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Still Learning

This is sitter number 85 out of my target of 100 Baby Boomers sketched by the end of this year. I’ve improved so much in my ability to sketch faces quickly and with reasonable accuracy, some more and some less, while retaining my own style. 44 more words

Arty Stuff

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Ecology And The Married Girl: Don't Boar Me.

I read the news today, Oh Boy.

Wild boar,

once a major threat to life and limb in England-

and therefore hunted,

and endangered by ecological factors, 615 more words


Prose Project #1: Before the Bus

I’m sat on a park bench, and all I find is balance.

A shadow falls on a sleeping man, stealing rare rest under the low boughs of a shedding tree. 280 more words


Coney Island, Summer 2016: A Photo Essay

I am a native New Yorker and have lived through various post-war eras: the burnt-out, crime-ridden city of the 1970s; the thriving art scene of the 1980s; the Giuliani 1990s that essentially killed nightlife and, by proxy, the once thriving art scene of the 1980s; and the post 9-11 Bloomberg era that fostered the current state of crushing gentrification. 482 more words


Boomtime Again

I’m still working on my series of sketches of Baby Boomers, aiming to complete one hundred by the end of this year. This is my 84th sitter and it’s a relief to have done so many now. 43 more words

Arty Stuff


My step goal for today was accomplished by walking around in the mall. It’s a small mall, and I circled it several times before my FitBit finally buzzed to indicate 10,000 steps. 461 more words