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I am Responsible

Boy that’s the truth. I am, I can be responsible for the words that come out of my mouth, and for the things that I do. 435 more words

Emotional Recovery


Are the outward projections which are the results of your thoughts, really your own? If so, how are you so certain? When you look at the world in which you live, most of what you think exist or to be true, really isn’t.  242 more words


Now i am Me!

“Time is the Stuff, Life is made off .”

(Benjamin Franklin)

Changes are good in life and make our living wiser than any other thing. But sometimes we wish for such impossible things and our destiny set such directions for us, which are not actually according to our wills but suitable for us.

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Life Events

Two forces, two symbols

Everywhere you look you can see the effects of the interplay between the universe’s two forces.

When I looked up at the ceiling of the Chapel of Saint Blaise in Toledo I was entranced by the colour, the gold and the eight pointed stars. 102 more words


I’m not trying to hit you (a conversation with handcuffs)


This is what he told me when we were sitting in one of the office chairs by way of an explanation of how he came to be in one of the office chairs in the office I had been borrowed to sit in with him who I had no relative idea of why I was watching over or why he too was sitting one of the office chairs fortunately no one was bleeding unfortunately I wanted to be somewhere else and had it not been for the incident of the two people in the hallway and a 36” set of headphone wires I would have been on my way to return from the airport via the gym and into my specific sense of a personal envelope of purposeful balanced  existence instead I was sitting in an office chair and in forced companionship with the bored curiosity that opens genius to view I listened to him tell me he had been in a history classroom when he was told to leave and then another person deliberately stood in his way blocking the hall and he said… 492 more words

Poem: Verisimilitude 

What are the definitions of ignorance and apathy?

I don’t know and I don’t care.


The sun rises in the east,

Man has eternal dominion over beast, 185 more words


The Theatre of the Void

Yves Klein, Tate Liverpool, until 5th March 2017, £11 (includes entrance to Edward Krasinski) 798 more words