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Asian Fetish Cure

Sure, I look like a sweet
submissive little Asian hottie
whose only desires are
to honor your every wish,
serve your every need,
and be your knee-high-socks… 74 more words


Face of a lizard?

That’s sort of what the

interior of this flower

reminded me of.


Stay in your lane

Okay so Im sure everyone has had an experience where they were going through a process and someone came along not trying to genuinely help but just be nosey, or have heard/been a part of talking behind someones back (gossiping essentially), which I never really understood. 228 more words

Specialist Studio Practice 3 - Selecting down - Final images & Best Practice images

2nd May 2016

Talking about versions of real, each image and why – my perception is a unique thing

How you’ll carry on this project once Uni is finished because it’s your passion… 9 more words


#HomelessCharity blocks money donated by the public to homeless hero

Remember the story a couple of months ago about a homeless man – Mark Collins – who helped a desperate young woman when she was stranded in Euston over­night after missing the last trai… 106 more words

Social Commentary

No artist

No artist tolerates reality.

~ Friedrich Nietzsche