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Close but no cigar

We visited the office a few months back and Little Elephant was quite talkative with some of my colleagues.  Some of these converations have been brought up over and over again.   164 more words

People I Know

An Impromptu Lecture by Richard Demarco, CBE OBE

I am extremely privileged to know the indomitable Professor Richard Demarco (pictured above explaining his Archive at Summerhall), having first come across him in Edinburgh during the early 1990s, and am honoured to call Richard a friend. 490 more words


Diferentes Coordenadas Diferentes Visões Do Nosso Mundo

I Came To Look For You

The Stars and You

My Walk About with viewers were planned by Ana Paula. I loved it. A South African’s story told in Lisbon… 84 more words

Some Exhibitions

Holly reblogged this on The Holly Tree Tales and commented:

A little story in pictures by my beautiful childhood friend, Adrienne Silva, exhibiting her artwork in Lisbon (earlier this year). Such talent, such beauty. I am so honoured to call you my friend, Adrienne. Holly x

The Politicking of the Baby Bottle

A child grasping
at the bottle in front of their faces.

This the only familiarity they’ve known
the only world they’ve been shown.

Unable yet… 32 more words


The First American in America

I’m not claiming to be the first American in America. I don’t think anyone can formally decide who really was, since the incorporation of the country didn’t even exist until 1776, but there were settlers before that, and Native Americans before that, and then woolly mammoths, according to the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. 420 more words


I kinda know Nadia

Hi everyone, welcome to “People I know”, a new section of Island Diaries in which people I kinda know answer to 10 random questions letting their feelings and thoughts flow free.  409 more words


How My Social Media Feeds Curbed My Need to Post About Beyonce and Mariah Incessantly

‘And as time passes, the not-really-friends on FB have sad things happen to them that I can’t care about if I want to continue living — humans just aren’t set up for feeling deeply about so many people.’

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People I Know