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Car Park In Cardiff

Husb and I went to the Art Car Bootique in a car park in Cardiff today, mainly to visit Dylan’s Mobile Bookstore featuring guest artist… 178 more words


Saturday or something night

Good old four am just got home talked to alot of cool people it was good! Well except for the scawny hipster thinking we was hitting on his woman when really we where just stoned ans shinny dress i will say have cool fabric so he mooned me and my friend who where just out having a few drinks basicly! 348 more words


FAB Day Drawing

I spent a hot and happy day with three fellow artists at the Fringe Arts Bath. We formed a group, The Plebeian Scribblers to do live drawing in the street as part of a larger intervention by lots of performance artists, … 64 more words


When You Wish upon a Star

My blitz through London and Paris is now over, but after looking through and organizing all my pictures today, I know that this blitz will take up more space in my heart than the last five years of my life combined. 1,232 more words

Falling In Love In Europe

An Interesting Week on the Jury

I have been so quiet lately because I’ve been so very busy these past couple of weeks. First, I had a book signing at Half Price Books in Rockwall, which went very well and the folks at Half Price Books treated me like a star or something.  324 more words

People Watching on the Subway - fifth-wheeling, shoe-studying, and terrible fake tan

Public transport is one of my favourite places to people watch. Being on a bus, train or plane puts you in close proximity to strangers, with no obligation to talk to them. 712 more words

People Watching

Berat, Albania

Arriving into ultra-conservative Berat from Albania’s free capital, Tirana, was a bit of a culture shock. To be honest, I expected the whole of Albania to be more like Berat, so it was shocking when it actually turned out to be somewhat true. 409 more words