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The Megas Aeon Podcast #9 - The Frater Poliwag Is Pissed Special

In this episode, we get another special update from our favorite chaos magician/daemon, Frater Poliwag, straight from the astral abyss. He is extra pissed at Trump, the Deep State, the dying legacy media, and the general fucktardery of the leftist snowflakes, the SJW’s and the alt. 54 more words


The sinister side of memes

If we’ve learnt anything from the last 5 years or so, it’s that memes are here to stay. They have become intrinsic to our culture, the way we communicate and share information. 97 more words


Le Pen Could Win Election As a Result of 'The Great Meme War' - BBC

The Great Meme War, which helped president Donald Trump win back in November is having its impact in the French election, according to the BBC.  Perhaps the election of Trump was just one great battle won in The Great Meme War, aka TGMW, aka WWMeme, AKA … the Kekistani Revolution… ok I made all those up.   365 more words


Bayern Munich VS Real Madrid: UCL Preview

Real Madrid are back in action tomorrow night against the German giants, Bayern Munich, coached by the massively loved Carlo Ancelotti. Personally, if there was one team that I would have loved to avoid in the UEFA Champions League, it would have undoubtedly been Bayern but, as we know, we have to beat the best in order to win this competition and we will be playing against one of the best teams in the tournament in the quarter-finals of the competition. 432 more words

Real Madrid

No Rest For Los Blancos

Oof! That game yesterday! I felt sorry for my poor neighbors. They must have been wondering what the hell was going on with all the shrieking coming from my flat. 941 more words

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