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China’s new long-range rocket artillery can hit moving targets at sea and repel invading navy

The following is based on a translation of a report on a Chinese news site:

China’s major news site mil.huanqiu.com reports about the intensive training of a… 292 more words


Chinese troops head to North Korean border as tensions mount between North and South Korea

The People’s Liberation Army has sent troops to China’s border with North Korea as escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula have pushed North and South to the brink of possible war. 667 more words


China has been intensively developing homegrown VTOL fighter jet, but admits it lags behind America

The following is based on translations from reports on Chinese websites:

Chinese website mil.huanqiu.com describes in its report the difficulties in developing a VTOL… 598 more words


REVIEW: Wolf Warrior (2015)

2015, Chunqiu Time Co./Beijing Dengfeng International Culture/Nanjing Military Area Command of the TV Art Centre

Wu Jing
Lv Jianmin
Wu Jing… 841 more words

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China's long-range phased array warning system revealed

A photo of the long-range phased array warning system in China’s northeast. (Internet photo)

Photos of China’s long-range phased array warning system with a similar appearance to the US PAVE PAWS have been revealed by the Guancha Syndicate, a political website based in Shanghai, on Aug. 145 more words