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People watching in Wiford Gallery’s spectacular wind-sculpture garden; Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photo taken with a Canon Rebel T2 and Fujichrome Velvia 100F 35mm color-slide film.


A haiku.

Trapped inside these thoughts.

Absolute isolation.

Never to speak my mind.

People Watching

Right Arm

Over and over he drives his right arm into his left arm. More like the right arm drives itself. As if this arm was working against him. 157 more words

People Watching

New Orleans - Reflections by the window

It’s 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon and I am sitting in a funky little café in New Orleans, drinking coffee and people watching. I had somehow managed to get myself lost while walking to my destination and saw this little café on the corner and decided to give it a shot. 896 more words

Random Thoughts

Tueday night's Rilke

Dedicated to the blessed memory of the  85 year old  French priest massacred this morning while praying morning mass and all those priests who gave their lives fighting the Nazis and now murdered while praying, may his soul ,wherever it is , rest in peace, that he could not find on earth and to all those victims of man’s cruelty and inability to find peace , love , light and God within the heart. 341 more words

As if to prove a point

Reading today’s news , i had to exclaim, a oh no! An elderly priest has been slaughtered by an ISIS terrorist in a Cathedral in France during morning service.. 784 more words

Watch "If You Don't Know Me By Now - Harold Melvin" on YouTube

P.S poem

If you say don’t ever feel
You have never felt
Anyone near enough
to miss before,
If you say you don’t ever… 51 more words