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The 4 T's of Listening

One of Listen Like a Lawyer’s most enduringly popular posts is “A Model of Listening.” The honest truth about why it’s so popular appears to be that students enrolled in listening classes are doing searches like these: 1,823 more words

People Skills

Tool Shed Brewing Company - People Skills Cream Ale

Last night, I tried a beer called People Skills from a new-ish Calgary brewery called Tool Shed Brewing that seems to be gaining some traction. I’ve had a few of their beers before, on tap at establishments in Calgary, but this was my first purchase of cans.  500 more words

Beer Review

Build with people, or build on people?

People can be strange, or so I’ve found. One of my neighbours works in a similar field to me, we both travel into the same district to our workplaces, we both work in the same industry and we both live in the same neighbourhood. 602 more words


The Skills That Determine Your Value

When you increase your skills, you increase your pay.  The skills you possess will determine your value in the marketplace. If you spend time developing your skills in your profession then it will eventually lead you to wealth. 355 more words

Are You LOVE? or HATE?

“To love in the face of hatred and aggression, difference and discord, is one of – if not the – greatest challenge facing humankind today.”

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Listening from ignorance to mastery

The Farnam Street blog has this, this morning on becoming a lifelong learner:

When assessing our competence in any particular discipline, we can place our level of ability somewhere along a continuum moving from ignorance, to conversational competence, to operational competence, then towards proficiency, and finally all the way to mastery.

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People Skills