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the best of The Doors

Riders on the storm light my fire

and showed me to the next whiskey bar

where the L. A. woman waits

and people are strange… 32 more words


I am confused(6/5/15)

Dear reader on Wednesday night I went to the casino with my dad after we saw my niece Alexis graduate from high school.

When I was on the back jack table I met a guy named dan(I talked about him a little bit in the “leaving the casino 6/4/15″ post in the life tab of my blog if you want to check that out) after we had left the black jack table I told him about me and my dad. 268 more words


Of mustaches and mailboxes

A new trend that I’m not a particular fan of, or potentially a well-established trend that I’ve only just begun to encounter and am not a particular fan of, is for the cost of a ticket to a book-reading by a celebrity to include a copy of the book. 1,361 more words

Nothing In Particular

People are Strange

They most certainly are.

My husband is a fan of The Doors, so we listen to them often. Out of all of the songs though, this one has always been my favorite. 300 more words


A New Conservation Law

In physics, there is a principle called Noether’s Theorem. This little gem tells us some amazing things about the universe. For example, how did NASA scientists know that the laws of physics here on Earth would be the same ones at play on the Moon? 560 more words