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People Pleasing

“If at anytime you feel like a doormat, put your foot down, pick that “stuff” up, dust it off and put it away. You are beautiful, creative, unique, quirky, crazy, yet soft, caring, kind, loyal, compassionate, passionate and every positive adjective in the dictionary and then some. 262 more words

Human Nature

Ye shall know them by their fruits.

As I sit in a hospital room looking at someone I love unconditionally, I can’t help but think of all those who didn’t. All those who taught him he must be worthy of love. 123 more words

People Pleasing

People pleasing, perfectionism, irony and ironing

While ironing this morning I caught myself thinking “I’m not very good at this, but a poor ironing job is still better than wrinkles on clothes stuffed in a day bag”. 183 more words

People Pleasing

I am at a loss...

Warning…Foul language ahead…read at your own risk. :)

Every now and then I just have to sit back and laugh at myself. I mean really laugh. 777 more words


People Pleasing

We’ve all been there before. Someone we know asks us to do something we really don’t want to do but we feel obligated to say yes. 1,411 more words

The "If.... Then..." of Relating to Other Humans

“If I don’t take care of this…”

“If I don’t get it right…”

“If I decide to just be myself…”

“If I choose what I’d actually like to do…” 929 more words


What Are You Willing To Do?

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog, I appreciate you coming back to read my thoughts. Today I’m asking you and myself, what are you willing to do to be your authentic self ? 492 more words