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Dragging people down instead of trying to make things better

Perhaps I’ve blogged about this before. The tendency has existed long before social media, but social media makes it even easier to broadcast one’s ressentiment. Today this one popped up in my newsfeed, edited because Facebook and Twitter will use it as the image for this post: 229 more words


On preparation for the Real World™ via being unpleasant

When students enter the Real World, they will probably experience hail.

This means teachers should whip chunks of ice at their students. To prepare them.

Sex discrimination inherently includes discrimination on homosexuality, transsexualism, etc.

I’ve been saying this for years, but hey, looks like the courts are getting on board.

The linked article includes some statements in opposition, but they’re generally terrible. 342 more words


$100,000 of cocaine

That Trump made a bad decision isn’t really noteworthy. (Also someone doing a bunch of cocaine in the past is also not really a good reason to say he’s a bad decision. 67 more words


The successes of the walking out protests

Some students walked out of school today in response to the latest shooting. Some people, primarily non-students, are very upset about this. A run-down of the bad arguments I’ve seen levied against the walkout, and why each one is ridiculous. 1,059 more words


The shutdown is more strategic malice than incompetence

I’m having trouble buying that the shutdown is a result of incompetence.


The GOP has shown us that they want to destroy the government’s ability to perform certain functions. 187 more words