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Do Frugal Minds Make Better Minds?

Andy Clark
University of Edinburgh


Might the frugal (but pro-active) use of neural resources be one of the essential keys to understanding how brains make sense of the world? 1,750 more words



I don’t believe in family.  Your family is supposed to love you the most because you’re related to them, but must families just love each other because they have to, because you are blood related or something like that.   336 more words

Creatures living in the corners of my eyes

I think they are always there; I think I only see them sometimes. I think there is a combination of circumstances that allow me to perceive them, but I don’t know what the circumstances are or if I can replicate them at will. 285 more words


Country Music and Why You’re Not Too Cool for It

I’m always pretty fascinated by other people’s perception of me of my perception of other people. I like to believe my intuition is spot on and I can figure someone out within moments of meeting them, instantly understanding in full capacity every thought, feeling, emotion and opinion they’ve ever experienced and why, based on those thoughts, feelings, emotions and opinions, I should or should not make the effort to get to know them better. 1,146 more words

Perception~by Nicholas Thompson


Unknown drapes consume;
Closed groups presume.
You will assume;
You know not of life.

Deadly apocalyptic consumes;
Scientists left to presume.
They all just assume; 63 more words


Mind as Portal

Topic: What does your mind look like?

A better question might be: What do my eyes see? What do my ears hear? What do my nostrils smell? 161 more words


Trending? Or Mental Imprisonment?

Social norms define trends, what they are and how extreme they are. The ability call a trend ‘a trend’ extends into how society functions as a group led by an idea. 624 more words