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Day 26- Dream or Perfect life

I would be well, no illnesses!

My life would happy and healthy.

I would have a good relationship with my family, I would have friends and a good job. 173 more words

Mental Health

I remember the 5 year old me...

My mother put me in every baby show and modeling event in the north of the state. She styled me so she can portray the perfect family with perfect life. 166 more words


Many years ago, I was accused. Oh, not in the criminal sense. But accused, none the less, by someone I knew.  Not of having done something wrong but of having done something right. 812 more words


Real life vs. Social Media: why do we fake it?

It is all too common for people to fake it on social media, be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It seems almost impossible not to, at least, embellish some part of your life on one of the platforms. 745 more words


The Idea of a Perfect Life

I believe that no one can ever achieve a perfect life, but we have perfect moments. But this is where it becomes a personal matter, since perfection is not something that is attainable, and it differs from person to person. 375 more words


My life isn't Perfect, and I am fine with that!

I spend my evenings usually rummaging through books in a public library or some old bookstore.

I just love the smell, feel and touch of the books. 749 more words


my perfect life

Working very hard, feeling agitated and dealing with negative emotions related to mostly work, I feel more and more the need of sitting down and reflecting. 291 more words