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Society of achieving

Everyday we have to be better than yesterday. We have to be more productive. We have to be prettier. We have to achieve more. We have to be more social. 346 more words

Breathe. Let go. Let go of your happiness.

“Do what makes you happy.” It’s practically the motto that life throws at you. It’s what everyone and everything around you is telling you to do. 250 more words


Its' not THAT bad

My life wasn’t that bad before I started going to therapy, or so I thought. I made it through each day with relatively little upset. I had a happy marriage and a great little baby boy. 1,072 more words


I have insecurities and I understand that every other teenage girl will most likely also experience low self-esteem at some point in their teen years, however I don’t find this comforting. 275 more words


Second Chances

When you go through so much of life’s share of pains and heartaches, you become jaded, a certified cynic, and a wandering soul. Well, it could be in that order or not necessarily in that order. 304 more words

Certified Cynic

Suffering, Persecution, and the Glory of Christ

When we make the decision to follow Christ one of the most important things we need to realize is that we aren’t just going to start living a magically perfect life. 480 more words

ONLY a Housewife

A few days ago I met with a stranger. I call him that because even though we’re acquainted, and he seems to know ALL about me, he really doesn’t know anything beyond what he chooses to see. 861 more words