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Cartoon frog called Pepe the Frog officially classified as 'hate symbol'

A little green frog has been officially classified as a hate symbol after gradually transforming into an icon of white supremacy.

In case you’re not familiar, the frog – known as Pepe the Frog – is a meme that is incredibly popular with the so-called ‘alt-right’, a group of far-right, tech-savvy, racist misogynists who tend to fester in online forums such as 4Chan’s /pol/. 516 more words


The Day of the First Debate

I’m not your usual conspiracy theorist, however, my twitter account was locked today (@echo76).  I attempted to make a new one and that one got locked immediately as well (@echo1776). 129 more words


The Tangerine Traveler

I was in Dalaran over the weekend when Hip asked me had I found Pepe yet as he has come across him earlier that day. I hadn’t had any luck with spotting him yet,  so Hip popped up to Dalaran to show me where Pepe had been for him and as he was running past the pet shop Pepe was casually sitting on the bench out the front. 96 more words


Mega Monday (Week 4)

I apologize to:

Wisconsin- I picked the badgers to lose because I thought LSU was looking worse every week, but I guess I underestimated just how low Notre Dame could fall. 248 more words


Tact vs Honesty

In a recent speech by Donald Trump he claimed that he takes flak for too much honesty, while complaining that Hillary Clinton was too deceptive. Unfortunately things have gotten to a point where bluntness and getting into people’s faces has become equated with honesty while manners and thoughtfulness get associated with deception. 614 more words

Thinking Out Loud

H+ Anarchism vs. White Nationalism Debate (TL;DR Warning)

Hi folks! I’ve decided to reproduce a debate I’m having with a white nationalist in a YouTube comment thread. I’ve spent a bit of time trying to convert white nationalists lately. 11,670 more words


7 Stages of Trumpophobia

Trump has had an amazing week. He is leading in many polls, both at the national and state polls. He is leading in many “blue” states that Obama won easily; and he is within striking distance at blue states. 1,072 more words