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Angel Messages December 2 2016

Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

Yes, Angels!! What a beautiful sight!!

Angel Messages


Wouldn’t it be nice if life were perfect?  No problems, no pain.  But how realistic is this?  If we expect life to be some kind of utopia, we’re only fooling ourselves.   216 more words


Instagram is NOT Real Life

I woke up this morning and wanted to start a video blog. Or vlog. That’s a thing still, right? Anyway, I got about a minute into my video and my phone’s storage was full. 549 more words

Every Day

Forever young

A sixty year old woman looks at her wrinkled face and wishes she could be 20 again. A 72 year old man fails at being sexually potent and prays to god he was 18 once more. 814 more words


Smartphone+Social media=depression?

So we are actually at a point where it seems that we can’t live without smartphones that give us unlimited access to social media. But is that good or bad? 470 more words

Social Media

Life is Real

Life is Real…and so are the Answers. I use this on my blog and my business cards, my Facebook page and group, and just about anything I can. 680 more words

Our Christian Walk

8:00 am

I had time to kill before she’d be homeward bound.  Home to the five bedroom castle on the lake and her high school sweetheart.  She’d tried to make up for lost time, three kids in three years.   218 more words

Building A Friend