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Kampung Vege, Melaka - 5

Kampung Vege is a very nice place to spend time. The restaurant has traditional ‘wau’ kites on the walls, bamboo weave panels, a pretty picture of kampung life, and a dividing wall between inside and out which is reminiscent of a porch of a traditional house here. 315 more words


Little Nyonya, Melaka - 5

Little Nyonya tea room has traditionally served tea in a spectacular setting, but since Christmas 2014 it has sold vegetarian food as well. These are mainly vegetarian versions of local dishes, from the nyonya (peranakan) style which blends Malay and Chinese cooking (and genes!). 174 more words


Keong Saik, Singapore

Keong Saik area in Singapore, with its chic and nostalgic peranakan deco. ♥

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Tingkat PeraMakan – Affordable Peranakan Food With Full Sets From $10, At Owen Road

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There are more modern Peranakan style restaurants opening in Singapore. Perhaps many are attempting to bridge the gap between the heritage cuisisne with younger diners which may not be that familiar with Nyonya food. 465 more words


Hi Leskmi Nasi Lemak 榮興椰漿飯

Singapore has its fair amount of great Nasi Lemak, and Hi Leskmi definitely deserves to be among the best. Exactly why they have such strange name (which doesn’t synchronise with their Mandarin name anyway) is pretty puzzling, but hidden inside a residential area in Whampoa, Hi Leskmi is actually well known among food hunters in Singapore. 197 more words


The Chinese Connection

Chapter 5, Part 2

Known as the “Middle Kingdom” in Mandarin, China has always projected its image as the center of the world even long before the modern People’s Republic of China was formed. 1,033 more words


Food Review: Peranakan Inn at Katong | House of Peranakan, or House of Scam?

The Place Before you start reading further, here’s the main take-away from this review – Peranakan Inn is my worst ever dining experience in Singapore. It’s not just that the food here was average at best, but the service was by a huge margin, the worst I have encountered. 778 more words