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Dragon Flu | For A Global Power, It Is Necessary To Speak

The inability of the world’s second-biggest economy, its representatives and its leaders to communicate and interact with the world is plain bad news for everybody. If you are not able to tell your story, people tend to make up their own tales. 21 more words


Solarum answers about spouse's negativity

Do you ever feel that someone else’s negativity is holding you back?

“We will say to you that you would not be perceiving this in such a FEELING way if you did not have this vibration alive within you.” … 57 more words


A picture post with categories

At the Princeton Baby Lab we study the development of the tiny tigers in the surrounding community


In Stories

My brother has a joke about how I always have a story. When I get in the car after school, after a few minutes, he will always ask me “So what’s your story today?” because he knows I will have one even if I don’t directly say it at first. 92 more words

"real World"

In the beginning..

Take the watch off your wrist.  For a week, a month, or a year.

Play with your sense of time and your perception of it. 79 more words


The Billionaire and the Poor Man

Ask yourself who is the wealthier person:  the billionaire who sees themself as insufficient and lacking something… or the penniless man who appreciates his life and movement and has opened to see himself as rich beyond measure?