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Planning For A Stressless Season

Well here we are…fall and I love the fall weather! However, fall also signifies the start of the holiday season; a season that brings about much stress and overwhelm. 733 more words


When You Can't Accept It...

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday- write for five minutes on a one-word prompt.  The prompt today is “accept.”

Sometimes it’s easier just to accept it than to fight.  392 more words

Am I a People Pleaser?

“Don’t be a people pleaser!” says the girl writing a blog post that will be all over her Instagram and Facebook.

Now that I’ve gotten the irony out of the way… 1,488 more words

Please Yourself.

In Nigeria, or rather in the World, there’s and underlying expectation for children to make their parents proud. To this, I say; parents need to understand that, at the very best, they should only be guides…… um supporters — you cannot guide if you do not see the way your child trods — their insistence — implicitly or explicitly — on being other than fans, to their children, constitutes one of the major causes of the people-pleasing syndrome. 1,781 more words

Life In Truth

Stop Pleasing Others And Be Yourself

We all do it.  Unless we are a true Psychopath who cannot connect to their feelings, we all worry about what others think of us.  No one wants to be disliked, rejected or feel out of place with others.   947 more words


Worry Bout Yaself

If you read the title you probably think I’m going to tell you to mind your own business and move along, right? Wrong. This is not about minding your business (although you really should). 211 more words



Re-victimisation, unfortunately, has consistent evidence. Up to 75% of adults that experienced abuse as a child, also reported experiencing abuse as an adult.

When I first entered therapy, I felt like I “attracted” people who were abusive, I described a series of thorny experiences. 531 more words