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Newsletter 606 - Adult Learning: Seminars, Workshops and Courses

It’s no secret that seminars, workshops, and college modular courses are hugely popular. They give quick access to skills and information, provide continuing education and academic credits for professionals or students, and are convenient for people with other demands on their time. 359 more words

Professional Development

Newsletter 605 - A Psychological Analysis of Encouragement?

In terms of sales, my most successful book has been a little volume titled How to Be a People Helper. I wrote it in a week (usually it takes many months or even years) after a series of talks that I gave to seminary students. 302 more words


Newsletter 599 - Making an Impact By the Life You Live

If you want to know what another person really believes and values then look at his or her actions. There is nothing profound about that statement. 379 more words


Newsletter 591 - Thanksgiving Day Without Thanksgiving?

Even if you live abroad, surely you know that the last Thursday in November is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It is a huge holiday here, in some ways bigger than Christmas. 370 more words

New Books

Newsletter 588 - Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Reflections

I was impressed with Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Church when it was published in 1995. In contrast his Purpose Driven Life book bored me when it appeared later so I put it aside although it seemed like everyone I knew was reading it. 352 more words


Newsletter 583 - Why We Need Heroes

I enjoy reading Relevant magazine with its focus on people in their twenties and early thirties. Many of the articles stretch me, keep me aware of new trends and sometimes surprise me. 368 more words


Newsletter 579 - Finding and Growing Talented People

Please consider this tough question: How do you chose an employee, company leader, team member, the best students for a class or academic program, or even a new pastor? 311 more words