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Top 10 Signs That You Are A Perfectionist!

When we think ‘Perfectionist’ the first thing we associate it with is ‘high achievers’. However, the fact is, that is far from the truth. A Perfectionist need not be a high achiever. 554 more words

Top 10 Tuesdays


Our expectation in ourselves must be higher than our expectation in others. ~ Victor Manuel Rivera

Personally, I expect perfection from myself in everything I do, so no wonder I’m always disappointed with myself!

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Pilates Instructors are Perfectionist!

If you have taken a Pilates class with a PMA Certified Instructor, you’ve probably noticed we are a nit-picky crew! Evenly press across all five metatarsals, keep that knee lined up over the hip bone, press down with your hands, exhale on the return, and so on! 245 more words

Pilates Musings

On Opportunity and Creativity

I tend to romanticize the creative process. It’s ridiculous and maybe even lazy, but I like to wait for the perfect time and the perfect place.  618 more words



Right now I am:

Standing at 135 lbs, 5’3″.
Half-sleeve tatted.
Feeling like a nobody.

I can’t wait to:

Lose 20 more pounds.
Get covered in tattoos. 17 more words

Eating Disorder

Ice-cream Sundays.


As I sit here finishing a bowl of strawberry ice-cream, I have decided it is the perfect time to start writing. It is something I have considered doing for a while but have never actually been able to begin. 185 more words


Perfection ≠ Success

Growing up the middle child with two brothers and a single mother working several jobs, I found myself constantly looking for attention. My mom was my hero; I idolized her. 712 more words