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The Useful Envy

Envy As A Positive Attribute

Envy is supposed to be one of our most negative qualities, it is listed as one of the seven deadly sins. 737 more words


Revelation Of The Creator

The Creator’s Force-Field

The “Creator” we can, we are supposed to reveal in this world is very different from the usual religious or mystical description. The “Creator” we are able to reveal in a tangible manner in this world is a natural force. 684 more words


Your Help is a Hindrance

Have you ever been on a project where it feels as though someone is unwittingly playing defense against a successful outcome.  Either they are doing things that actively run counter to the group or are doing things poorly that require others to pick up their slack.   551 more words


Chronic illness -my story

Hi everyone,

I wanted my first post to be a little bit about me and start with explaining my conditions and what they mean for me in day to day life. 397 more words



Contrary to what some people think, I don’t have my shit together. Actually, I don’t think I ever will. Often times I am a riddle embraced by silliness. 390 more words


Daily Quip

Understanding that knowledge is the real power.


By the arrows of Cupid

Inherently Selfish

Most people in the world would agree today, that the root of all the increasing problems is our inherently selfish, egoistic nature that is only capable of making calculations for itself, succeeding at the expense of others. 1,364 more words