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Pizza Bar

Who doesn’t like pizza?  With a family of 5 I have found it is so hard to please everyone.  So, we came up with the fun idea to do a Pizza Bar whenever we want a quick easy meal.  358 more words

Self Awareness

After that monstrosity and travesty from last week, I headed next door to Dupont Pizza. And when I mean next door, literally.  This is a massive step up, with the understanding that this is a late night destination. 440 more words


Austin's Pizza - Pepperoni

Quick note – I think the pizza looks a little uncooked and unappetizing in this picture.  It didn’t look that way in person.  The picture just came out bad.   199 more words


Pizza is my spirit animal.

Anybody who knows me would know my love for pizza is very strong and they also would know my favorite pizza place is Pizza Inn. In some states Pizza Inn is everywhere but around here there’s only one and it’s in a very small town call Ardmore. 127 more words


Love at First Bite

The modern pizza that was invented by the baker Raffaele Esposito of Naples ( a city in South Italy) is probably the most popular food in the modern world. 664 more words


Pizza Union

My friends always like to make fun of me for being an old man stuck in a young boy’s body.  They bemoan my fussiness.  I prefer to refer to it as being discerning. 37 more words


Ultimate Special Overload Pizza by Greenwich

Who wouldn’t want some pizza? I, for one, am a pizza lover. I’m not saying that I would eat any kind of pizza (sorry anchovies fans, its really not my thing), but when it comes to those which I love, I can assure you that I would be eating a lot! 336 more words