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And They Shalt Pick Up Serpents

I have always been amazed with this practice.  I believe it is now illegal in the states.  Of course, that does not mean it is no longer practiced. 856 more words

Nae's Nest

Pentecostal, not Charismatic

I’ve been doing a lot of this writing on some assumptions that I haven’t really stated anywhere else. Some of that is because the goal is to redirect Pentecostalism in such a way that as a movement, … 356 more words


End Times Crazies

When I was growing up, I was fascinated with “end times” prophecy and theology. I read all the usual goofs on it – Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, Paul Meier. 477 more words


Pentecost Now

Today marks the day many in the Church celebrate Pentecost. Ironically, most Pentecostals have never known their congregations to celebrate it. While there’s certainly no obligation to liturgical calendar (unless your tradition and custom expect it of you), it’s helpful for us to remember that day together with Christians around the world, not only in the present but in the ancient past. 867 more words


Communion of the Twice-Baptized

One of the unique features of the Pentecostal experience as it developed was its understanding of the baptism of the Spirit. The idea that something could happen beyond conversion that would be called “baptism” has been cause for controversy, division, and a lot of conversation both within and outside of the Pentecostal and charismatic movements.It’s not for lack of Biblical support…just a lot of discussion about what the Scriptures mean when they talk about baptism in the Spirit. 1,292 more words