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China’s military eager for tougher action to defend against U.S. "affront" in South China sea

Observers believe Beijing does not want heightened confrontation with Washington, but the latest affront may prompt it to speed up military test flights and building of facilities over the disputed waters… 758 more words

China threatens sanctions against U.S. companies

China’s recent threat to impose sanctions on U.S. defence companies that sell arms to Taiwan should come as no surprise to American officials or corporate executives: … 891 more words


Civilian companies doing research and development for Chinese military to save money on defence budget

Shenzhen Economic Daily says in its report that more than 100 Shenzhen enterprises have participated in, or are involved in, production for the Chinese military… 418 more words


President Xi Jinping lays down the law to the Chinese army in first ‘precept’ speech since Mao Zedong -- Xi demanding perfect loyalty

By Li Jing
South China Morning Post

Chinese President Xi Jinping, front left, gives a military flag to Wei Fenghe, commander of the newly formed Rocket Force of the People’s Liberation Army, and Wang Jiasheng, front right, political commissar of the newly formed Rocket Force. 427 more words

Senior Chinese army commander sacked after former comrade dies in drinking binge

By Gloria Chan
South China Morning Post

The dismissal of Zhang Yan, centre, was confirmed by the Ministry of Defence. Photo: SCMP Pictures

The youngest serving army corp commander in the PLA has been dismissed after a former soldier who served under him died after they went out drinking together, a news agency reported. 173 more words

People's Liberation Army Textbooks: Science of Campaigns (2006) and Science of Military Strategy (2013)

The Science of Campaigns 战役学 (2006)

The Science of Military Strategy 战略学 (2013)

Taiwan in Perspective brings you two key People’s Liberation Army textbooks that are highly regarded by experts as an indispensable source for study of Chinese military: the 2006 edition of The Science of Campaigns and 2013 edition of The Science of Military Strategy. 506 more words

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