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Inside The Scandal: Profit And Greed At An Embattled Laboratory Company

How does a clinical laboratory company grow in a few short years from nothing to more than $400 million in revenue and over $100 million in profit? 224 more words

Mark Cuban Should Take The Cigar Out Of His Mouth And Stop Giving Health Advice

Last night the celebrity billionaire Mark Cuban ignited a firestorm on Twitter with the following recommendation to his 2.7 million followers:

1)If you can afford to have your blood tested for everything available, do it quarterly so you have a baseline of your own personal health…

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Embattled Lab Nears Settlement With Government Over Kickbacks

Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc, the embattled lab company, is nearing a $50 million settlement with the Justice Department, according to a Wall Street Journal story by  John Carreyrou… 110 more words

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Gilead's Hepatitis Drugs Tripped By Old Heart Drug

Late last week Gilead Sciences issued a warning about a rare but potentially fatal interaction between its stellar new hepatitis C drug sofosbuvir and amiodarone, a potent but tricky antiarrhythmic agent. 76 more words

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Orexigen 'Crying All The Way To The Bank' After 'Egregiously Unethical' Actions

On Tuesday morning the members of the Data Monitoring Committee of Orexigen’s Light study began a planned meeting in a hotel in Chicago. They had no way of knowing that in a few hours their routine duties would be completely interrupted by the news that data from the trial– which they thought was known only to them and a very few other people within the company and the FDA– had been revealed to the world by Orexigen. 164 more words

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Takeda Disagrees With Orexigen Over Data Disclosure


On Tuesday Orexigen sparked a firestorm by disclosing the interim results of an ongoing clinical trial of its weight loss drug Contrave. Takeda, which markets the drug in the US, has released a statement in which it states that it does  405 more words

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Orexigen Released Interim Data Without Approval Of Trial Leaders

Earlier today Orexigen Therapeutics disclosed positive results from a clinical trial of Contrave, its weight loss pill (a combination of naltrexone and bupropion) that it markets with Takeda. 148 more words

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