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People Watching

A couple different times and locations are reflected here:

Two ladies sit across from me. Their conversation about Thanksgiving preparations, family, and other things occasionally drifts over to my ears. 379 more words

Falling Asleep on the Train

I fell asleep on the way home. More than once. I’m pretty sure that I was only asleep for a few moments, but you never really know, do you. 470 more words


Wang's Literature

I saw her across two rows of uncomfortably plastic, but durable office chairs in the Ear Nose and Throat Specialty Doctor’s office lobby. She sat in the corner. 775 more words


Is there such a thing as too much romance? #amwriting #ambaking

Week # 4: Romance

Or: How Spicy is This Going To Be?

(This is the Part 4 of a six-part series. Here is Part 1… 970 more words


Matcha Latte at Starbucks

Growing up, my best friend’s beverage of choice was green tea, and her preference rubbed off on me quite a bit. It was also partly because I do not tolerate caffeine well (too sensitive to it – makes my heart palpitate!) that I lean towards tea alternatives. 286 more words

Matcha Latte

the plain

Under a low sky, scraping the bounds of the earth
a stillness mists around us that makes the world opaque
and shuttered to the light, 232 more words


Me Too...

In the last month, allegations of sexual harassment and abuse have come out against Hollywood heavy hitters. Powerful men like Harvey Weinstein, Matthew Wiener(creator of Mad Men) Brett Ratner(over 300 women have come out against him), Kevin Spacey (House of Cards) and Louie CK. 942 more words