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When I was a kid, I loved big words. I also loved Anne of Green Gables and Anne Shirley also loved big words. I still love big words, but have realized that the best way to be understood is to use smaller words. 306 more words


Meaning next to last, this word, when used properly, is unnecessarily fancy. What’s worse: Its meaning is diluted due to its misuse as a synonym for ultimate. Avoid it.

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The Penultimate Paper

Note: The above photo was taken shortly after I completed my first masters thesis, which was 120 pages. Today is nothing like that.

I just submitted the last paper. 1,048 more words


Game of Thrones: Episode 9

Holy, R’hllor! Fire galore. From Ramsey, from Melisandre, from Drogon. If “Hardhome” was the ice in A Song of Ice and Fire, then “A Dance With Dragons” was the fire. 1,379 more words

Episode Analysis

Penultimate Show

Later today sees my penultimate show on TMCR.

I’ve got to make sure they record in good quality for my voice portfolio to add to here so that prospective employers can assess what I do. 7 more words

Thoughts And Musings

The Flash: Rogue Air


As Wells once again gets the upper hand on the S.T.A.R. Labs team, Barry realizes he needs to make a big move and reaches out to an old foe, Captain Cold, for help. 79 more words


What's The Meaning Of Mad Men?

A lot of critics have been questioning this final season of Mad Men, as is their job. Seems like there’s been a rising tide of criticism that these last 6 episodes have not been up to the quality of the rest of the series. 994 more words