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Trying New Things: 2 New Foods and 1 New Gym

Usually these posts are about new food items that I’ve tried, but I’m branching out. In addition to writing about two new-to-me foods (which I’ll get to soon), I’m first going to write about a new gym that I tried: … 900 more words

Quick & easy overnight oats (made with almond milk) with brown sugar, diced Granny Smith apples & topped with sunflower seed, pepitas & sultanas.

Remember my leftover caramelised Granny Smith apple filling from my caramelised Granny Smith apple pie (see previous post)? Here is what I used the leftover filling for… 70 more words

Kid Friendly

#28: Mexican-Spiced Barramundi

Hi! A dish from this past week, I made this barramundi with… a lot of trouble. I generally use nonstick pans, but one of the ones I use a lot has lost its nonstick qualities over the years. 225 more words

Mixed Citrus and Beet Salad (Ensalada Navidad)

I love citrus season so much.  We scarf down big bags of grapefruits, Cara Cara and Heirloom Navel oranges (yay Trader Joes!) and I definitely break into my happy dance right in the produce aisle (can’t stop won’t stop!) when I spy the first Meyer Lemons of the season.  651 more words


It's Crunch Time

Andy and I are getting ready for a long-anticipated trip to Oaxaca, so for me it’s crunch time.  Actually, I’m thinking about nuts again (crunch) and seeds and New Mexico, more than I am about the lengthy instructions I need to write for our cat/dog/house sitter on dealing with our disfunctional animals while we’re on our Mexican holiday.  975 more words

Let's Skip The Meat

Chard and Collard Greens

These are what I call the hearty greens. Their leaves are usually strong and flexible, making them great substitutes for wraps! They can also withstand long simmering times without disintegrating, making them my preferred greens for adding to soups, stews, and stir fries. 368 more words


Christmas Candy Making

Well, I’ve gone and done it again; I’ve made a new tradition or two.  This year I really wanted to try a bunch of new recipes and make them my own, and so far two of them are really big hits!  245 more words