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7 Essentials to make your efforts Effective

It’s nearly everyday story that you get up early in the morning, freshen up yourself and dedicate an hour of workout for maintaing a healthy body. 283 more words


Eat less and less crap ...

Eat less crap drink water no crap food …

am I helping.

You people eat crap food what is wrong with you? You eat fat no nutrition.



Written by Jacob Ibrag

You stare at a shooting star

as it consumes your attention.

Moments away from exploding,

you make a wish while it’s still in… 51 more words


Thomas Dennis, legendary Ipswich joiner

In 1937, Irving P. Lyon published a series of six articles about Thomas Dennis, joiner of Ipswich, analyzing numerous articles of furniture and family documents. The furniture of Thomas Dennis took on the status of historic treasure, and over time more pieces were attributed to him than he could have produced in his lifetime. 635 more words


August 27th, 2016

You know when you feel like you’re fighting for that one tiny place in someone’s life? When you feel selfish when it comes to that person? 396 more words