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A Bibliomantic Tale III... Stuart France


The Great Orme: summit.


Tee minus One-Zero hours and counting…

“Pages Four-Four and Four-Five.”

“It’ll have to be Nine.”


No 9 (Light) 175 more words


Seeing What is There - Self Soothing

behind the mundane
glimpse of blue
soothes a weary spirit


Perception Review! (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Today I review Perception, a first-person, narratively driven horror game developed by The Deep End Games. You play as Cassie, a blind woman who investigates an abandoned mansion, only to find more than she bargained for. 8 more words


A shoutout to Robert a great blogger. I wish you success with your upcoming book! 🎆Sara

…Red, like your favorite sky, the in-between, the misplaced one.

25 more words
Creative Writing


The moment you truly see fragmentary thought / impulse for what it is, it is no longer an active part of your mind. This is not a gradual process, but an instantenuous and fundamental shift – a flash! 82 more words



Weird how cultural perceptions change over time. When I was a kid, axolotls were really freaky looking, almost science fiction, even scary, like aliens. As bizarre looking a creature as you could find in earth. 216 more words


What Is The Meaning? #231

Eventually we all become light, for “Out of darkness we were born.” It doesn’t matter if you are afraid or beyond terrified, words will come to you so you can explain yourself. 97 more words