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Guest Post: Suck it, Grammys by my girl Dee

This morning I started reading ALLLLLL about the Grammys and watched all the performances online. Since I TOTALLY don’t feel like working right now, allow me to share my rundown: 654 more words

People Are Dumb

Regrettable quotes

In celebration of the media celebrating every stupid thing people say, here’s a quiz with 10 quotes from famous Americans. Some are intentional words, some are gaffes (I believe the medical term is brain-fart), but all are stupid. 276 more words

People Are Dumb

Why I don't read reviews until after the movie: An attempt to save Interstellar

So I went to see Christopher Nolan’s new flick Interstellar the other day with a friend (the Artist, for those of you keeping up with my social life), and I really enjoyed it. 1,672 more words

Life Lessons

Greasy ass rant

Ever since Kim Kardashian exposed her greased-up pooping-bits, her bare image has been all over the internet.

The good news is that now the media is leaving Rene Zellweger’s face alone. 210 more words

People Are Dumb

15 Things only 2014’s MSU Delta Gamma Delta’s Can Understand:

  1. How much peach schnapps Kelsey S. can drink before she starts texting her psych professor.
  2. That Kelsey M.’s fruity milk booze punch can serve both as a beverage and a meal.
  3. 152 more words

Mini-Post Mondays: Killer, People, Me


I had a weird dream the other night. Some killer was after me and kept killing me but instead of dying I managed to fix myself and keep running and then I fell in love with him  159 more words

Mini-Post Mondays

Slow Start. Serious Now.

Okay, you’ve probably noticed that I am not the most reliable person when it comes to journaling/blogging, but I’m serious now. When I’m huge and famous, this blog will need to be in tip top shape for the sake of my future fans. 389 more words

Bored Musing