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Teaching Success > Analyzing Failure

Why blog about listening? It drew me in because it’s different than legal writing—which I honestly love, and love to teach, but sometimes tire of, with its skirmishes in broader linguistic debates about… 1,023 more words

People Skills

The 5 C’s of Employee Engagement

Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out. – Stephen Covey

Randall Beck and Jim Harter teamed up to write a most revealing article in the Gallup Business Journal ( 763 more words


Listening and legal marketing

This blog is a place where not only lawyers but all legal professionals can come together around the topic of listening. Listening helps to bind us together in productive work—or hold us apart, when we listen poorly. 1,295 more words

People Skills

5 Traits All Successful Startup Entrepreneurs Have


Whether you have decided to start your first venture, or you’ve been running a company for a while now, you ought to take note of certain traits that all accomplished entrepreneurs share. 755 more words

Getting A Life

Building Self Esteem & Confidence

Although the terms Self Confidence and Self Esteem are often used interchangeably, they actually describe two quite different concepts.

A dictionary defines…

Listening is part of emotional intelligence

Daniel Goleman is the father of the emotional-intelligence movement. He recently shared a checklist of “EQ” competencies with the New York Times. EQ has four overarching categories: 248 more words

People Skills

How Do I Delegate?

Delegation is one of the most important components to effective office management. Managers and directly managing owners who do not delegate effectively to employees can become so lost in their own workloads that they do not notice dysfunction, inefficiencies, personnel concerns, unsatisfied clients, and other issues in the office. 554 more words