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Word Issues #8: Disrespect

This post is an experiment for me. I wrote it ten months ago and after I opened the file yesterday, it intrigued me because I didn’t quite remember writing it. 593 more words

A Cautionary Tale of Online Dating Part 1

Before I begin story time, I’d like to point out that it is a sad fact that this title includes the phrase “part 1” meaning I didn’t learn my disastrous lesson the first (dozen ) times. 824 more words


Fraud Watch: AngelSouls444

I first subscribed to AngelSouls444 (aka Michelle Patterson) on Youtube about three years ago.

Her videos were refreshing at first. I liked her jovial, sparkly personality. 961 more words


My Dreams Require Drug Tests

We all have crazy, strange dreams. Some more than others. And some people like me, seem to remember most of their dreams/nightmares—which my therapist says is mainly because I’m a light sleeper and I have a habit of writing them down immediately afterwards (I thought it would help inspire ideas for my next novel, except no one thinks a goat on a cruise ship is scary even when it’s in a public bathroom judging you.) 72 more words


This Is Awesome: Why Do They Laugh at 'Spirit Science'?

Courtesy of the awesome naerymdan. Thanks! :D

The amazing Martymer81 does a hilarious and gloriously detailed dissection of Youtube New Ager “Spirit Science” in this series called… 36 more words



This is another post in the series I think deserves the name of Stupid Shit I Hear from Women who Are Otherwise Reasonable…¬†Previous posts in this series are¬† 205 more words

My definition of ' hungry ' is a sad understatement

I understand that there are starving people all over the world, and I think even they would agree to redefine their own meaning of hungry after tonight. 234 more words