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The struggles of being a perfectionist.

The struggles of being a perfectionist. Creating something over and over again but still seeing faults. Nothing is ever good enough and it probably was not good enough because of the way you sat when you wrote it or you didn’t have the correct font on or there was an annoying red dotted line under one of your words and you are trying to carry on like you haven’t noticed it and you’re just in the flow of writing but the current sentence you are writing to try distract yourself from your previous mistake is now too long and no one is going to understand and you’re going to have to delete it.


Are You A Driven Perfectionist In A Slacker World?

Angela is driven. At her job as a graphic designer and communications coordinator, she works 10-12 hour days, and some weekends. Her standards for her work are well beyond those of her colleagues, including the CEO of the organization.  517 more words


As a recovering perfectionist and an aspiring good-enoughist, I’ve found it extremely helpful to bust some of the myths about perfectionism so that we can develop a definition that accurately captures what it is and what it does to our lives.

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Breaking the cycle of perfectionism: my personal journey

Nobody wants to hear the F-word, and I know what you’re thinking right now but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about failure. Nobody likes that word or wants to hear that they failed. 874 more words


Procrastination Style, Part III - Solutions

If you haven’t already . . .Take the quiz, Part I

Read the post, Part II –  My Inner Conflicts to see what YOUR Inner Conflicts are so you can solve them. 542 more words

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