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I've owned businesses before, but never did I imagine that I would run my own, on my own

This blog was originally written mid July 2015 and published on my business blog page on 03/08/2015.  I have now moved it to here.

Over the past 6 years I’ve made some very surprising decisions that have shocked many, some have been life changing, but the most recent and most exciting one would be to start my own VA business. 797 more words


I have a confession to me make, I’m a people person.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life, particularly in high school, repeating the phrase, “I hate people.” I lied. 233 more words

Living In NYC

5 Ways For Extroverts To Be Somewhat Okay With Spending Time Alone

When being around people energizes you, how do you find that same energy when you’re alone?

I currently work for a small company where most of my work is remote. 525 more words

9 Easy Ways To Not Let Other People Ruin Your Day

Day-ruiners are a bitch. You know the ones, your boss at work, that friend who has let you down one too many times, that guy that isn’t texting back, that job that you hate…. 1,192 more words

Meeting People

I genuinely like people.  I don’t think I always have – especially not as a child, I often didn’t like other children as my school friends will attest to! 368 more words

Green Your Life

People person?

There are quite a number of people I realise who are popular characters in my office who are always looked at as the life of party and people person. 32 more words


Your Neighbors Cannot Know Where You Live, Okay?

Remind you, my apartment is right around the corner from the elevator. As I was walking towards my door with grocery bags in one hand, keys in other, two guys came out their apartment, which is at the end of the hallway. 305 more words

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