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How culturally sensitive are you?

Within a group we are bound together by a common purpose. This is important and helps us deal with local conflicts: we respect the perspective and point of view of our fellow members. 267 more words

Interracial Relationships on TV May Help Promote Diversity

The Trump administration has brought a lot of attention to issues of race in America. The president spoke out against NFL protests that are meant to speak out against violence against people of color, and he was seen as reluctant to… 412 more words


Casa Rosada, Catedral, y Museo Cultural














Smell The Roses and Increase Your Productivity

The “Life Comes At You Fast” ad campaign was one of my favorites of all time. Nowadays, our lives are constantly bombarded by what seems to be a million messages each second. 339 more words

For The Girls


“[T]he task of the first half of life is to create a proper container for one’s life and answer the first essential questions: ‘What makes me significant?’ ‘How can I support myself?’ and ‘Who will go with me?’ The task of the second half of life is, quite simply, to find the actual…

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Week 1

So it has been a week since I’ve been in Buenos Aires. The first day it still hadn’t hit me what was happening, but then the first night I went to my homestay and I was in a total new area, it hit me and I’ll be honest I was internally freaking out. 229 more words

Ride Report - Santa Monica Mountains. PCH > Encinal > Stunt

50.3 miles, 4:05 moving time, 5,614 ft elevation, 30 Strava trophies.

On a Hot summer day, we rode out to Malibu Bluff Park, across the street from Pepperdine University and went climbing in the Santa Monica Mountains. 364 more words