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Too Much Learning, Not Enough Doing

For as long as I can remember, I have been someone who wants to read all the books and learn all the knowledge. I kid you not when I italicize all; every subject imaginable is of interest to me. 824 more words

Yellow Dhal (Lentils) And Chul (Rice)

Yes, yes i am a bit of a perfectionist with my food, after all you only want to eat it if it looks nice :) so i made little rice cakes using ramekins

Peace & Love,

– O.K

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3 Ways to Avoid a Bad Customer Experience

I had a bad customer experience recently. I have been debating if I feel comfortable disclosing the name of the perpetrator, but I have decided that there is enough negativity in the world and it was a harmless mistake, so I’m not going to. 333 more words


Let's bring REAL back, at least a little bit

Let’s keep it real, kids…
If 2014 was the year of “the booty,” I wonder if we could make an effort to turn 2015 into the year of “showing off your…
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It's got to be perfect?

‘The trouble with you is you’re a perfectionist,’ said my mother. ‘I’m not,’ I replied. ‘I’m not good enough.’

Virtually all of my writing hours so far this year have been spent redrafting and editing. 487 more words


Creativity and the perfectionist

Have you ever felt like the direction you’re going isn’t exactly what you thought it would be? Have your goals been hindered by your ability to change, re-organize and over-coordinate plans? 414 more words

Exercise Creativity

Sir Ben Kingsley - Actor or a Perfectionist?

We come across very few actors who are able to pull out any role in any fashion and at ease. One such actor is Sir Ben Kingsley. 130 more words

Ben Kingsley