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The Stress of People Pleasing

This post has nothing to do with Paganism. I’ve decided to kind of branch out, and write about other topics, in addition to those of witchcraft and Paganism. 440 more words

Everyday Life

People Pleasing

I’m such a people pleaser. I always have been. Getting that look or word of approval is like a drug. It’s addictive and makes you feel good until you need it again. 287 more words

Bible Study

The People-Pleaser and the Rebel

Both the people-pleaser and the rebel are alike in that neither are free.  They are probably the saddest, most miserable people on earth, because they are slaves to their own imaginations.  181 more words


To be a P.P. Or not? (People Pleasers)

Today in church my pastor said something that truly resonated on my heart to write about.

People pleasers.

Of course your first thought upon seeing those words should be a kiss up, a doormat, a sucker, a follower and to be honest, you’d be absolutely right. 352 more words


Quote of the Day: Sunday, December 4, 2016

“The man who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away ” ~ Charles Schwab

My Thoughts

He who trims himself to suit everyone, will soon whittle himself away…Unknown

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Do everyone a favour... love yourself

Especially if you expect somebody else to do it for you.
A quote I came across had me thinking about this: how oblivious to true self-love can we really be? 371 more words