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Practically Perfect?

Hi, everyone. For tonight’s post, I’m going to be dealing with a more serious subject that probably doesn’t seem like anything notable, but really affects my life and probably a lot of other people’s, too. 456 more words


Even The Best Plans...

I love to plan, I really do. It’s just who I am to schedule and organize and… be a little bit of a perfectionist.

I was all set to work on our family value posts this week, but the weekend did not go according to plan. 121 more words


Alfredo Hernandez Clinic - January 2015

The new year rang cold and blistery, but exciting with the promise of a spicy Alfredo Hernandez clinic.  Alfredo flew in to temps in the mid-twenties, and tried his best to stay positive about it.  544 more words

Harrington Dressage

Status Update on my WIP (or ME! ME! ME! Look at me!)

As you can see by my title, I might be a little excited about my current work in progress. Usually, I write a little, read it again, write a little more, read it again, fix some mistakes, read it again, write a little more, read it again, etc., etc. 450 more words



It’s the first day of March, which means that I have exactly seventy days until I graduate from college. I’m excited of course, to finally accomplish the goal that I have been working to accomplish for the last four years – and maybe the last sixteen years, if you want to count high school. 869 more words

Baby beat the perfectionist out of me....

(Warning – this post is long and contains a lot of exclamations)

Growing up in a competitive household with lots of siblings pushes you to be the best in everything you do – academics, sports, etc. 1,314 more words


day 5

Really enjoyed the end of my first week at work. It was a shock to the system at first but I was used to it again by today. 273 more words