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You DO NOT NEED 7 hours of sleep.

Well, you might… but hear me out. The advice that you NEED “7-8 hours of sleep” each night has been passed down from generation to generation, without question by many. 306 more words


1700% Project: Mistaken for Muslim

Anida Yoeu Ali’s “Mistaken for Muslim” is a powerful video that juxtaposes diverse images of Muslims, and the artist herself, with a poem relentlessly detailing xenophobic and Islamaphobic hate crimes in post 9/11 America:


perfect brokenness perfect completeness

You know that ‘thing’ that threatens to break you?

It’s that thing you deny exists and try to run away from? Yeah, that.

It’s okay, you can turn around and face it. 863 more words

stepping into grace

I’m doing a lot of confessing here and it’s time for another one:

I adore fall.

I love the beauty in the changing leaves, the crisp temperatures, and the October blue skies. 795 more words

it's a break up that continues

I broke up with perfect, but sometimes we get back together. Ugh. Perfect makes itself known in my relationships and it has snared me in the fear of man that steals my authenticity and… 706 more words

Sweatful Revelation

Some new work, new ideas still in process….

Video/performance – Duration 20mins

Currenting researching ideas around ritual, scared ceremonies, states of trance and the collective unconscious. Performed in Bali Indonesia.