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The Perfectionist | Overcoming Perfectionism

Have you ever heard the saying “mind over matter”? As mental health is beginning to receive increasing awareness, the power of the mind is now being recognised as a primary factor within athletic performance, with sports psychology being factored in as a crucial part of training for successful athletes. 2,537 more words

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Am I a perfectionist?

You know what personally I don’t think I am, but apparently that’s common within people who are perfectionist, so lets just say I am. oh, and for all the people who have all called me that, this blog post is for you. 1,743 more words

Where is he?

I don’t have my next session with my psychologist booked. At the end of our last session, he asked me to email him to book our next session but that was over three weeks ago and I haven’t heard from him. 173 more words

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I'm A Perfectionist

It’s been too long since I’ve blogged. I know. There’s a reason behind why I haven’t – I mean, there’s always reason behind why everyone does anything. 749 more words


The Cold

I’m getting a cold. I can feel it in my throat, that familiar sensation we all know. Normally I would curse the virus and be angry with it and wish it hadn’t hit me and wonder what I did wrong to cause it to attack. 103 more words

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Stroke Of Perfection

I’m ashamed of myself.

I’ve been adding entries here about two or three times a week. In addition to that, I post text-based status updates on Facebook. 452 more words


Is it too late now to say sorry

First week in da bag. It was looking iffy as to whether or not I’d start on Monday in hospital orientation. They are part of a large hospital system, which is fine until I’m hassled right up until Friday about minuscule paperwork. 410 more words