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Manhattan's Millennial

I can’t say that I’ve had the privilege of growing up in Manhattan, but I can say that I’ve had the privilege ‘adulting’ here.

A day where I don’t get attacked by a flying plastic bag walking the streets of Manhattan, I consider to be a great day. 638 more words

11 Types of People You See at Airports

Post-Thanksgiving, I was standing in line at the Dunkin’ Donuts in the San Antonio airport. It was about 5 a.m. on a weekday morning, and the long line comprised mainly holiday travelers like me. 1,013 more words


Tools for being human, part two: People watching

The old man is initially defined by the curve of his spine. He’s bent almost double by some malady, and I feel the warm prickling of guilt as I watch him roll one sleeve up, and look over his shoulder. 1,331 more words


i want to know your story

so we were traveling a few weeks back and one thing I love about touring cities and just being in new places (or old ones, for that matter) is people-watching. 339 more words


Victoria Park

Recently a group of photographers from our church family met up at the beautiful Victoria Park, overlooking our city of Christchurch.  We were lucky enough to have the wonderful & talented Gillian Itong ( 10 more words



I arrived at the bus station after a rather crappy morning (even if I’ve got used to it, giving my students a thorough dressing-down is still not my thing), intent on enjoying a long peaceful week-end away from school. 79 more words

A little time in a little doctors waiting room. 

Have you ever just sat in a doctors surgery and looked around? I am definitely an experienced people watcher, no qualifications needed but with years of taking part in this activity I still get fascinated by my surroundings. 558 more words

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