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Why Judge, Criticize and Condemn?

God himself does not propose to judge a man until the end of his days, so why should you and I? –Dr. Johnson.

We often want things done exactly to our specifications. 680 more words

People Skills

Don''t you think that?

A basic human tendency in our culture is to enumerate our experiences. Because people attempt to abstract those elements that they recognize as repeatable, they often end by describing their experiences in terms of “how much” or “how many.” This tendency to attach numbers to observations of everyday life, however, has some inherent dangers. 310 more words

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Not A 'People' Person?

The gift of gab,  a born charmer, a real people person; some people are described this way. Whether they are surrounded by friends, co-workers or being introduced to others for the first time, they just have a natural ease with engaging themselves in conversations. 875 more words

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An Introduction to "Strengths" Psychology

In just 110 pages the New York Times #1 Best Selling book, HOW FULL IS YOUR BUCKET by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton (Gallup Press, 2004) lays out over 50 years of research on the subject of positive encouraging personal interaction. 214 more words

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The Cost of Employee Turnover You Missed

I stumbled across this article while doing some reading on leadership for a future session in the Dale Carnegie Course and I was struck by its timelessness. 373 more words

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Charming Others

Having good people skills is more than just being a good listener. It’s more than just making eye contact with another human being. Good people skills are an asset that one must have in order to become a well-rounded person and push them to a more successful path in life.People skills can also be referenced as social skills and broken down into verbal and nonverbal ways to communicate. 596 more words