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Bad Rap

You hear it all the time. People dissing humanity. We’ve screwed it all up! some angry person shouts. We polluted the Earth and got selfish and everyone’s on their phones and no one cares and there’s huge problems in the world–AHHHH! 677 more words

Freedom And Healthy Living

Why We Root

Why We Root

There’s a thing that used to drive me mad. I’d walk into a supermarket wearing an Auburn t-shirt, often not having given my choice of attire any thought, and be told by a cashier, “That’s the ugliest shirt I’ve ever seen.” 1,238 more words


Artist Profile: Edgex

The past shapes the future…

My relation with music started back in the time when I was living in Ibiza, around 10 years ago. At that moment, I was influenced by psychedelic music or the now what we call Psytrance. 838 more words


A Thief in the Night

She stole kisses that were only meant to fall on my lips. She stole hugs from the arms that were designed to hold my trembling body steady. 67 more words

Things Have Changed

Things in our world are changing, sometimes we just don’t notice how fast this is happening. Of course, we all can see that, we can remind back to see how it was then and how it is now, but imagine how big the impression must be for someone who was isolated from our society for a very long time. 267 more words

This And That