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I lie awake at night wondering why so many people dislike me.

I wonder to myself, what is it that I do wrong?

Is it the way I dress? 25 more words


Positioning Himself To Be A Fool Is A Wise Thing

The above title is something I have to prove yourself, look silly does not mean we become rang stupid, sometimes someone deliberately look stupid to always get attention and humility, not better look foolish of us look pedantic, people look stupid always ask premise is that if do not know, always get help from people who are smart enough to fool many people liked and respected. 98 more words


Chick in the nest.

Making a strategy of living in a single place for the rest of our life is kind of dull. Moreover, staying with your parents from childhood to adolescent to adulthood supports the idea very well. 161 more words


La gens, elle l’intéresse en ce que je dis?

De temps en temps je pense en refaire mon channel de YouTube, mais je m’arrête tôt parce que je suis mal motivée — d’un main, je m’ennuie de planner, filmer, et éditer les videos, et d’autre main, je veux tellement avoir un outlet créatif. 82 more words


Picture Parade One Hundred and Seventy-Five

Taking it easy!





Another set in a week’s time.

Meanwhile, you all take good care of yourselves.


A journey to be journeyed

She journeyed a phase which was dark and cold. Her anatomy was hurt and could be seen by unclouded eyes. She lived every split second of that phase with the courage, her heroism was reborn and fashioned by the end of that battle she fought. 113 more words


Devil's Advocate

We are pleased to announce that our team’s demonologist and researcher, Paul, will be sharing his knowledge and opinions about this aspect of the paranormal here on this blog.  74 more words

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