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Almost there

Readers will doubtless have noticed that we have entered November, the penultimate month of the year.

Entering the 11th month is not a particularly novel sensation, unless you are so sweetly young you’re not yet able to read this blog (though IT literacy seems inbuilt into today’s toddlers!) There seems to be nothing remarkable about November, save that it is a springboard to the commercialism and religious significance of December. 419 more words

The ingenuous Indigenous

Today I am putting on my Mad Alliterator hat to celebrate the penultimate day of the week. It seems to be a tradition for blogs to toss out loose threads on the day of Fri, so here are some non sequiturs. 229 more words



Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

Because it is the final week till my DS1 starts school and DS2 returns to nursery. We went a bit crazy list week to cram as much activities to get in before the academic term starts. 191 more words



In this penultimate day of July
As William said in cowslip bells I lie
All is said and done for now my dear friends… 230 more words




Where do we go from here?

Life on Earth diminishes

Human life, animal species

Extinct, genii of plants within

Which might have served

Chemistry for fixing disease… 41 more words


Did it feel good, to break my fragile heart?
Was she prettier than, my beautiful art?
Did she adore you more, when it was easy to admire you? 175 more words



She is beautiful like a storm,
Sensitive yet so strong.
She fears loneliness,
And longs for joy and bliss.

She is humorous and stubborn,
Yet she respects everyone. 89 more words