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Lola Gigi has died

I probably won’t be going home to attend the funeral, to pay my respects, because I haven’t been in the company long enough to be allowed 5 consecutive days’ vacation and because the financial situation is not ideal. 363 more words

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A few good men #1

He is certainly no Gaurav Kumar, nor is he like any other 100 and million.

He stands out when deep in the middle. He blends in even when on the outside. 1,063 more words

How to Trick Your Single Man Self into Saving Money

The life of a single man is filled with hardships. It is a life that refuses to recognize satiation. Faced with such hardship, how must a single man cope? 723 more words

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5 years 5 months

Dear Little Elephant,

It has been too long since I have written.  This has been a big year.  You are at a big school, with big kids, in a big class (18 kids!), taking a big bus, with big after school activities and  big life plans.You are no longer a big fish in a small sea, but rather you are among the smallest in 5-year old kindergarten.   592 more words


We Need to Get Our Friends Back

Their social media personas seem to have been taken over by monsters who took away all the fun out of our friends’ posts and their capacity to share Oatmeal comics and Buzzfeed listicles that used to bring joy into our life. 292 more words

People I Know

Faith Walking: Don't Allow Yourself To Be The Butt Of The Joke [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell tailors her message to the people out there who are the butt of the joke, but laugh through their pain anyway, because they’re grateful to even be included. 177 more words

Get Up!

When Someone in Your Life Has Cancer

I was once tricked into watching the first season of ‘Breaking Bad’. It’s a great show and I love that the driving force behind Bryan Cranston’s transformation from science teacher to science teacher/meth dealer is his need for cancer treatment money. 1,271 more words

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