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Pacheri Peperonata

This weekend was literally hell; it was so hot I didn’t feel like doing anything. Typical the weekend you have lots to do is the weekend you feel like doing nothing at all. 277 more words


Roasted Peperonata

I couldn’t resist these bright little beauties in the supermarket and thought they’d make perfect chilled roasted peppers for salads. You don’t think they look much once they’re out of the oven, but sliced and stored away in the fridge, they last longer than you think and are so versatile for sandwiches and pizzas too. 356 more words


Chicken and rice peperonata

While the cold days of autumn creeping in, this is a delicious hearty meal. I am sure there are many in the community looking for ways to use up those summer vegetables, especially tomatoes! 136 more words


Peperonata - Bell Peppers in Love!

There is no summer time without Peperonata: it is one of those dishes that, even if the peppers can be heavy on the stomach, an italian will never say no to it! 234 more words

Side Dish

Pasta Peperonata

It’s freezing up here in Cumbria at the moment. Tonight’s tea needed to be simple, warming and tasty, so Peperonata was the obvious choice as there was a bag of sweet peppers in the fridge to use up, and an inventory of the cupboards had unearthed a hoard of pasta. 375 more words


La peperonata del compromesso

Forse si diventa grandi quando s’impara a chiudere dolcemente le porte, quando si scende ai primi compromessi, quando impari che “tutto e subito” è solo per i capricciosi. 446 more words


Stewed Sweet Peppers

This Italian classic is the sweeter cousin of the more spicy Piperade and works incredibly well with all varieties of bread or pasta for lunch or a light dinner. 229 more words