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Everything we do, everything we think, any “knowledge” we lay claim to is all entirely dependent on our own perception, our own perspectives.

The fact that I think most people would judge me as “neurotic” and “unstable” is deeply rooted in my interpretation of what the “general population” considers “normal” in the same way that someone else’s opinion of me as “crazy,” “intelligent,” “attractive,” “naive,” “stupid,” and so on is deep rooted in their interpretation of what those words mean. 252 more words

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Club Myopia

“Club Tropicana”

Let me take you to the place
Where membership’s a smiling face,
Brush shoulders with the stars.
Where strangers take you by the hand, 448 more words


Nonvisual Visualizations

This is another post that part of me feels shouldn’t need to be said, and yet experience tells me it does.

There is a thread of commonality between what I see in visualization and perception. 1,147 more words


Mind Over Mushroom Challenge, Day 1: A Toxic Start

I structured this challenge so that I could start with what I think is easy and end with the shroomage that truly disturbs me, thereby building up my tolerance and ability to deal. 789 more words


Keeping your selfesteem in tact - things to remember.

As I said I would,  I’ve been laying out the ground work for my vlogs, which I will begin posting this December 2015.

I didn’t anticipate it, but getting in front of my camera and talking about my opinions actually shook my nerves. 454 more words


Are Karma and Sin Inventions?

Some inventions bring pleasure and “fun”, others do not at first appear to. A rational hedonist might think that Karma and Sin are notions even inventions made up by some kill-joy priests to stop people doing whatever they want, when they want to. 472 more words


The Universe Can Work In Strange Ways

When I was young, early twenties, I was pushy, cocky, arrogant and basically full of myself. This is normal at that age for a man and not a bad thing. 347 more words