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Faith Walking: Don't Allow Yourself To Be The Butt Of The Joke [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell tailors her message to the people out there who are the butt of the joke, but laugh through their pain anyway, because they’re grateful to even be included. 177 more words

Get Up!

When Someone in Your Life Has Cancer

I was once tricked into watching the first season of ‘Breaking Bad’. It’s a great show and I love that the driving force behind Bryan Cranston’s transformation from science teacher to science teacher/meth dealer is his need for cancer treatment money. 1,273 more words

People I Know

Only 550 Words on Manny Pacquiao and Facebook Friends Who Support Him

I didn’t think it was my straight friends’ duty to come to my defense when Manny Pacquiao so famously said very ignorant things about gays and animals. 543 more words


Thais Don’t Have ‘Nose Bleed’ When They Speak English Imperfectly

Because why would they? Nose bleed is what happens when a person gets punched in the nose, or when the brain is too stressed beyond human capacity, so blood can’t help but ooze out. 916 more words

People I Know

Not my father's Christmas Tree

I have always thought the personality wise I was a bit more like my mother than my father. Who knows? They may disagree on this. However, the other day, I clearly saw my father slip out of me. 294 more words


People I Know

I started something new… After my 365 Project, Instagram hosts my new little project on Instagram: People I Know. Well, nothing really interesting, but it’s something funny (for me) and maybe good (for you). 98 more words



Binkie. Pacifier. Hush hush. Whatever name you call it, these things are at moments wonderful and yet so hard to say goodbye to.

I kept hoping Little Elephant would grow of it. 190 more words