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Five Minute Friday | Try

Ready, set, write…

As we unwrapped Graham’s personality day by day, we discovered that he was a perfectionist. And the most strong-willed child I had ever encountered. 327 more words

Lessons {of The Mothering Variety}

3 Tips To Find A Healthy Balance Between Perfection And Living Your Life

When you hear the term perfectionist, you might imagine a woman with pin-straight hair and flawless clothing. She’s walking around her house as if she’s on a mission, expertly adjusting any item that looks slightly out of place. 919 more words

Try to Triumph

I have been filed with a happiness today and the only thing I have noticed that’s so different is that I’ve tried.

The problem with being a perfectionist is that you don’t try. 387 more words


Elephants Raking Jellybeans

Daughter is quite the crafty little artist.  Her artwork is amazing, and she has even began sewing (by hand) too.  With this creative side comes the crazy emotional ‘It has to be perfect’ child.   249 more words



Since Friday I have slept 3 hours and 7 minutes. Somehow I am not even remotely tired. I am restless. Restless in sleep and just in general. 700 more words

Reflections of a Late Night

I have read somewhere that we, the writers, belong to the night. Or to be more precise; the night belongs to us. You see, normal people just refer to the night as their time to rest, to recharge themselves for the morning, to when the darkness fades and the sunrise arises. 539 more words


For the Fellow Type A's

This summer has been a stretching one. A lover of irony, I realize that this summer has been stretching not because of a strenuous work load, but because I have become finessed in the art of unproductivity. 681 more words

Before All Things