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Pepperpot Beef with Kidney Beans

I got a book by Sophie Wright for Christmas this year and this was the first recipe I saw in it. It took me a while to come around to make it :) but it was on my mind ever since. 437 more words

Budget Friendly

The Grave Digger's Wife

His boots were just sitting there by the door, just where he had left them. For 40 years he had left them there every afternoon after work, he would come in and stretch dramatically calling, “Where is she? 688 more words


Christmas Day!

Christmas Day was much closer to what I was used to in Hershey, PA than Christmas Eve was, though still different. We headed to church at 6:00am because that’s when they have church Christmas Day here. 536 more words


The Annual Silverdale Gathering 2014

Every year, in early autumn,Mark and his family take the very foolish decision to invite us and our kids to overrun his house, make a mess and eat all their food. 732 more words


God-talk that smells…..

“Never underestimate the power of smell!” I never gave the comment much thought until a few of my students and colleagues started to respond to the smell of my aftershave. 707 more words


TheScribe83: Take Your Place Among Friends

This week’s featured streamer is a member of a team of Twitch Streamers, The Pact, TheScribe83 aka. David. A former heavy metal vocalist and now stay-at-home father, he’s a full-time streamer with 2 broadcasts everyday – starting as early as 7:30am EST and a second broadcast around 8pm EST. 143 more words


Book of the month: Pepperpot

I wrote in my last post about the nervous wait to hear whether or not my forthcoming book will be published in the US. What I didn’t say was that of course I was incredibly fortunate to be in a position to have my work considered by publishers in the first place: for writers in many parts of the world just getting your work onto an editor’s desk can be a struggle because there simply aren’t the publishing networks in place to foster, promote and sell much new material. 890 more words