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Ministry - What no one would really write about....

I’m sitting here and I’m actually debating in my head on whether or not I should write down how I’m feeling in this present moment. Mainly because the internet is a permanent kind of place and I don’t want to have myself regretting what I’ve put out there. 986 more words

It's A God Thing

Picture Perfect

Seeing the glossy photographs on social media, we cannot help but feel bad for ourselves even on our best days when we compare. Even though we know that our life looks just as glamorous on social media where it makes it seem like all we do is go to parties, laugh and go on vacation. 288 more words

"Perfect Life" - A dream for many!!

Hey Guys…!!

Welcome to my blog!!

Actually this is the first time am actually attempting to write a blog!!

So let me start by introducing myself! 451 more words

Better Than Perfect, Reflection by SJS

This thing called life comes with a situation that we have to make choices. Whethere or not, we make a choice, we will still be judged by people who wouldn’t even care but judging others. 150 more words

Review: Germany- Levina 'Perfect Life'

I find it really difficult to say something constructive about Germany’s entry for 2017. Levina, who judging by her performances at Unser Song has a quality voice, but she has limited star quality, artistic vision or appeal for a wider audience. 158 more words


The thing that We desire

Perfect is the pattern and perfect will be the result. We see ourself surrounded by the thing that we desire. More than this, we are the thing that we desire. 101 more words

Romancing With Wholeness