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News That Will Definitely Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Dogs are supposedly the perfect companions for mankind. But, nobody ever gave cats a chance. One remarkable orange and tan colored cat named Tommy proved his worth to become the next man’s best friend. 371 more words

Feels Great

How Joseph Bismark Is Changing Marketing Spiritually

Joseph Bismark is a leader in the marketing industry. With his ability to change business and turn a company over its feet to make more money while providing everybody a sense of respect, he know what can make a business successful. 2,111 more words

Good To Know

Carpe Diem

One thing we all love about a photograph is its magical ability to capture a moment in time and hold it for as long as you can keep hold of the image. 615 more words

Here’s my latest advert that will be printed in the Boise Greenbelt mag next month. I thought that’s pretty cool.. 

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Hey friends, here is the second instalment of the Boisean project. Enjoy, like, and share it!

Meet Marion Cherry –

“I’m a mom, and my daughter has only me. 86 more words



Classic Baby Portrait – Model : Paisley-Anne. 

Modern take on a kid portrait – Model: Hudson-Jonah




Hey meet Thomas. He’s the first person We’re featuring in the Boisean project. A story telling project. Because life happens everywhere, even outside of New York ;) ….. 158 more words