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China asks U.S. for respect and trust

China hopes the United States can scale back activities that run the risk of misunderstandings, and respect China’s core interests, the Defence Ministry on Thursday cited a senior Chinese naval commander as saying. 460 more words


Test flight of China’s new hypersonic flying vehicle

The following is based on translations of reports on Chinese news sites:

Recently news about China’s test of a new type of high- 406 more words


China micromanages Tibet, floods it with money to woo locals

The Associated Press

LHASA, China (AP) — Ji Yunpeng misses hotpot dinners with his wife and daughter back in Beijing and fights insomnia caused by the high altitude in the Tibetan capital by playing computer games, and, occasionally, studying Tibetan Buddhism. 1,182 more words

Cadence of Conflict: Asia, September 28, 2015

The unstated reason Chinese Pres. Xi snubbed Zuckerberg is probably for his age. Chinese think a man can’t do business until he’s at least in his 40’s and “is old enough to grow a mustache”. 600 more words


Philippines debates return of US forces

By Mark Townsend in Manila
Financial Times (FT)

When Barack Obama meets Xi Jinping this week the South China Sea is likely to feature high on the agenda as… 800 more words

PLA may use electric reactive armor on tanks: Global Times

Electric reactive armor is usually made of two electrical plates separated by an insulator to make a high-power capacitor. When a tank using the armor is hit by an incoming object such as a rocket or missile, it will discharge electricity from the capacitor to vaporize the object.

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China’s new weapons showcased in September 3 parade, which China says are capable of attacking Japan and Taiwan

The following is based on a translation of a report on a Chinese news site:

China’s Huanqiu.com website carries a report on an article on the website of Britain’s Jane’s Defence Review published on September 9 on China’s new weapons systems titled “China showcases new weapon systems at 3 September parade” 921 more words