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The next time you test me’s
The last time I’ll tell you
That next time will be
Your last warning!


Penultimate (an acrostic poem)

Preparing for his exams was never one of Joe’s strong points

Even to the point where he would resort to trick ways to cheat… 115 more words

Acrostic Poem

Moment of Decision (Gargantia Episode 12)

(If you missed the last essay in this series, check it out here: Supreme Ruler of Terror. To go back to the first episode’s essay, click… 1,123 more words


Have a Wonderful Penultimate Day!

“Penultimate,” means the second to last in a series, and today is the second to last day of the year, which strikes me as something special to celebrate. 428 more words


Week 154 - Second Last, Panda Steaks And The Malevolent Hartley Hare.

Here we are at Week 154.

Well this is our penultimate post.

I’ve always wondered about the word ‘penultimate’, I think it’s a bit up itself. 1,013 more words

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Penultimate vs. Ultimate

Many people use “penultimate” to mean “more than ultimate,” but the word actually has a very narrow (and different) definition. Here’s what Merriam-Webster says:

So in a list, “penultimate” would refer to the next-to-last item. 110 more words

Confusing Words

Story: Penultimate

By: Andrew J. Gleason 

I have decided to kill myself.

Know that it is not out of love or sadness that I perform this most heinous act but because I chose it over the alternative, for that seems far, far worse. 4,712 more words