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Disability And Prostitution

Below is an interesting article on the use of sex workers by people with disabilities living in Germany, http://www.myhandicap.com/disability-prostitut.html. The piece focuses on one brothel which is accessible to wheelchair users. 463 more words

A Response to the Article, "The Missing Voices of Oppression in Brene Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability”

I came across a blog by an author, Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg, who described a less than favorable series of therapy experiences.  She admitted to being hard-of-hearing.  She felt a sense of alienation and shame that, from her perspective, was more associated with social attitudes towards people with disabilities than some chemical imbalance that caused a mood disorder diagnosis.  712 more words


STAR Riding uses horses to help people with disabilities

STAR Riding is enjoying a growth spurt.“When I started as program coordinator, we had nine riders,” Kim Davies said. “We are now up to 30 riders, and by this time next year, we should probably have about 60 to 70 riders.”Established in 1996, STAR Riding is also known as Specialized Therapeutic and Recreational Riding. 447 more words

Physical Disabilities

Summit DD Implements Active Intruder Protocols to Ensure Safety

(Buck Buchanan – Safety Committee Team Lead)

From enhancing online security to providing transportation tips for harsh weather conditions, Summit DD is dedicated to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of those we serve. 364 more words

Summit DD

They Shall Not Pass

This morning, as usual I took my guide dog, Trigger to the park in order that he might fertilise the vegetation, (there is a wooded area away from where children congregate so his business card causes no issues)! 162 more words

County Officials Discuss Options With URS Clients

HAZLETON — Hundreds of people living with disabilities in our area learned Wednesday they are losing an organization that provides much needed services to them. 312 more words


To Heal or Not to Heal: a brief, personal theology of disabilities

heal(v.):1. a : to make sound or whole b : to restore to health 2. a : to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome : mend  477 more words