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TBN & 1st Corinthians 9:18

My new Buddhist friend has informed me that he was once a Christian in the Pentecostal faith. I Now understand him much better because he was part of TBN which I call THE BALONIE NETWORK. 207 more words


Those that Abuse their Authority in the Gospel

How can those who peddle the Prosperity Gospel get by this verse? If you cannot serve God and money, why are they trying to do just that? 75 more words


With Who Do YOU Associate?

Sorry, Benny, you can’t keep it a secret anymore that you are associating with Bill Johnson and Bethel Church. Then again maybe we should warn Bill about your deceptive healing practices. 103 more words


Is Buddhism the Poor Sister of Hinduism?

Buddhism seems to be the poor sister of Hinduism and even the Abracadabra Church. What accord has Christianity with Buddhism? Buddhists believe in reincarnation even multi reincarnations. 61 more words


Joyce Meyers is Self-ordained

self ordained in this video you will learn why Joyce Meyers is a fraud. She has been ordained by her own Ministry. How can one ordain themself? 14 more words


A Special Edition of the 700 Club

This is Pat Robertson and I’m coming to you today with a prophecy. I do this every so often especially when we need cash. I’m looking at Psalm 119:170. 323 more words


Has America Become Spiritually Stupid?

I took a group of girls from my Boys & Girls Club in Joplin to see The Champ starring Jon Voight and Ricky Schroder back in the 70s. 239 more words