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Your Recovery is Your Recovery

Something popped into my mind a little while ago and for some reason I can’t get it out. So, I figured it was the perfect topic for a blog post. 652 more words


I have a decision to make...

A funny thing happened on the way to the office today…Nah, I just really wanted to say that, but something interesting did happen and it is giving me the opportunity to stretch myself and test myself in several areas.  1,006 more words



I think this is one of the reasons us “happy adoptees” (i.e. as opposed to the kids who acted out) do what we do.  Part is the people-pleasing brought about by shame and terror of being abandoned again (however far buried inside us) and part is this. 13 more words

Kicking the People-Pleasing Habit

I’m kicking the people-pleasing habit, and since it’s a habit, I need to keep reminding myself that my new habit is following my bliss/inner guidance/the path of least resistance. 187 more words


Permission to Say 'No'

‘No’ seems to be one of the hardest words to utter. Several perceived obstacles often stand between us and this terrifying word:

Fear of disappointing or offending someone… 930 more words

Beware the People Pleasing...

Don’t get caught up!
I spend a lot of time and energy and thoughts on making other people happy and comfortable. 700 more words


Life Strategies, Hard Questions

Have you ever wished you could talk with a loved one who has gone home to be with the Lord?

Recently, I was actually challenged with some “hard questions” posed to me by my sister Lois from her own last days on this earth. 608 more words