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People are Strange

They most certainly are.

My husband is a fan of The Doors, so we listen to them often. Out of all of the songs though, this one has always been my favorite. 300 more words


A New Conservation Law

In physics, there is a principle called Noether’s Theorem. This little gem tells us some amazing things about the universe. For example, how did NASA scientists know that the laws of physics here on Earth would be the same ones at play on the Moon? 560 more words


Mrs. Filthy lived here

The previous owners of our new house will here be henceforth named Mr. and Mrs. Filthy. Her, mostly. Him, not as much.

When we were in negotiations on the house, I had several conversations by email and phone with Mrs. 780 more words

Human observation

So, today my brother and I had dinner at a mall food court.  (Not a good idea, going to a mall on a Saturday afternoon, but we had thought the cold weather might keep people away.   557 more words

People are strange

Tôi đã nghe bài này 1000 lần. Và có lẽ tôi sẽ nghe thêm 1000 lần 1000 lần nữa. Tôi từng nói “Âm nhạc cũng như một người bạn tốt”..quả thực là có thể dùng để nói về bài này. 326 more words