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The mind knows truth as the person on a far hill knows light from the city,

as the soldier recognizes the sound of cannon fire from across the hills. 17 more words


Midnight islands of thought where a screaming soul chases back the dark while furious flashbacks stitch rage against such brooding recollections. The aspect of a cold breeze shivering through the trees of glass resonating notes of clarity and clearness within the moonlight as apparitions of granite flicker blackly.

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Arms linked pull away
Wrenching in different directions
Fingers inter locked
Like links in a chain
They are slowly but forcefully
Pulled apart
Lingering momentarily… 239 more words


Parapsychology: can someone tell when someone is watching them?

According to parapsychologists, a commonly reported form of distant mental influence on human beings is “the feeling of being stared at,” which is closely related, historically, to the notion of the “evil eye.” Considerable folklore endorses the idea that gazing at someone carries special powers, favors, or influence. 336 more words

Quiz and Fishbowl Discussion Day

Today started with the long-awaited quiz. I opted to have the students answer a 5-question short answer quiz to reflect what they had learned from reading either To Kill a Mockingbird or Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. 325 more words


Tinkering with Perception

The idea of tinkering with perception is nothing new. Rather, it is a favorite tool of advertising moguls and those who wish to employ our inclinations to make decisions based upon emotions rather than facts. 563 more words