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New town - same old shit

I’ve made a pretty big change in my life, I moved to a completely new place with a job that pays really good in this collapsing economy.  265 more words

Breaking It Down

Vaccines probably don't grow potatoes......

By Gonzo Thompson:

So, as I sit here, sipping on some Crystal Head Vodka….(yea that’s right the same stuff promoted by Dan Aykroyd) and listing to Rock and Roll, a very dangerous combination for those who are prone to thinking too much,  I start to think about the new war brewing in on our home turf, Autism Vs. 387 more words

Jenny McCarthy Has Ugly Titties

Meet The Man Who Lit His Cigarette With Gunpowder And Survived

Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax, and light one up after a hard day’s work. No one can really fault you for it. That is, unless the immediate result of your smoke break is an explosion. 202 more words

Web Culture

A Woman Lit Up A Cigarette On An Airplane, Then Went On A Crazy Rant

Over the weekend, a video was posted to YouTube featuring a woman on a plane from Nicaragua to Miami lighting up a cigarette on the plan to the complete dismay of her fellow travelers. 260 more words

Web Culture

I love that...

Facebook brings out the ABSOLUTE worst in people! Lol

John Mayer is addicted to liking himself

Last week John Mayer went on the Today show to tell the world that he is a “recovered ego addict”. Does this mean he’s not the giant douche that we all thought he was? 174 more words

Pop Culture

Guest Post: Suck it, Grammys by my girl Dee

This morning I started reading ALLLLLL about the Grammys and watched all the performances online. Since I TOTALLY don’t feel like working right now, allow me to share my rundown: 654 more words

People Are Dumb