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China’s War Plan for Taiwan Intensifies

China’s War Plan for Taiwan Intensifies

Blog readers know I’ve been asserting for a year now that China is in advanced war planning to take over the independent island of Taiwan, a small Democratic nation with it’s own military and a 23 million person population. 389 more words

Capital Crackdown: Companies Face Delays Getting Cash Out of China

New regulations aimed at slowing the yuan’s decline create confusion for multinationals.

French construction-materials company Cie. de Saint-Gobain SA, is finding it harder to take its money out of China. 528 more words


Forex reserve safety concerns mean China ‘unlikely to massively sell US debt’

Market experts say it’s more important for PBOC to keep abundant reserves than to maintain a stable yuan rate against the US dollar

By Laura He… 831 more words

Here’s What We Now Know About China’s Capital Outflow Controls

China’s central bank has circulated new rules for companies which make yuan-denominated loans to overseas entities, sources with direct knowledge of the matter said, the latest in a slew of measures by Beijing to control capital outflows. 358 more words


China’s Central Bank Weakens Yuan Fixing for Sixth Straight Day

Yuan set at its lowest level against the dollar since September 2010

The People’s Bank of China in Beijing. The PBOC maintains close control of the currency’s value onshore and allows the yuan to swing just 2% around the level it sets each day. 493 more words

Furniture Retailing With Chinese Characteristics - China Real Time Report - WSJ

At the opening of Zaozuo’s first furniture store this month in Beijing, a shopper snoozed on a couch while others clambered onto wall-mounted shelves to take selfies perched in chairs. 765 more words

China Alert

China is in the middle of a new home buying boom

Chinese banks issued 949 billion yuan ($142 billion) in new yuan loans in August—and more than half of them were funneled into home buyers’ hands, amid a property market comeback. 290 more words