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People are Strange

People are Strange
by James Newman
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“A talking bug who may or may not be our sixteenth President reincarnated…a beloved grandfather with a terrible secret…a man who takes “coveting they neighbor’s wife” to a horrifying new low…a community composed of sadists and serial killers…two smiling men in ties carrying the word of God and a straight razor… 531 more words

Cover Song: Echo and the Bunnymen (The Doors)- People Are Strange

The Lost Boys, we all remember the movie and how cool it was and still is. There is definitely something timeless about the film. Perhaps it was the era that it was released among all the other great films of the 80’s. 99 more words

Cover Thursday

Listen to my story 'Long As I Can See The Light' on The Overcast

This is so exciting: my science fiction story ‘Long As I Can See The Light’ (first published in the anthology ‘People Are Strange‘), is featured on the podcast The Overcast! 55 more words


Be Aware

Here’s the thing: everyone has ulterior motives. Everyone. No one says or does things out of the goodness of their heart. They always have a hidden agenda. 162 more words

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