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Organizational obsession or 'nesting'

I quit my job about 5 weeks before my expected due date. Part of the reason was that I felt like there was too much to do, too much to organize and buy and also, I felt it best to leave my job when I was still performing at my peak. 730 more words

Study Week

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a week of study. Yes, I’m on holidays but I’m also needing to get completely up to date with lectures etc. 212 more words

Medical Student

Aspen's Guide to Marvelous Motivation


Why hello again, my little leaves! Crazy how long it has been (a whole day or two, yeah?). Seeing as how I mentioned motivation in that last shindig of ours, I figured I could go a bit deeper. 576 more words


What is your outlet, how do you survive?

Photography. Photography is my answer for almost anything good in my life. It is something I have complete control over and there are absolutely no limits as to what I can achieve with it. 611 more words


Relentless Redemption

Relentless: that which does not relent (soften in feeling, temper or determination; become more mild; become less severe); unyielding: a relentless enemy. Syn: rigid, unbending, obdurate, adamant, unyielding… 370 more words



We have heard them talk,they have always talked and they will still talk.These are people who I think don’t have better business to do than to talk about others and keep criticizing them. 212 more words

Culture Connection

Culture Connection

With Dr. Bill Maier

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Culture Connection