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Hi. I'm Pam and I've offended the gardener.

In case you missed my many posts agonizing over planting petunias, let me fast track this for you.

  1. My mom was visiting. I was obsessively cleaning and…
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I find myself really challenged by the way Jesus and his disciples lived.

For one, his disciples (at least the 12) left their jobs…said good-bye to financial security and cultural expectations…to follow this teacher around…learning more about the kingdom of God…viewing and soon helping perform miracles too…and totally living a life none of them would have ever dreamed of. 965 more words

This Is Life.

Hello, I'm Sharon and I'm a People-Pleaser

The first time I started a blog, I was consistently writing because I had no distractions. My friends were easy to deal with as they were like me: they liked alone time. 716 more words


Day Twenty Seven

27. Instead of saying no, say yes. Especially to something challenging.

I used to be a “yes” person. I would say yes to everything, just to please others, but over time and as I matured, I discovered it isn’t being authentic, not to mention completely exhausting! 96 more words

Self Improvement

People Pleasing? No please.

If we are honest with ourselves, most of us must admit that we care, at least to some extent, that we care about what other people think of us. 563 more words


Oh, you love me so much :)

No? you love me no more? :(

Search for me all the time :)

No, you don’t. Now, you’re gone! 279 more words


Letting Go of Pleasing Others

Today, I was reminded that I cannot (cannot!) control what others think about me. So can let go of trying.


I heard Abraham Hicks say: 429 more words