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Presbyterian Polity 201

Presbyterian polity 101 is rule by elders.

201 is living in submission to the rule of elders within a communion’s assemblies unless a member or officer appeals the rules. 295 more words

Modern Church

The Easter Offering: Duty and Charity

the Offertory, so many as are disposed, shall offer unto the poor men’s box every one according to his ability and charitable mind.

And… 1,305 more words

Ecclesiastical Law

GOD HEAD or God Heart - Who rules?

In my Christian youth I mixed with Christian fundamentalists quite a lot. Even in my later age I was known to frequent their houses of worship. 468 more words


Now is Also the Best Time to Study Religion and Politics

By Paul A. Djupe and the religioninpublic.blog team

Over at his eponymous blog, Tom Pepinsky just wrote that “This Is the Best Time Ever to Study Political Science… 992 more words

James Baldwin, one of the most celebrated black novelist essayist, poet, and social critic was, “one of these”. He was baptized, spoke in other tongues and was indwelled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38).

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Being Ellington L. Ellis

If denominations took a StrengthFinder™ test

Gallup’s StrengthFinder™ is all the rage. Take a 30 minute test online and you’ll discover your “Top 5,” the key elements of who you are and how you see the world. 1,321 more words


My tears for new Christian journey


I cried in the Christian journey while Bible Reading, Praying, Worshiping and Sermon Watching since childhood with protestant, catholic and Pentecostals.

My country Nepal has Hindus 80% and Buddhist 10% and other religions 10%. 788 more words