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79/365 Stranger Danger: Observations On A Mailman

“I don’t like him.” My mom stated this with a sense of finality, as if it was an opinion that couldn’t be swayed.

“What do you mean you don’t like him? 902 more words

Merry May Day!!

Or Happy Beltane!

I hope it was a joyous day for you, with plenty of Morris dancing and jumping of the fire and wild passionate embraces to honor the joining of the sacred Male and Female this holiday!  700 more words

Just Me

And Gutenberg Lived Here: One Step, Two Step, Green Step, Blue Step


several other members of a blogger consortium and I,

did a post on the ramifications of dancing.

Ballroom style.

And got a lot of insight, 768 more words


spot the boyfriend round 2

Spot the boyfriend.

Oh what an innocent-looking pile of washing on the bed…

Or in other words, ‘I like that boulder. That is a niiice boulder.’

Stories from People Watching #01

Stories that i came out with for people when i’m people watching:

All works here are base on my thoughts long ago and any similarities to situations or character is either coincidental or it’s basically me being stereotypical. 316 more words


There is

There is a special place
For crying babies
And screaming children
Ignored while their mothers
Speak on the phone,
Talk to other people
And are accepted as valid… 84 more words


triathlete photography

Here’s a great article from Trail Runner with tips for shooting great action shots. See below.

I love taking pictures while we’re riding, running and swimming. 1,088 more words