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Blackberry Brew

Your thoughts, my thoughts, his thoughts.
It’s all relative!

If you were me, then sit right down and express yourself here.
And though I know it’s rhetorical because… 278 more words


The Hulk and Thor are in My Head?

So, a week later and I have to say, Positive Affirmations are actually quite amazing. My mood is lighter, and when I do feel something overwhelming, I am able to bounce back within minutes. 1,119 more words



It wasn’t flat-out run-for-your-life screaming. It came in short bursts and long pauses. Another scream escaped the bedroom, where I could see her standing on the queen bed. 720 more words


tire trouble

Slogging through afternoon traffic, I saw a pickup truck with a shredded tire pulled over on the right shoulder. The sight brought back memories of my own tire-changing experience on the side of a freeway. 371 more words

Does What You Do Each Day Align with Your Values?

Time Talk Tip #4: Now that you took note about what you do during your day and how you spend your time (refer to Time Talk Tip #3, hint: look for the last picture of a clock), next write down the Top 5 things you care about. 54 more words

What Is The Meaning? #222

The cold was and is the only catalyst for me. The forest breathes deep within me. My head is full of storms, but I do enjoy the endless rain, it suits me well. 96 more words

2017 05 24: Journal Post Page 7

And yet another Wednesday comes screaming around the bend. Good morning everyone, and welcome back to my page a day journal blitz.

Hopes can build, and dreams can dash away at a moments notice. 1,073 more words