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The Mysterious Ali of the 'Malay Archipelago'

Tom McLaughlin holds a Masters in Political Science and International Affairs and currently resides in Sarawak. Together with his wife, Suriani binti Sahari, they conducted an oral history and archival investigation of the enigmatic persona “Ali” in the classic text on Borneo’s natural history, Malay Archipelago by Alfred Wallace. 1,908 more words

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An Erased History of Pulau Belakang Mati

The modern polity of Singapore is now better known as a concrete jungle, constantly entangled in the discourse of political freedoms and the leadership of the late Lee Kuan Yew. 2,635 more words

People's History

Syrien, Links, Unten

Hier findet die grösste Revolution seit dem spanischen Bürgerkrieg statt, und alles was wir hören ist das Zirpen der Grillen. Das grosse Schweigen; „es ist kompliziert“ lautet die gängige Ausrede. 2,271 more words

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Getting into trade history writing

After my post last week on the relationship between academic and public history, a few people asked about the practicalities of getting into writing history for a broad audience.  1,129 more words