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beyond perfection

i think i’ve finally reconciled (or conceded) in my mind that while perfection might technically exist a priori, our ideals of it fall short from reality. 1,096 more words

We’re Not Perfect

It’s easy to be irritated by people who cannot meet our expectations. Even I am trying hard to be more forgiving too. It’s the idealist in me that sometimes clouds my understanding of other people’s situations. 258 more words

Thoughts And Notions

When Perfectionism Holds You Back

If someone had told me a year ago I was a perfectionist for not completing book or film manuscripts, I’d have said, “Pffffft. No way. Perfectionists have tidy houses and no holes in their shirts. 371 more words


Writing and Perfectionism

You’d think that if you’re a writer with a perfectionist streak you’d have the best, well-thought-out pieces, right? No problems, no road blocks, no grammar issues, nothing. 907 more words


3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge: Round 2 - Poetry Style (Day 3)

So the doctor has confirmed I am NOT dying. That is good news. No walking pneumonia or anything serious. He said it is just lingering inflammation. 338 more words


Perfectionist Or Procrastinator

Good day one and all I am so thrilled this morning having you guys joining me today.

Question: Are you a perfectionist or a procrastinator? 175 more words


Confessions of a People-pleasing Perfectionist

All right, fellow perfectionists and people pleasers, this one’s for us.

On my last editing course, I got 70%. It’s a passing grade, but it’s not the high score and dripping praise I’m used to. 592 more words