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How to : Arrange a coffee meeting with someone

It is always important to develop good people skills and take on leadership positions to make friends in life. One of the easiest way to take on a leadership position is by inviting someone over for coffee to get to know them better. 318 more words


Why I think we can all be nicer

‘Wow, that was so nice of you! Most people don’t ever say anything like that…’ he said, while I was piling bottles of smoothies and tubs of cut up pineapple on the counter. 2,754 more words


Dale Carnegie Course Stockton Graduation

Graduations are a time of transition. A point in time when mentors, instructors, and coaches can recognize individuals for making a change in their growth or evolution. 637 more words

Communication Skills

Why Customer Service Is So Bad

If I were King I’d make a rule that whenever Customer Service was written out it would say Customer SERVICE. That rule would also require that when spoken special emphasis would have to be given to the word SERVICE. 796 more words


Article - "Take Proactive Control Of Your Job Search And Career"

Job Searching and Career Change often feel like a roller coaster ride.  One where you don’t have too much control over the direction of ride.  To take control of your job search you need to rethink how you approach it.   33 more words

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How to Select the Right Staff

It’s easy to recruit staff, the difficult part is recruiting the very best people available. It is a challenge for a manager to find employees who can fit into a team and make a real contribute to the company, but it is an opportunity too. 472 more words

People Skills

How a Manager Dissolves Conflict

When arguments escalate, a manager has to dissolve any conflict by acknowledging differences, showing empathy, talking the problem through and finding areas that can be agreed on. 485 more words

People Skills