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'Sterilized by North Carolina, she felt raped once more'

Shawn Rocco, Raleigh News & Observer

From the LA Times:  Elaine Riddick was raped at 14 and  became pregnant as a result.  Shortly after she gave birth to her son, she was sterilized by virtue of a decision made by the state Eugenics Board.  59 more words


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I thought that, at least politically, Eugenics was done away with. I know some people still agree with it, but I didn’t think it was still legally in practice. As for the comments section on that article, I didn’t bother reading past the first 30. Some of them are just to ridiculously ignorant. At least a few of the commenters on that article seem to have some sense. Like this person:

Teresa Rothaar at 1:05 PM January 26, 2012 Lots of people are claiming it is good this young girl was forcibly sterilized because she allegedly would have gone on to bear poor, illegitimate children. Yet, with few exceptions, no mention at all is being made about her RAPIST. You know, the guy who molested and impregnated a 13/14-year-old girl. Why was he not castrated--or at least sterilized--so that he would not go on to impregnate more young girls and women? Nobody is asking the following questions: * How many more children did he father, both prior and subsequent to this rape? Rapists don't just stop. It is likely this was not his first offense, and it is even less likely it was his last. * Did he ever pay a dime to support these children? * Did he ever pay a dime to support the child he forcibly impregnated this victim with? * Why is more rage being directed at a woman who was, at most, 14 years old, possibly even 13, when she was raped, than is being directed at the grown man who raped her

To all the minions.

My (not so) subtle thoughts on why we are all not the faceless or inconsequential actors which we sometimes may appear to be, and why a job shouldn’t be seen as having a function or value simply in and of itself. 689 more words

Beating Video at McDonald’s Goes Viral

Beating Video at McDonald’s Goes Viral Video.
**note: I don’t know if the video is available on Youtube anymore. The link to the Youtube vid said that it had been taken down… 260 more words

Disappointed In Humanity

Jezebel Stereotype

Jezebel Stereotype.

Part of the sad and horrific tale that is the history of black people in this land.

The article is (to me) really long and really depressing. Just be warned.

Disappointed In Humanity

Dear Ministers et al...

Dear Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Combet and Mr. Dreyfus.

I write in relation to a proposal by HRL to construct a new coal power station in Victoria. 449 more words


Who's a liar? Ju(are a)liar!

Over the last little while I have been wondering why it seems that members of the ‘general public’ in Australia have done a back flip on the issue of climate change. 1,321 more words