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Poem: An Overnight Foreigner 

Fasten my seatbelt for a flight
Ascending through the time zones and into another country’s night
A boy afraid of turbulence, must hold on tight… 202 more words


Blue Eyes

As I stand peering down, emptiness begins to emerge.

Silence suffocates the room

While tragedy colors the wall.

The numbing atmosphere destroys every piece of life… 186 more words


One Pot Penne

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE COOKING but if there’s one thing I don’t like when cooking, it’s the hassle of cleaning especially on one of those busiest week night. 275 more words

Digital Marketing


Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Blood is thicker,’ they’ll whisper as they’ll

try to paint me as just another stranger to keep you

from slipping out of their fingers. 56 more words


A few words concerning the latest drama...

First they called him a “white supremacist” for expressing views different from those of the mainstream media. But I suppose any of us who’ve had the guts to express our own opinions have gone through similar over the last few months. 185 more words

The People I Have Met On My Travels

Growing up, my parents taught that everyone was “kind” and “friendly.” Their words had always stuck with me as I started to grow up and Preschool really helped proved this to me. 324 more words