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Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart should never be ministers again!

Oh my Lord, I know what the Bible says about a minister not being greedy for money and having a good testimony to those are outside.

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Abracadabra Magic

those that use the word abracadabra probably don’t even know they are. What they do know is they are speaking words into existence apart from the Bible but believing them to be from the Bible. 42 more words


Hinn, Hagee, and Van Impe

I haven’t said a single thing about Jack Van Impe however he believes the Catholic catechism lines up to the Bible pretty well. It must be the revised Van Impe version? 158 more words


Comic Jesse Duplantis

Jesse Duplantis would make for an excellent comedian. Unfortunately for him he's a pastor and there's not much to laugh about his presentation in the pulpit. 217 more words


Abracadabra Ministries

all these Ministries are Abracadabra ones as they believe they can speak anything into existence including apostleship. These are what you might call self-made ministers. They make up things outside the Bible. 134 more words


Jim Bakker vs Jesus Christ

this is Jim Bakker speaking to you from Morningside. Today I understand that Jesus Christ will be making one statement but first I would like to talk about my survival food that you will be needing in the dark times ahead. 184 more words


Pentecostal Congregations EXPECT a Show

it’s a sad thing to say but Pentecostal Church congregations expect a show instead of Bible learning. They come to see Benny Hinn do slaying in the spirit, or Paula White browbeating her congregation to give a month’s salary to her Ministry and her Antics to get it, or to listen to Mike Murdock’s Seed Faith, or.to want to watch Jesse Duplantis’ Comedy Hour. 119 more words