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The Dark Side of Positive Psychology

I have been a wellness coach for almost exactly 10 years. And along the way, I have gotten thoroughly immersed in positive psychology.  Which, if you didn’t know, is a fairly new field of study typically said to be pioneered by Dr. 611 more words


When You Walk Into a Room

Walking into a room full of people, especially strangers, feels like the following. First, you’re trying not to notice the people who suddenly stopped their conversation right at the moment you walk by because they just noticed your limp. 418 more words



One woman’s trinket is another woman’s gold.
Objectivity is just as callous
As a stubborn conscience.
The greasy face of subjectivity
Reasons to your senses; the waterworks, 284 more words


The nature of reality

Reality is mental. It’s what you imagine it to be, whatever you imagine it to be, and why wouldn’t it? Why wouldn’t our reality be to our dictation? 249 more words


Touching the Asunder

Begrudge me not
oh lord of light
my waking up in cold
and black wonder.

We of the round eye and arched
hand and straight flat shin… 157 more words


Life Drawing - a fascination though the centuries.

For thousands of years humans have sought to depict that which is most personal to them and any other human – the body.  Whether it be lithe and supple or curvaceous and full. 360 more words

merging with plant consciousness

Have I not just told you that Intelligence moves through all physical forms? Whereas form is separate in its physical identity, Intelligence is One. We (plants) welcome an attitude of respect and admiration. 869 more words

Warriors Of Freedom