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So I’m sitting in my newly decorated office here in my new hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. I’m sitting here watching the cursor blink, typing, backspacing, typing, erasing, cursor blinking…. 926 more words

Everyday Revelations Of My 20-something Mind

09. What is 'Good Enough'?

Sometimes I get caught in these cycles of pushing myself until I ‘break’ and then feel bad about ‘breaking’. It’s a vicious cycle that I get caught in every couple of months and normally these are periods of like intense growth and introspection but nevertheless they are pretty hard on me. 480 more words

I am a living, breathing paradox.

I am two opposing forces, forever fighting against one other.

I feel trapped between the good and bad of all my character traits. And every day is a new battle to see which one will win. 328 more words


"Let it Go!" (NOPE. NOT associated with FROZEN)

Life as a perfectionist, event planner, organizer, or other wise O.C.D. inclined personality isn’t that hard. It is often something you are born with, traits that overtime become apart of you. 1,261 more words


I am a serial procrastinator.

Mostly because I fear the reality of my visions will not be as good as the vision itself.

I am a perfectionist, and more often than not, I am not satisfied with substandard results. 218 more words


How I (Sort of) Overcame My Perfectionism

A disclaimer: I’m still a perfectionist at heart, but not at the level I once was at before.

Grade 12 was a crazy year of devoting myself to school, and the year that I broke down in tears more often than not. 478 more words