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Soccer Kit: Tights

The wearing of tights when playing soccer remains a minority practice in Britain but in other countries it is common.  This must be because of cold temperatures with Russia a location where winter soccer makes tights a must.

Cultural Differences

Life Sucks

“Ugh, life sucks”

“Well there’s probably a meteor that’s burning right now and thankfully it’s not that huge so the probability of you being dead is now lower than expected and there are military soldiers guarding the country so you can complain in peace and harmony also I’m sorry that you’re bored while the secret police service are quietly tackling another terror attack. 122 more words

1000 Things Went Right Today

“A thousand things went right today.”

~ Ilan Shamir, Storyteller & Artist

Even slight shifts in wording and perception can make a huge difference. 589 more words

Muse-Worthy Quotations


CRISIS in Haiku Fashion

Crisis is a state
of confusion because of
failing assumptions

Reliance gives Man
feeling of safety without
understanding why… 98 more words

What I learned while visiting with family

A few years ago, when I was in high school, a teacher told me I was a big flirt. He said this because he watched me allow boys to put their hands on my knee, for one, and didn’t think I was the type of girl who needed this type of validation. 521 more words


Perception: a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.

Every day we use perception; but are we really seeing things as we should or as they are?.. 750 more words


season of quiet

I’ve lived too long in a season-less land: the leaves don’t drop, no flakes of snow fall, new growth doesn’t fight through cold, hard ground. 415 more words