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My Struggle with People

I don’t know what’s wrong with me…. I just don’t like people. granted I have a select few that I like or more ‘tolerate’ than others but a good 90% of people suck maybe even 93% hell I haven’t met them all yet. 651 more words

Alone with everybody

“Alone with everybody” a quote that’s been stuck in my head for years now, ever since I discovered Bukowski. I never understood it until now; it all makes sense now. 213 more words

Free Legal Advice

There are some weird things lawyers see, from people being arrested for driving with a gorilla in the front seat to people actually suing toddlers. If you have never seen World’s Dumbest Criminal I urge you to do so, it’s a really good laugh. 763 more words


Taking the sanity test now

 I have little or no desire to engage in sexual activity, although I once did.

Not at all   Just a little   Somewhat   Quite a lot   Nearly all the time…

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