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Why I stopped giving a f*ck. 

It is in everyone’s nature to want to be liked and appreciated. But how far should we go to gain the approval of others? How far will you distort your personal image, to keep the people around you happy? 694 more words

Be Your Own Boss

It's Another Beautiful Day, Mr. Man!

Photo by Tina Phillips. Published on 27 April 2009
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My mom woke up with another CFS headache, which are very painful and usually last for days. 398 more words


Morning Minutes; People Pleasing

I think wanting to be accepted is a part of every humans DNA. We desire to be loved and be a part of a community. The fact that we are actually designed for each other is a good thing but when we shift that desire to look for the validation of others thats where the trouble lies. 178 more words


Buh-Bye False Self

I haven’t been posting much lately, even though I’ve been journaling a lot. Today I just felt like I have to post a little tidbit of what I’m learning or I may explode. 467 more words

People pleasing weekend

Wow, what a weekend, completely jam packed with events. Was busy going from one thing to the next, to events I really didnt want to do but I sucked it up- hence the people pleasing. 304 more words

roomless in seattle: playing hotel roulette sometimes shoots you in the foot

I’ve been trying to find the perfect hotel in Seattle for next weekend. Yes, next weekend. See, I thought I had the perfect hotel picked out for me and my family months ago. 924 more words