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6 times Daddy Pig ruined everything in Peppa Pig season 2

Peppa Pig has gained a reputation for being sassy, and it’s usually long-suffering Daddy Pig who bears the brunt (or should that be grunt, hoho?) of Peppa’s tongue lashings. 550 more words


7 times Peppa Pig was savage AF in season 2

Who would have thought that a cartoon about the everyday life of a preschool pig would cause so much controversy? Apparently the show causes bad behaviour in children… 634 more words



My son has a red lump on his left arm. It rose a bit at the site of a flu vaccine he received yesterday, when we visited the pediatrician for a benign ailment which has now disappeared. 789 more words

War... what is it good for?

Recently my son told me that when there are bad guys shooting up somebody’s castle then the good guys will come to shoot them, because they have to. 565 more words


Five Christmas Crackers from the Pension PlayPen!

Merry Christmas readers. I bring you news!

Nightmare. I was dreading this happening.

Happy Christmas, everyone. pic.twitter.com/M2nqF6Epca

— Al Rush (@RAF_IFA) December 24, 2017

Plan B…

837 more words

Peppa's Christmas Wish (Peppa Pig)

My granddaughters love Peppa Pig! This would make a great gift for your children and grandchildren! This book even includes stickers! Oh my gosh my grandchildren love stickers! 72 more words


Book advent is going well

Tuesday the traffic on the way to work was bad. We got caught in it. My lift to work thought it was appropriate to use a mobile in the car to make a call – it’s not, it’s illegal and quite unsafe. 569 more words