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Children are the flowers of life, but it does not mean that families without kids are without flowers. Lots of couples have no kids for various reasons. 503 more words

Make a Friend!

Hey everyone! Are you feeling lonely, sad or depressed? Don’t have a good friend? Nobody to turn to? And looking for a companion? I introduce to you Open Book, created by my friend to help bring people together from around the world to create new friendships and make you feel happier, important and no more lonely! 21 more words

What lawyers say, and what they actually do

How do lawyers transfer their knowledge? Lawyering scholars have been talking about “tacit knowledge” since the early 1990s. A recent ABA publication encouraged law students to use their externships and other practical experiences to interact with lawyers and try to glean some of that tacit knowledge via “extensive personal contact, regular interaction, and trust.” I touched on tacit knowledge in an… 1,506 more words

People Skills

16-29 Segment 2: Getting What You Want From Others


How do you get what you want from others? Our guests say that developing good “people skills” such as listening carefully and being authentic in your communications can go a long way toward persuading the other person that you’re sincere. 2,132 more words

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That One Day I Decided...

Remember that day you decided to do something? I’m not talking about just getting out of bed and going to the mall, even though it should at least be applauded that you got up and were active. 348 more words

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5 Ways to Deal with Emotion in Negotiation

Many times we enter negotiation with detailed plans, strategies, positions and a BATNA, but, sometimes, we forget that people on the other side have goals, objectives, needs, wants and strategies, too. 249 more words