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Dear Prime Minister Trudeau: A Canadian Letter On Dealing With President Trump

Dear Justin:

We know that your good looks, charm and ability to awe crowds with your speeches and our money has gotten you as far as The Donald’s rants and lunatic acts have gotten him but, the time has come for you to actually act like Canada’s Prime Minister by standing up for Canadians with Trump at the helm now. 516 more words


Hello. My name is Andrea, and I am a People Pleaser.

“How about these?” A sales person smiles sweetly as she holds up a pair of wooden shoes.

I hate them.

“Sure,” I hear myself say. 1,557 more words

Living Words

Mother Tornado

While it is common for plays to tackle the facade of a happy family, I think a lot of them try too hard. What I liked about “Breaking Bread” was how digestible it was.

1,023 more words

The Shoulds

It didn’t take much to see that I had lost it, whatever the driving force was, inspiration, or desperation—I don’t know but I had lost it.  870 more words

Short Stories

You Want to Help Everyone...

Chances are if you’ve found your way to this site, you have an open heart. You love to help people. You’re the person others turn to when they’re going through something painful or challenging…because you… 573 more words

Healthy Boundaries

Embrace who YOU are...

Today’s internet gives us access to information from all sorts of places. From the personal blog page (like mine) to the more professional websites providing advice to individuals everywhere about topics such as; being your true self. 1,169 more words

Be Like Me So I Can Be Comfortable

Last week I had the privilege of seeing Martin Scorsese’s Silence, which is an aesthetically beautiful (albeit rather over-the-top) film about 2 priests propagating Catholicism in Japan in the 1600’s. 554 more words