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Children Of Overprotective Parents Do These 11 Things In Adulthood

Being the child of overprotective parents can be a brutal ordeal that affects not only early development but our behavior, habits and neuroses in adulthood. The term “overprotective parents” can encompass a wide variety of experiences – from the garden variety controlling parents who sought to enforce your curfew to… 1,346 more words

Project Oasis

How to quit people-pleasing

Last time I left off with two questions: How do you quit people pleasing and What’s the difference between people-pleasing and just being kind?

Let’s take them in reverse order. 201 more words


Pleasing God and Pleasing People

Let’s live in the moment. Not the physical moment. The spiritual moment. The Holy Spirit is here now, prompting your right response and validating your service to God. 557 more words

Marc Kinna

Week 2: How Do I Avoid the People Pleaser Trap?

On Easter weekend, we did a survey and compiled your most asked questions. Those questions are the roadmap for this series called You Asked For It… 2,343 more words

Are you a people-pleaser?

People pleasing is something that many of us struggle with. And so many of us don’t even realize that it is a bad thing.

People pleasers want everyone to be happy. 325 more words


Giving Back My Oscar

Yesterday I was told by an extremely knowledgeable and kind soul that it would be beneficial for me to drop the act. You may be wondering which act this person was referring to, since I seem to have multiple acting gigs. 328 more words

Authentic Self

Sorry, not sorry

I am a Class A People Pleaser – a living, breathing apology – and I kind of hate that about myself.  Notice I said “kind of” just then?  774 more words