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No Admissions for Perfections

Yes, bitch, we are not perfect, admit it. YOU decide to live with it or work for improving.

But one thing you should remember, it takes a long way to change yourself, and in fact, there are some personality nuances that can not be changed at all. 281 more words


Everyone Thinks My Life Is Perfect And That Couldn't Be Further From The Truth

I recently had a lifelong friend tell me something I can’t shake. You ever have one of those conversations that lingers for days and weeks after they happen? 1,498 more words

I hope some day you'll see

The pain you’ve caused my mom.. The way you tore us apart.

The hell you put us through. The pain my brother had to endure at the age of three while he comforted his mom..your wife. 545 more words

Fully Man

John 2:24-25
24 But Jesus, on His part, was not entrusting Himself to them, for He knew all men, 25 and because He did not need anyone to testify concerning man, for He Himself knew what was in man.
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The Perfect Mom

I’m getting back in the saddle.

The writing saddle.

And I’m tackling the “Perfect Mom” portrayed by social media.

See, I have a hard time writing this because I have chosen to be part of the direct marketing industry.  797 more words

A superior life is workable for each and every individual. Here is how you achieve your dream life

Is there a perfect sort of life that you long for? Maybe your optimal life comprises of more cash, more companions, or more opportunity

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Life Style

Random Intellectuality

Undoubtedly my life is going on along with the million more lives on this planet but somehow it feels that there are parts of my own life that I’m missing out to live; the sondering seems to happen in a parallel world. 107 more words

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