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Shady Quip

I have no problem with someone else being in charge, as long as they do what I want.


What Is The Meaning? #284

You did froze the thunder in the sky once before. You were in many places at once. You welcomed peace and war in the same matter. 69 more words

Daily Quip

Being unable to walk doesn’t make you a cripple, a bad attitude does that every time.




When people say they are afraid of death they are lying,  not to whom they are speaking, but to themselves. They mean to say they are afraid of not living. 191 more words


What Personal Branding Is Not and What It Should Be!

Caryn Foster Durham speculates on the true meaning of branding yourself  and what it is not and what it should be. She speaks about the perception you and others have of yourself and how to establish yourself the correct way. 435 more words


The most common question among those who travel around dancing is “How was the festival?” Especially if you wanted to be there, to make sure you didn’t loose anything or just to keep in mind feedbacks for the next year, if it’s worth going. 621 more words