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Stay together, friends. Our happiness depends on remembering that we face the same difficulties as one. We have become numb to the idea of togetherness, because, historically, we have misused it as a way to control each other, a practice that has only ever led to greater division. 201 more words

Life’s Randomness

Where am I going with this random post? I don’t know. Life and all that jazz, I suppose? It’s not really a journal entry, in my opinion, so hence the unusual title. 1,098 more words


What can I say?

There are days that go down in history as wasted time..have you ever had one of those days? nah me either…

All time is precious and how it benefits us is dependent on how we perceive it. 69 more words

On Cognitive Credit Lines

(Epistemic Status: Speculative, leaning towards endorsed – it’s a model more than something actionable)

When you take out a credit line, you provide yourself with a lot of liquid capital.  1,098 more words

Perceptions and Self-Worth

Well, after a weekend filled with a series of social engagements I feel like my brain is exhausted.  I’m what some might call an “extroverted-introvert”.  I’ve spoken about co-existing with my anxiety, and the reality is, as much as I love connecting with others, they need to be the right people to really nourish my soul.  592 more words

Guide to life - look ahead, look around, look back

Walking along the perimeter to a part of the Edinburgh’s Holyrood Park, some wonderful views of the city, the North Sea, and the hillside itself came into focus. 431 more words

Another Side of Laziness

My relationship with laziness was a bit complicated. I know that I must not be lazy, yet I say to myself that it’s okay to be a little lazy. 184 more words