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I can dream

I do have my fantasies. I have such trouble sleeping now-a-days that my mind drifts into some fantasy land. Now you may be thinking I go off into places that are naughty. 154 more words


You Want To Be A Consultant? Rule #4: Have a Thick Skin

An assignment a few years ago required some very specialized design work. We provided a detailed report with many specific recommendations, many of which were ignored. 276 more words

People Issues

Stupidity, ugh.

I am of the opinion that most people are stupid.

This is a very deeply entrenched assessment. And though every now and again I manage to meet someone who has sense and brains, the mass majority is just flat out brain dead. 216 more words


Feedback Culture - Why Such A Unicorn?

When it comes to feedback, organizations are surprisingly similar: 

  1. They support the idea of feedback (of course, verbal support flows more graciously than monetary)
  2. Save for the mandatory annual 360, the…
  3. 457 more words

Inhuman Resources

By: Elena Di Fiore
Director, HR Management Consulting & careerhunt

A recent twitter conversation has raised perceptions of HR which are commonly shared by those who have been through a difficult experience with HR or have heard horror stories second hand through the experience of others. 217 more words

Human Resources