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The People’s Republic of China Denigrates the Conception of a Constitutionally, Limited Government by Invoking the Specter of the Mob Rule of Democracy

Democracy, as a political instrument or system, is only legitimate when employed for strictly, limited, constitutional functions. Democracy is not a legitimate political instrument where the largest number may vote away the rights of a minority. 1,552 more words

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Gasp! China admits to having cyber warriors

So China has at last admitted, albeit obliquely, that it sponsors offensive hacker units—martial cyber corps, if you will. It’s an unprecedented confession for the state, whose persistent denials have been met for years with the diplomatic equivalent of, “Yeah, right.” 1,503 more words


China missile test highlights space weapons threat; can destroy US satellites

China’s recent test of a missile designed to shoot down satellites in low-earth orbit highlights a growing threat of space weapons, the commander of the… 1,074 more words


China can’t be contained; it has to be accommodated

At the start of the twentieth century, Britain, the superpower of the time, was faced with a strategic dilemma: what to do about a newly unified and nationalist… 1,621 more words


China admits of having a cyber warfare unit!

China has finally admitted that it has a cyber warfare unit, which was self-acknowledged by the government there last week. Revealing the latest, the government of China has self admitted of having a cyber warfare unit in the publication “The Science of Military Strategy”, which was made by the researchers from the institute of the People’s Liberation Army. 260 more words

China deploys forces to Myanmar border after bombing in Yunnan province

Beijing sent forces to patrol its southwestern border with Myanmar after a bomb killed four Chinese citizens in an area where violence between Burmese rebel groups and troops has spread and strained ties with China. 484 more words