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The Perfectionist

Written by Gita Krishna Raj | Published in the February 2015 issue of infinithoughts

I am a perfectionist. I like things done a specific way and am not too enamoured if it is left half undone. 1,882 more words


One of those days

Ever had one of those days?

You know the day…  where it seems as though everyone is against you?  That you can’t do anything right? That you feel like you’re just on the edge of something horrible? 1,646 more words


A Piece of Prose

Romance Amid Murder * CAUTION – contains mature content*

Above is the readable link to my piece of prose, Romance Amid Murder, it is my first major piece that I have ever done, and more to the point got it to a point I’m willing to share it. 65 more words


Like I Do...

I have an annoying habit of only noticing what is out of order.

What is perfect, or nearly so, disappears.

When I grow flowers, my eyes are drawn to the… 288 more words


Why We Are Never Failures Even When We Fail

I recently found myself in a situation that encouraged me to explore the way in which people approach the concept of failure.

I am a self professed perfectionist in recovery. 664 more words

“If you just focus on the smallest picture, you never get the big picture right.”

~Leroy Hood

This school year, remember to not get hung up on each and every little grade (yes, I struggle with that too and will be working on this as well).

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The Imperfect Life of a Perfectionist

Instead of the conventional approach of an introduction as my first blog first, I have decided to delve straight into just one of many topics that is to come with this blog. 468 more words