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A Room

I wonder what all these people are doing here. A young man across from me. A young mom two seats from him. A small family sitting against the side wall. 219 more words


Commuter Diary - part 8

So far I’ve mostly been focusing on the infrastructure of commuting – the trains, the buses, the buildings, the mechanical bits. Here are a few shots of the human side – the reason the infrastructure exists in the first place. 198 more words


Man on tube

Damn, I wanted to take a picture of that guy at the end of the compartment. I was getting ready to take it discretely, as one does, but it seems I missed my opportunity.We had reached the next station and more people had gotten on, I worried now because people were in the way, obstructing my once-clear view, I shifted slightly to see past the people if he was on the tube still. 389 more words

Everyday Life

Naughty words

This morning a friend and I were swapping anecdotes about our childhood language goofs.

Leslie explained that when she was little, she had 8 siblings. So, other than a one-fell-swoop family party, individual birthdays were only celebrated on the fifth and twelfth years. 299 more words

People Watching