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Did it feel good, to break my fragile heart?
Was she prettier than, my beautiful art?
Did she adore you more, when it was easy to admire you? 175 more words



She is beautiful like a storm,
Sensitive yet so strong.
She fears loneliness,
And longs for joy and bliss.

She is humorous and stubborn,
Yet she respects everyone. 89 more words


Beautiful September

24 days after the month began,
I met someone who blew my mind.
He fell, he said, at the first sight.
But dumped me over a silly little fight. 57 more words


P-Values: P is for Pseudoscience!

Someone called “The American Statistician” has performed an experiment that proves that the scientific community and graduate students have been taught the wrong thing virtually for eternity. 222 more words

Brain Studies

Library iPads: the How and Why

I recently conducted an experiment: I checked out one of the Katherine Brush Library’s iPads for one week. I had two goals in this experiment. One, to see how effective an iPad is vs. 626 more words



Touch my heart, or watch me go,
Leave me now, or kiss my soul.
Love me forever, we could take it slow.
Or you could run away, and no one will know. 148 more words


I wrote..

I wrote a note for a friend, that love can cure her wounds.
I wrote to her the love she felt, was arrogant and abused. 182 more words