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Gorgeous Photographs of People Reading Around the World

You may know American photojournalist Steve McCurry for his famous photograph “Afghan Girl” — as well you should — but he’s no one trick pony. 174 more words


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The universality of reading is a beautiful thing.

365/Day 102

Two Readers ~~ I don’t know if they were related, or if they even knew each other. They could’ve been father and son… But what really caught my attention was the fact that both were reading books! 36 more words


Why charities want book donations this Christmas

When you think of the staples people need to survive, a few things might come to mind: food, shelter, clothing. But what about things that people need to not only survive, but to  464 more words


a lot of the time

it’s all in your head.

and you end up

just being

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2 Minute NLP- Eye Accessing

People often think of the eyes as being their own separate organ in the body.  The reality is however, they are extensions of the brain.  If you watch the development of a fetus you’ll see the eyes literally growing out from the brain. 33 more words


Are Reading, Then People To Make Your Side As.

Open yourself up to whom i can. Understand what you several copies of the same thing. Owners manual for the secret is a very thoughtful book. 334 more words

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