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Frustrated IT Guy...

There are times that I been frustrated at work. It is been roughly 4 years working as an IT SHIT!! I am very hungry of being good in my craft but still I am no GOOD. 678 more words


Call PeopleSoft XML Publisher Reports Using PeopleCode

Local CUSTOM_APPPKG &objReportData;
Local File &XMLFile;
Local string &XMLFilename;
Local PSXP_RPTDEFNMANAGER:ReportDefn &report;

&XMLFilename = “/tmp/InputFileName.xml”;

&XMLFile = GetFile(&XMLFilename, “W”, %FilePath_Absolute);

&objReportData = CreateObject(“CUSTOM_APPPKG”);

/*This will assign input parameters, for example StartDate and End Date*/ 65 more words


Get Server Name of Current Process in PeopleSoft/PeopleCode

Here’s a PeopleCode snippet that you can use to obtain the server name where a process is being run.

 SQLExec("select servernamerun from psprcsrqst where prcsinstance = :1", &PROCESS_INSTANCE, &servername); … 18 more words

Oracle SQL to extract Directory from filename

Recently, I had a requirement to extract just the directory name from a file name. The code snipped provided below does just that.

 select substr(:1,1,instr(:1,:2,-1)) FROM DUAL; … 49 more words

Moving/Renaming a File in PeopleCode using Java

It’s been a while since I posted. Here’s a code snippet that allows you to move/rename the file from one directory to another directory using Java functions in PeopleCode. 41 more words


Performing activities when we need them and where we need them - Related Action Framework

PeopleSoft is making big strides in closing the gap between itself and the so called modern HR platforms. One such feature which take PeopleSoft even beyond where other vendors are is related content/actions. 216 more words


To see outfiles in process monitor of a process

select prcsoutputdir from PSPRCSPARMS where  prcsinstance = ‘41382’;

Please the files in prcsoutputdir (/psoft/hr91/pshdv01/appserv/prcs/PSUNX1/log_output/SQR_GPINBK01_41382) folder, then we can see the out files related to that process in process monitor