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Newsletter 617 - Transition Fatigue: Handling Waves of Change

It crept up on me, not even noticed at the beginning. Unusual fatigue. A surprising lack of motivation and enthusiasm. Low drive in a guy who normally exudes boundless energy. 394 more words


Newsletter 615 - Are You Leading With the Future in Mind?

“Forward leaders rise to lead people to a better future. They are able to lead people further than they would have gone on their own.” With these words a pastor and denominational leader named Ronnie Floyd begins his recent book, … 365 more words


Project Happy Rainbow

i often write about relationships in a romantic way, finding love, shit that happens and shit we pretend to ignore but in the drama and stress that took over a lot of 2014 (there was happy too buy as humans we are programmed to focus on the negative). 353 more words

Newsletter 613 - New Perspectives on Burnout

Can anything fresh be said about burnout? That was my reaction when I saw the May/June, 2015 issue of Psychotherapy Networker magazine. The PT editor calls burnout “that mélange of weariness, depression and apathy, seasoned with a tincture of cynicism has become as persuasive as the common cold.” Originally the term described physical and psychological breakdown that came to counselors and other care-givers who had become overly burdened with the crises and stresses of their clients. 326 more words

Professional Development

Newsletter 612 - A Fascinating Fable About Coaching

It is rare for me to read an entire book in one afternoon but that was my experience with the just-released revised edition of Brian Souza’s… 380 more words


Newsletter 611 - Are we Getting Better at What we do?

Professional counseling does not occupy any of my time thee days but that’s where I have most training, where I am licensed by the state, and the subject of much of my writing and teaching. 371 more words


Newsletter 608 - Update on Having a Mentor and Being a Mentor

Do you ever get tired reading or hearing about mentoring? It’s no news that professional organizations, business and academic communities, innumerable churches and countless youth leaders all emphasize mentoring and have mentoring programs. 357 more words