had led him to pray the salvation prayer and Mom’s conversion followed shortly after.   1,843 more words