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Alone with everybody

“Alone with everybody” a quote that’s been stuck in my head for years now, ever since I discovered Bukowski. I never understood it until now; it all makes sense now. 213 more words

Free Legal Advice

There are some weird things lawyers see, from people being arrested for driving with a gorilla in the front seat to people actually suing toddlers. If you have never seen World’s Dumbest Criminal I urge you to do so, it’s a really good laugh. 763 more words


Taking the sanity test now

 I have little or no desire to engage in sexual activity, although I once did.

Not at all   Just a little   Somewhat   Quite a lot   Nearly all the time…

286 more words
Psych Central

Word Issues #8: Disrespect

This post is an experiment for me. I wrote it ten months ago and after I opened the file yesterday, it intrigued me because I didn’t quite remember writing it. 593 more words


This is another post in the series I think deserves the name of Stupid Shit I Hear from Women who Are Otherwise Reasonable… Previous posts in this series are  205 more words

Bingo for real-life grown-ups

Being a grown-up is a total drag. Reward yourself for participating in the drudgery with this Bingo card. Every time you get a Bingo, do something frivolous like buy yourself a concert t-shirt or have a margarita for lunch. 229 more words

People Are Dumb

Don't let politics get you down!

The political ads and propaganda are only going to get worse for the next ten months. Some people are opting out of social media to avoid the arguments and bullshit, but some of us need social media for our jobs. 429 more words

People Are Dumb