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Bingo for real-life grown-ups

Being a grown-up is a total drag. Reward yourself for participating in the drudgery with this Bingo card. Every time you get a Bingo, do something frivolous like buy yourself a concert t-shirt or have a margarita for lunch. 229 more words

People Are Dumb

Don't let politics get you down!

The political ads and propaganda are only going to get worse for the next ten months. Some people are opting out of social media to avoid the arguments and bullshit, but some of us need social media for our jobs. 429 more words

People Are Dumb

Shit Women Say

A year ago around Christmas, I wrote about the difficult and, at the same time, fruitful time I had enduring it.

This Christmas was not difficult, only a bit annoying, and the fruits of it include this observation: 134 more words

Scared-y Cat, Scared-y Cat

Did you hear that the entire Los Angeles school system got punked today?

When did we all become so afraid of everything?

Is it just me, or do all the blowhards demanding we strengthen security and sewing fear in the hearts of Americans just seem like scared little children? 48 more words

Be Afraid!

i get it now.

My day, essentially…

Me: Man, I feel like I’ve been arguing with people all day today.

Him: Oh yea?

Me: Yea. It’s like I’m you.



My take on the Ashley Madison hack

I am not here to judge these folks. I firmly believe that what you judge today can land in your lap next week and I’m not up for that (looking at you, Josh Duggar). 211 more words

People Are Dumb

The Colts Are Having A Prescription Drug-Disposal Promotion At Training Camp

The Indianapolis Colts told fans via Twitter to bring their old prescriptions to Training Camp to safely dispose of them, and in exchange they’ll get a DVD. 134 more words