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Pepe Ingin Zidane Bertahan

“Tapi ia telah menolong kami melaju ke final Liga Champions. Saya berharap ia terus berada di Madrid, karena…

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Berita Bola

Shearing 2016--It begins

Shearing the sheep is one of the most essential tasks that is accomplished all year. It is also one of the most uncertain. It is critical for the health of the sheep, the success of the lambing, and the impact on our bottom line, as we sell the wool to be made into natural, non-oil-based fabric. 167 more words


Pepe revela que Diego Costa é o jogador mais 'durão' que já enfrentou

O zagueiro Pepe é conhecido por ser um dos defensores mais durões e ríspidos do futebol mundial. Muitas vezes sem perder a viagem, o brasileiro naturalizado português revelou à TV britânica  197 more words


Manchester City 0-0 Real Madrid: Tactical First-Leg?

Real Madrid played the first-leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinals at the Etihad stadium as they came out with a goalless draw on the night. 418 more words

Real Madrid

What we learned: 5 things from Manchester City vs Real Madrid

Manchester City and Real Madrid played out a cagey 0-0 draw in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final at The Etihad Stadium. Cristiano Ronaldo travelled with the rest of the Madrid squad but was not deemed fit enough to even make the bench. 719 more words


'Não sou violento, Neymar recebeu mais cartões que eu', dispara Pepe

Desde que chegou ao Real Madrid, o zagueiro Pepe têm sido constantemente tido como um jogador violento e, por vezes, desleal. Mas, em entrevista à revista  239 more words


Green Text Stories


Today, we’ll be discussing greentext stories on 4chan’s /r9k/ board.

In short, green text stories are anecdotes describing events in a person’s life.  Common elements in these stories include social anxiety, awkwardness, and love.   234 more words