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Walmart hits the slumps

Walmart lost $21 billion in market value after it forecasts drop in 2017 earnings resulting in the steepest decline of the company’s stock in 25 years. 387 more words

Case Studies

Walmart for Dummies

Just like going to Wal-Mart parts of this post may be visually shocking. This is the start of an Etiquette Guide and the flow for the reader should be arriving, shopping, checking out, leaving. 2,729 more words



Today was such a weird day, an anomaly, we’re surprised that Gina didn’t give birth!

It started off with Baby Darius’s 1st birthday party. Its always a pleasure to see Angela’s parents (feel like they’d be my second parents), and most of our VAG (Very Adventurous Group) friends. 263 more words


Go suck an egg, People Of Walmart

“I have a brilliant idea! I’ll get on Amazon and order the creepiest sex toys I can find. I’ll have them shipped to Terry; based on his response, you’ll know whether or not he’s into the weird shit!” 1,299 more words


Working at Walmart sucks

I have to work graveyards at Walmart. Trust me when I say the freaks come out at night. A place where they bring their kid shopping at 3 in the morning. 29 more words

These Friggin Walmart Guys...

Here’s Fred pulling the ol’ Walmart steak switcheroo… I made that name up, but fuck em, he’s ‘Walmart Fred’ now.

This commercial is not a testament to how good Walmart brand beef is, it’s a testament to how goddamn stupid people are.  1,008 more words

This Friggin...

BP1 iGoogle = MY Google

I have always been a fan of the one-stop-shop. After all, who doesn’t like a store where they can find exactly what they need, however they would like it, and whenever they would like to see it? 426 more words

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