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University Study Involving Hamsters And Steroids Criticized By PETA

BOSTON (AP) — Animal rights activists say Northeastern University researchers are cruelly pitting steroid-injected hamsters against undrugged ones to study aggression.

In a complaint released to The Associated Press, the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals argues that the experiments violate the state’s ban on staging animal fights. 102 more words


News on Nosey

Nosey, the mistreated elephant, still has to perform. Even though she is known to be of ill health, her owners will not let her go to live a better life at a sanctuary. 84 more words

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PETA: Just. Stop.

If I had a nickel for every time I shook my fist and cursed to the heavens because PETA did something that made me angry, I’d have a lot of nickels. 667 more words


Clubbing Has a Terrifying Second Meaning

If you thought seals would be safe this year since there are hardly any states left that would import the skins of baby seals, sadly, this is not true. 145 more words

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Saving One Elephant at a Time

In the last weeks we have heard news about some circuses thinking about retiring their elephants – but not before 2018. That means three more long years imprisoned and tortured for “entertainment”. 270 more words

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Speak Up for Elephants – Rallye Against Animals in the Circus

If you are near Fairfax, Virginia, next week, please come and support the anti-cruelty demonstration:

“The Ringling Bros. circus is coming to Fairfax, Virginia, and animals need your help! 154 more words

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Two Kittens, One Puppy, Two Dogs -- All Killed by PETA the Same Day As Maya. THIS is SOP.

Lately I’ve been enjoying my life getting back to what I consider to be normal — still working on trying to get the truth out about PETA, and advocating about this to our elected representatives, as well as working on some other things I’m hoping will help shed light on PETA. 511 more words