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Filtering the World

An art teacher once said each attempt to create an experience on canvas or paper, “is imagination reaching outward to filter the world.” This is true even if one is not seeking to ‘imagine’ anything but only ‘copying’ the entrance to the building around the corner and filtering out everything else. 287 more words


Is President Obama black?

This is a very intriguing topic. Many say Obama is black; others say the man is mixed.

What defines being black? What defines being mixed? What defines being white? 190 more words


Daily Quip

It seems as if Society now worships at the alter of greed.


Is Space A Concentric Matrix?

# Is space a concentric matrix and is this possible space has its own image that never be curve or flat?

# Space yet has no boundaries as there is no possibility to determine the space as there are lots of critics behind it. 103 more words

Is Space A Condense Particle?

# We know space is not attainable and hence is not to determine its reality.

# Our perception falls down when “Dark Space” creates uncertainty between objects and space itself. 83 more words

Sentient Creatures

Sentient Creatures

Human beings are sentient creatures. Many of us are very proud of our mind, intellect, but in truth our basic matter is a desire and we perceive the world through emotional impressions. 2,642 more words

Similarity Of Form

Always times Two

always disappointed because of expectations. always better not to have them!

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