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The Truth of People Pleasing

WHAT? Two posts in a row?? I know – I know, you think the world is coming to an end.  But have no fear! It is only that I am at work, but have little to do (right now at least) and wanted to talk about something that I experienced yesterday but wasn’t ready to talk about when I posted last night. 769 more words

on healing

These are my very real, honest thoughts straight from my journal. My intention is not to hurt anyone by sharing my heart; but rather to share what I used to believe and have struggled to let go of, and how I am moving into new territory of learning to rest in the mystery of God and His mercy, grace and love for me…and you. 445 more words


Just Walk Away

People pleasing is loud. God pleasing is quiet. Honestly, I am not a quiet person. I have never been and I probably never will be described as “quiet”. 531 more words

Nice Girls Don't Get Angry.

Does anybody else have those thoughts you’re not supposed to say out loud?

I know there are women reading this that know exactly what I mean. 252 more words

Don't Teach Your Child to People-Please

Yesterday after work I made my weekly trip to the grocery store. I grabbed a cart and my head was down while I searched for my grocery list. 289 more words

Life Coaching

Princess Please

Like many women, I suffer from CPPD: Chronic People Pleasing Disease.  Getting diagnosed with Cancer has helped me to become less of a pleaser, which apparently is cancer’s “gift” to me.   301 more words