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Unapologetically - do you.

Of late, I have been more active online and have been more open to sharing my life experiences on such a public platform. At the start of last year, I decided to make conscious decisions to say ‘yes’ to opportunities that resonated with the life that I wanted to live, and in the process to feel the fear and to do it anyway! 613 more words

Mindfulness & Me

I’ve been interested for quite some time now in both the idea and practice of mindfulness. (You can see that interest sprinkled all over this blog… 1,182 more words

Self-Portraits (in Words And Images)

No is a complete sentence

I did a keynote speech at The Lady Project Summit recently and Avery and Erica made a meme of it. Which flatters me beyond belief. I LOVE being a meme. 553 more words


Are You A Doormat??

Written May 10, 2017 “If at anytime you feel like a doormat, put your foot down, pick that shit up, dust it off and put it away. 697 more words

Human Nature

Are you a people-pleaser?

What the Christian man needs to know if he tends to be a people-pleaser!


To download podcast, right click HERE and choose “save link” (on smartphones, press and hold on “here” link) 9 more words


#4 How to make others respect your time at home. Part 3: Learn to say, "No."

Disclaimer: This advice is for mature adults who tend to lean toward people-pleasing. Obviously, not for life-threatening situations. :) 


If you aren’t used to saying, “No,” maybe you should give it a try, this week. 270 more words


Stupid Holes

I changed my shoes and changed my clothes,

so I could be the things they like,

but still they were not thrilled with those,

not even with my motorbike. 118 more words