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A Day of Firsts

As I entered the Magic Kingdom today, I wondered if seeing that green light on the entrance touch points will ever get old. I always think to myself, “I didn’t have to pay for this!  1,007 more words


Top 5 Magic Kingdom Attractions

This isn’t the first list of top Disney attractions online, nor will it be the last, and for a few seconds I actually debated whether or not the world needs one more opinion like this – but hey, why not? 1,510 more words


Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow(land) Part 4

Note: In celebration of Disney’s Tomorrowland opening in theaters on May 22, Quest for Vault Disney is taking a decade by decade look at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. 911 more words


Why Tomorrowland Matters, Part Two

In “Why Tomorrowland Matters, Part One,” I talked about the early hype and speculation I had for the upcoming Tomorrowland movie. Yet, in doing so, I realized I never discussed WHY both the movie, the theme park land, and the idea of Tomorrowland as a real place matter to me, and should (in my opinion) to others as well. 965 more words

General DisNerdom

Peace at Walt Disney World?-

Some people aren’t as enamored with Disney as we are and one of the reasons I hear is the crowds. I understand this as the crowds are about the only thing I don’t like about Disney World. 420 more words


Ending our Virtual Magic Kingdom Trip with a Journey into Tomorrow

This is our last stop on the Virtual Magic Kingdom tour. We’re heading to Tomorrowland. Are you ready to head into the world of Tomorrow? 1,087 more words

Walt Disney World

People Mover

We all know that both East and West campus students have the struggle of either walking up freshman hill or taking the long hike from the suburbs of campus. 251 more words