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Have I Made It?

Looking at the past time with a bottle in hand

I asked, Have I made it?

Thinking of the morals on which I stand,

Have I made it? 214 more words

In Anticipation Friday's Release of 4 1/2 by Steven Wilson Release This Friday

As we look forward to the release of 4 1/2 by Steven Wilson I thought I would just add a couple of tie-me-over videos till then.  48 more words

Not Wanting The Perfect Life

Our lives are never going to be filled with happiness all the time. There’ll never be a time when everything’s going to be alright or things are always going to be, should I dare say, perfect. 90 more words


My 'Perfect Life'


It’s early.
The vast imaginary planes of my still waking mind only filled with the twittering of small birds dancing with one another through translucent floating leaves. 479 more words


My Perfect Life

My Life was Perfect, or so I thought, until that lovely Saturday……

It was indeed a beautiful morning and i always loved Saturdays because I could afford the luxury of sleeping in, the kids were at my sister’s for the weekend and hubby decided to have an early start at the gym to give me some time to rest. 1,214 more words

What If You Had the Perfect Life…


Really think about this for a few minutes. Actually, when you have a moment (after reading this blog post), grab a piece of paper, a pen, and write down what the perfect life would look like for you. 827 more words

Inside Out With Courtnaye

Stop calling me lazy!!!

So I guess as anyone would realise a massive part of taking a writing based university course is a heck of a lot of reading. Sat in bed this morning with a story I have to read up on my laptop and my mum comes into my room shouting about how I’m lazy and disgusting and spend all day lounging around. 223 more words

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