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Perfect Life

As I look back, I see the glimpses of me, thinking that everything that made me what I am today is because of those moments, those incidents and everything in between. 390 more words


Why Students are under Too Much Pressure

I get it. The words ‘student’ and ‘pressure’ aren’t often seen as things that go together. A lot of people see the student life as one filled with parties, drinking, and sex. 1,011 more words


Fit into the image

Life is not a bed of roses. It is uncomfortable, itchy and sensitized. However, we tend to think our lives are or will be more glamorous than they are now. 686 more words


Teen Opinion The perfect li(f)e

We sit in our homes, our charming little castles and look down onto the problems of our community. Most of the time, we choose to look away and ignore the victims on the ground. 99 more words

Growing Like a Weed

“What does your perfect life look like?”

All answers shine brightly in their own way. However, surprise grips me when people respond, “I don’t know.” How can growth occur if people lack awareness of their current direction? 488 more words

Blog Posts

Why my life is not as perfect as Instagram makes it look like

This post will only be available in English, but I am sure that my German readers will understand it perfectly :)

First of all – yes my life looks pretty cool on Instagram but it is not always perfect. 602 more words

Don't Wear This At Home