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I Can’t Do This...

This post is very personal so please be kind, it also may be a bit TMI.

However, if there are new mommies, old mommies, wives, or women in general out there that are feeling this way, then I hope I can be of some help… 888 more words

Baby Boy

A D day

I have been in a depression fog all day. I keep trying to adjust my sleeping habits, but it never seems to work. Everyday I wake up, scared I am going to fail the day. 279 more words

Slow (& Painful) Progress

I’ve been iffing and affing about posting a blog about this. I wanted to. Then I didn’t. Then I did. Ad nauseam.

What made me decide to share, was going on my Instagram and feeling dead shitty. 517 more words

Odds and Ends and Getting Side-Tracked

Welp, it has been a long time since I posted, but I have some great news. I am writing again, and this session has been my best yet! 572 more words

Current Projects

7 Bad Habits You Need to Give Up Now to Be Successful

(Source: www.inc.com)

I’ve coached a lot of leaders over the years and personally witnessed some truly counter-productive leadership behaviors. Some examples:

Money Matters

It's okay if you fall...

It’s not okay if you remain there…

I remember a time when I beat myself up whenever I made a mistake or did something wrong. I would remain bitter for hours even days. 272 more words


Want to be perfect


I went to a bank to transfer money but didn’t bring a right amount of money. I swore at myself but I think it was very foolish and amateurish. 184 more words

Job Hunting