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Just Something to Think About

Considering the amount of pushback by rightwing constituents, against the left’s 24 hour wall to wall Russia collusion narrative, wouldn’t that make 50% of America (dare I say it), Russians?  626 more words


Why Antihistamine is my best friend

Been bothered because Pepe has been sick and I seriously can’t wait to take her to the vet tomorrow. Been so happy on how much she’s improved since she got adopted from bony thin up to her collar not falling off her head anymore. 96 more words


Frog Fever

Back when I was in high school, my Latin teacher used to say that words have lives of their own. She would tell us this after our daily etymology lesson, where we would learn two English words that had Latin roots. 481 more words


The Asianization of the West

Colin Liddell

There is a spectre haunting the interwebs, it is the spectre of a laid back, occasionally Nazi-cosplaying green frog and his dead gorilla sidekick… And the establishment doesn’t quite know what to do about it. 1,136 more words


Massive Book About History Of PC RPGs Is Out Now For Free

(Source: kotaku.com)

For the past four years, writer Felipe Pepe has been compiling a book about computer role-playing games, enlisting developers and journalists from across the globe to write about everything from Ultima to Fallout 4. 79 more words


Understanding Ugandan Knuckles in a post-Pepe the Frog world

(Source: www.polygon.com)

Know Your Meme editor-in-chief Brad Kim sees meme culture, to an extent, as having two distinct periods: pre- and post-Pepe the Frog. … 2,140 more words