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Baa Baa Bakhreena

She is a head-turner in more ways than one. Bakhreena is not just a sheep, she is one lucky gal. The snow-white beauty unlike most of her brood did not land up on someone’s dinner plate instead she landed in the caring arms of animal-lover extraordinaire Andy. 310 more words


It can be a lonely world

Its an amazing place, Lake Malawi. Like all of Africa, their is a certain romantic connotation to the place. The reality however is a stark, sometimes lonely, sometimes dangerous world. 12 more words


#08 - Long exposure

Two shots for this week: each is good enough (in my opinion :)), so I solved the dilemma by uploading them both :D

Normally, when I think of long exposure, I see a street and light trails made by cars. 120 more words


Meet Brydie Reeve

Bumped into 12 year old Brydie outside the 4 Square grocery in Mapua on Saturday morning.

Popped some money in the jar (she was selling cake, brownies and apples for a good cause, namely the… 22 more words


That 'French Guy' on Vine

Mention “that French Guy” to any person who has seen a few vines and they will know which French guy you’re talking about!

Jerome Jarre, a 24 year old, from France has become famous for making funny and entertaining six-second videos on Vine where now, he has over eight million followers. 466 more words


I make my own happiness

The determination, ingenuity and skills exhibited by children all over the world, to have fun, to enjoy, but above all to aspire to a better “now”, never cease to amaze me. 18 more words