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Hurrah, this is my 300th post on this blog! :D Finally got to one of my goals.

It is perhaps rightly said that too many cooks spoil the broth. 494 more words


Dallas Parallels: Caught!

History repeats itself during “Dallas’s” third season when Pamela finds John Ross cheating with Emma. It’s not unlike the classic scene from the original show’s sixth year, when Sue Ellen walks in on J.R. 1,009 more words


Kamen Rider Reactions: Episodes 37-39

Hey readers, Reviewer of Steel with the penultimate entry for this series as we look at 3 episodes of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Episode 37: The Enemy Within… 1,308 more words

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

Why Handwriting on the iPad? (Or why the loss of Penultimate bugged me.)

I’ve mentioned that I have had several handwriting apps on the iPad, but not how I use them, or perhaps more importantly, why.

Firstly, paper is my nemesis. 807 more words


December's Playlist: Penultimate Jehster

A quick note: This piece is intended for reading alongside the playlist, so if you are not going to give it a listen that’s fine, but this won’t make a whole lot of sense without it. 2,157 more words


Evernote launches Penultimate 6 for iPad

Penultimate has been redesigned for the iPad with the goal to “show us what handwriting on an iPad should be.” Let’s breakdown the new features. 287 more words


The Witch Is Dead

Sons Of Anarchy‘s penultimate episode, ‘Red Rose’ aired tonight. The entirety of this last season was anticipated for one sole reason, the vengeance of Tara Knowles’ death. 590 more words