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I'm Back!...also here's an album review

Hey everyone! Remember me? I know I’ve been MIA for a while, but I really had to put all of my energy into finishing this past semester so that I can be one step closer to graduating. 1,888 more words


Adequate Life: A Review

Upon first listen I was very unsure of this project. It wasn’t very cohesive and the artist seemed to be suffering from an(other) identity crisis. I wasn’t positive that I’d give it more than two listens, but  Jacob Rodriguez asked for a review ( and when that hunk of a man asks you to do something, saying no is comparable to kicking a baby penguin in the face) so by golly I will give you a review! 1,089 more words


People Choice Award Results

2017 SL Sci-Fi People’s Choice!
A fun & diverse vote with over a hundred ballots submitted!

Over these sci-fi years we’ve helped the global Relay For Life raise millions of dollars and helped save untold lives, we can’t count them all there are so many stretching into the future years, the many millions that will LIVE instead of Die, that’s real life what You do with your “second” lives… 301 more words

10th Anniversary

The People's Choice Party!

Sunday April 9th 2pm slt

Join us to confer the Honors of the year!
The Science Fiction Alliance awards the 2017 Starries!

In celebration of excellence at the 2017 SL Sci-Fi! 21 more words

10th Anniversary

People's Choice 2017!

Find a Voting Box at a Transit Hub near you!   or visit this one! ;)

Your vote matters!

10th Anniversary

The Ultimate Strictly Challenge - Results and The People's Choice

We have reached the final category in our Ultimate Strictly Challenge. Like all results shows, we hate saying goodbye, but tonight it’s time for us to reveal your top 4 show dances which make their way into the Ultimate Strictly Challenge final (which is next week by the way) and for us to reveal our final category *grabs a tissue as she gets a tad emosh* 221 more words

Strictly Come Dancing