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Photoshoot - Watching the world go by - black and white!

Welcome followers and visitors to my blog and the latest update in my photography diary. These images taken at the end of visit to photography gallery.   95 more words


I Think I Got the Lividity and How Perceptions Differ

Anyone who has ever experienced the family vacation knows the family vacation experience starts weeks before and ends weeks after the actual vacation.

This is about a family vacation experience, and about different perceptions.  3,332 more words

Random Ramblings

Songs of Ourselves - Great Read

In 2015, Blue Heron Book Works published a collections of blog posts, journal entries, and other writing forms from writers across the nation. Bathseba Monk, the intrepid and visionary editor of Blue Heron Book Works, and her editor Mary Lawlor, put together a book of American voices as varied as the landscape between our coastlines. 152 more words


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"Songs of Ourselves is a real trip into and across Americana. If you haven’t read it, I compare it to about two dozen Blue Highways wrapped into one volume."

The gliding Lethe leads her silent flood

The souls that throng the flood

Are those to whom, by fate, are other bodies ow’d:

In Lethe’s lake they long oblivion taste,

Of future life secure, forgetful of the past. 53 more words

Me, Myself And I

People Watching pt.3

Since as early as I can remember I have been fascinated by people watching. I never intend to do it, never purposefully set out to turn strangers into curiosities, pieces of art that I puzzle over long after they’ve faded from my view and yet time and time again that is what I find myself doing. 495 more words


Terminal A

There’s nothing quite like people watching in an airport. A quiet and cacophonous blend of lives in imagined privacy. The half-sentences muttered as they pass, the small child confused and pulling against their parents’ sudden urgency, the unabashed staring of those like me who sit and observe. 538 more words

Five Reasons Americans are the BEST Tourists!

Every six months or so I see an article about the terrible behaviors of American tourists traveling abroad. As a long-time domestic traveler, I just took those at face-value since I wasn’t able to confirm or deny any of the claims made by the authors. 1,537 more words