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It has been a while since my last blog post, however I have been out in the world soaking up what it has to offer. There are so many things that the world has to offer and it is different for each and every person. 319 more words

Time flies when watching a movie

Films manipulate our sense of time insofar as a whole lifetime might transpire before our very eyes, but in “real” time only two hours have passed. 36 more words

Daily Quip

Words are an insight to the soul.


How Cartoons Shaped Me

Ok guys, Z here. So this is a weird post but I felt the need to share my thoughts. As I sat and ate dinner with Kris this evening I convinced him to watch one of my favorite childhood movies: Chicken Run. 190 more words


As you Sow, so shall you Reap.

It’s an old self-explanatory proverb from the bible. Literally, it means that whatever you will sow, you will reap. If you sow an apple seed, it will grow into apple bearing tree. 471 more words

Never knew, my best friend, "Vaibhav Purswani" will turn out to be a human like this.

Damn! It is early morning, the clock is ticking to 7 am. Yes! I am bit tired, I haven’t slept the whole night and I hold no regrets 691 more words

Delivering the Way

“In the Samadhi of Void, only the effort which is directed towards objectivity disappears. It is only a fool who on the disappearance of the effort thinks, ‘I have ceased to be.’ 313 more words

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