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Can You Say Delightful!

Listen there is a pizza joint called Mod Pizza. I live in Washington state so the closest one to me is by the Tacoma Mall. This pizza is heavenly! 32 more words


Pizza! From the Garden!

Most of the produce on this pizza came from the garden and it makes me happy.  The zucchini, onions, tomato sauce, tomatoes, and basil were all from my garden. 49 more words


Vegetable pasta

5__________green mini Pepperoni
6__________Cocktail tomatoes
a hand full___Green beans
___________Black olive paste

Cook pasta in salt water.

Peel and cut carrot in thin slices and wash beans, remove ends and cut in 3 cm big pieces. 88 more words


Pepperoni Pizza Pasta

I told you about my awful tendency to try new recipes when I am serving guests, right? Well it is a horrible habit, because you should always try out a food before giving it to other people. 396 more words


100% Whole Wheat Pepperoni Pizza

The boys wanted a pizza for supper so I made a very simple Pepperoni Pizza with 100% Whole Wheat crust. My husband and son both loved it. 260 more words


Pizza Stuffed Chicken

Will there ever be a day when I do not crave pizza? I’m doubtful lol and until that day, I will have to remain creative in inventing dishes that give me that pizza flavour without those pizza carbs! 85 more words


Pepperoni Pasta Salad

This is a very easy, very quick salad to have on hand. Pepperoni Pasta Salad is a recipe that I made up one summer when we were going out of town and our son was staying home alone. 351 more words

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