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I have resurfaced!

Hello! After a reboot of my website – I am able to share with you once again.  Here is my Monday Mindset: My mission is to help you start your week off well! 144 more words

People Skills

How to Win an Argument

***This applies to person-person arguments as well as to essays***

  • Come up with points/reasons and evidence/examples to back up your argument beforehand (if possible)
    • Check to make sure your argument is supported or reasonable…
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Just Say It

While I was on vacation a few weeks ago, I wandered into a clothing store and had just begun to look through the racks when my cell phone rang.  590 more words


I’m not sure if I’m becoming more anti-social or what. I have no desire to meet new people. I don’t know what to say to people, even neighbors, unless we already have at least one shared story. 57 more words

What you can learn from your neighbourhood psychopath...

A letter to my children…

People are like buffets.  You know how, when you come down for breakfast in a big hotel chain, they have a long table at the side with lots of nice things to eat on it – five different kinds of cereal, brown, white and pumpkin-seed toast, eggs poached and scrambled, Bircher Muesli, big swirly tubs of fruit juice and yogurt……you get the picture.   412 more words