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Quikskoop™: Ya Kun Kaya Toast - Singapore

Ya Kun Kaya Toast is everywhere in Singapore. As one of the oldest, they have even expanding themselves in other Asian countries, including Indonesia as well. 410 more words


Burung Elang Itu, Kembali…

Mungkin karena pengaruh usia yang bertambah dan banyaknya waktu untuk diri sendiri, maka saya jadi sering teringat pengalaman masa lalu.

Sebagai kanak-kanak, masa lalu yang penuh keterbatasan – jika dibandingkan dengan anak masa sekarang yang sepertinya punya segalanya- saya lebih menyukai masa kecilku. 538 more words


Melaka town

One of the much-raved about cities in Malaysia, the UNESCO Heritage Site, Melaka or Malacca.

I was there for in Melaka for a couple of days last week (early Nov 2015-just in case I forgot when was last week) for a working trip with colleagues and students. 308 more words


Blue Ginger

Blue Ginger is a Peranakan restaurant. What is a Peranakan you ask?

Peranakan Chinese and Baba-Nyonya are the descendants of Chinese immigrants who came to the Malay archipelago and British Malaya (now Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore) between the 15th and 17th centuries.[4] 231 more words


Nyonya Cuisine @ Taiping Lang, Puchong Jaya

The Straits Chinese are a unique group of immigrant Chinese who came to Malaya and Singapore in the 1800s, adopting the local Malay customs and cultures by intermarriage.  343 more words


The Long And Short Of It

Kebaya Peranakan – high fashion of the Nonyas of old.

The upper half was usually a translucent – I would say nearly transparent – long sleeve blouse, with intricate embroided patterns on the front.   105 more words


Pretty Beads For Dainty Feet

Complementing the Kebaya Peranakan were of course the Kasut Manek, or Beaded Shoes.  These were mid-to-high heelers,  covered on the front top with tiny colored beads – painstakingly and lovingly stitched into place by hand – arrayed in a variety of exquisite patterns. 74 more words