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Grammar Rant #2: Common Usage

From the age of, well, 1, I was taught how to talk, then read, then write and eventually how to navigate the finer points of English grammar. 840 more words

General Misery

Annette R. March-Grier

Title: Founder, President
Company: Roberta’s House
Location: Owings Mills, MD United States

Annette March-Grier is the founder and president of Roberta’s House… 424 more words


Why do you want this job? - How to answer this question in the interview - A Life Book for Work

Why do you want this job?

Although there appear to be an infinite number of interview questions in effect there are only really three and these are: 1,867 more words

How to Improve Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills truly signify your interaction as well as your communication with the people around you. These skills also tend to play a great role in the success of both, your personal and professional life. 400 more words


4 Keys to a Stunning First Impression

Now that you’re an official alumni of your school, it’s time to take the next step and land that first big boy/big girl job. You’ve made it through the excruciating applications and now it’s time for your first (of many) interviews. 726 more words

4 Keys

Why You Should Acknowledge Others Opinions

When you are too self-assured, you don’t open your mind to others opinions. It adversely affects you, because you wont gain as much knowledge as someone that had opened their ears to notice their faults. 146 more words


Pick Your Battles...

Last week while I was moving cattle, I had a calf try to crawl through the feed bunk into a neighboring pen.  I adjusted my angle to the calf and encouraged him back to the rest of his herd mates.  465 more words