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Anniversary Weekend with a Heritage Twist

One of the ironies specific to myself is growing up in the Philippines, I hadn’t explored our other Asian neighbours all that much.  I have not been to Bali or Bangkok for example, which when I say it aloud even shocks me.  247 more words


Taking It To The Streets: Nasi Ulam Pak Misjaya (The Foodie Magazine, Jul 2015)

Fifty years in the business and keeps on going strong, Pak Misjaya was more than welcome to share The Foodie Magazine about how his nasi ulam captivates the hearts of many with originality and honesty. 1,052 more words


the square, clarke quay

that first photo already screams buffet, does it not? and this is the hotel buffet of the novotel at clarke quay, a small one located up on level 17. 446 more words


Singapore, the Glass City

Midin Rahman, a Malay, was proud of the position he had achieved in Singapore’s expanding, thriving industrial landscape.

In the city-state dominated by the Chinese who made up 74% of the population, he was a member of the Malay minority of 18.9%. 2,512 more words


What is Peranakan?

Peranakan refers to a group of people that live in Singapore and on the Malaysian Peninsula who have Chinese ancestry. The group is also sometimes referred to as Straits Chinese because of the proximity to the Straits of Malacca. 617 more words

tugu hotel malang : magical little asia

Bila kau memang alien, seharusnya kau bisa menemaniku berkelana mengelilingi dunia. Kita dapat menemukan takdir-takdir yang orang lain enggan jelajahi.
– Dewi Kharisma Michelia : Surat Panjang Tentang Jarak Kita Yang Jutaan Tahun Cahaya…

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Singapore's first ever book on Peranakan Tiles is here!

Some of you know that following my PASSAGE article on the Peranakan tiles of Singapore,  I’ve collaborated with Victor Lim, Singapore’s leading tile collector, to bring out the first ever book on this topic. 321 more words