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I miss Pepperoni.

I miss Pepperoni. He was so cute. Here he is getting a bath (he had fleas).

It’s Wednesday night, and the week is going by slowly. 339 more words

Pepperoni and Spinach Stromboli

When you have leftover pizza dough you have three options: make another pizza, make a Calzone, or make a Stromboli. How do you decided what to make? 164 more words

Keto Pizza!

One of the things that I hated giving up most with other meal plans that I have tried in the past was pizza. It has always been one of my favorite comfort foods, but so many people see it as a “Bad” food. 428 more words


Domino's Pizza Tonight

No regular Dinner post tonight, family problems. Kitchen closed Domino to the rescue. Hopefully tomorrow will be better! Take care all!