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Just Be Happy

I think I’ve put a little too much value in focusing on the little things to the point where the bigger picture has completely escaped me. 226 more words


love or fluff?

When someone declares with grandiose largesse they “love” you after having only just met you, do you believe them literally, does it make you feel good, or do you cringe? 2,447 more words


Words Are Windows. Come, peek in...you are welcome here!

Welcome! Being a poet, I thought I would share these three select poems with you today. My poetry is my life blood. It pulses as I do, rhythmic, penetrating, deep and resounding. 1,147 more words

Trauma Recovery Healing

Do I Jibber

The lady upfront,
with the smiley scars,
she talks about
and their ties
to mental illness.
She looks at
the privileged group… 150 more words


A subtle ascension

But that’s home,

and jasmines lose their fragrance overnight.

The Holy Spirit, should never be compared

To the spirit unfulfilled, gravely disturbed.

Maybe an amputee can tell the pain of pruning, branched trees… 116 more words


Blacks are violent, demented,  lazy, antisocial, and oversexualized drug addicts.  Is that the perception?  How much perception does it take to equal reality?  We are all afraid of something.   142 more words


Scott Walker is a pastier Donald Trump: The Wisconsin governor’s ethno-nationalism is just as egregious - ELIAS ISQUITH SATURDAY, AUG 1, 2015 05:00 AM PDT

A conservative pundit blames Trump for racism in the GOP. But is governor union-buster also “the Donald’s” fault?

A few days ago, the Daily Beast  232 more words