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People are soooo interesting.  All different, yet somehow similar.  I have spent the last 3 decades working very closely with people. In all kinds of situations.  524 more words


New proof about "sounding smart"

Every time a lawyer communications, that lawyer must choose not only what to say but how to say it—in person, phone, e-mail, or something else. 640 more words

People Skills

Dealing with Humans on the Outside

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Spending so much time in a detention center makes those aware of our surroundings; which is not always a good thing. We hear the tiniest form of sarcasm, see fear a mile away, and if someone is playing with our insecurities we will sense it. 1,582 more words


Most useful skills

This was posted on Quora by Pedram Keyani, Engineering Director of Growth @ Uber.  

Taking Feedback
For most of us it is hard to hear how we made a mistake or could have done something better. 324 more words

Unplugged: The Social and Health Benefits of Camping

Camping, especially one that involves character development activities, offers a myriad of benefits to participants. Improved health is its most eminent result as campers are encouraged to join plenty of very physical activities. 224 more words

Dealing with the underminers

It’s not very uncommon to find people who undermine you for everything you do. If you don’t, you’re lucky (or unlucky, if it’s the right kind of people). 225 more words

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Hot Hot Hot

As you read this quote and then as you read this post …. pun intended :)

Have you ever lost your temper, I’m  talking fire-breathing-destroying-a-small-village-leaving-no-survivors-to-tell-the-tale… 672 more words

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