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The Bear in the Cage: A Narrative of a People Pleaser

I need to put some thought into myself, and my life, and stop distracting myself with human indulgences. I’m sick of people. I’m sick of pleasing. 1,836 more words

Can a Person be a God-Pleaser and a People-Pleaser? Lessons from the Prophet Amos

I must make a confession. I am naturally a people pleaser. I do not like controversy. I do not like when people are in conflict. I am by nature a peaceful person. 791 more words


Growing Up

When we’re born, we’re a blank slate.  We don’t know who we are and we don’t know what’s possible or impossible.  As we explore our world, we “try on” the expectations of others to see how they feel and whether they fit.   277 more words

Spiritual Growth

Four Things to Give Up for Happiness and Success

What would you give to lead a happy and successful life? Maybe we should really be asking ourselves what we should give up. I know what you’re thinking, giving up is the last thing we should be doing, but here are a few suggestions of things we need to purge from our lives in order to keep ourselves motivated and on track: 209 more words

Don't let disappointment keep you from living!

Disappointment is such a huge part of life. It sucks. But it won’t stop me from living any longer.

All my life I have been in and out of relationships that have truly sucked the life out of me and disappointed me at every turn. 540 more words


Redefining Success, Part 2

I will never forget the excitement of watching my babies learn to walk. Even knowing the drastic changes that come with a mobile baby, I still coaxed and bribed and urged them to try. 944 more words