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Viking Runes.

For one of my final pieces fro the drawing project i have been talking to one of my tutors about some Viking Rune stones  have made. 165 more words

Interviews, University and Ageing

Me and R went to Whitby for a long weekend, and for some reason I forgot how weeks work and didn’t realise that I’d miss my Mentalist Monday post; so apologies if you were looking forward to that. 780 more words


Getting the most out of your team

People, humans, individuals…. can be fickle at the best of times! Leading, or managing a team can be one of the most challenging roles to play. 607 more words


Frustrated Perfectionists, The Pareto Principle and Your Students!


This week Mark, an adult beginner student, came to his lesson and had become increasingly frustrated with one of his pieces.

The major learning explorations introduced in the piece were 3/4 time signature and waltz style. 685 more words


Chris Brown banned from Canadian Border!!!!

Chris Brown has been  from entering Canada for his tour with Tyga and Trey Songz.

Chris Brown stated via twitter that the Canadian Government advised he can not enter into Canada. 108 more words

Going to Orlando,but will appreciate YOUR HELP:)

Before I get started I have not forgotten about the 2nd chapter of The Purpose Driven Life. But I have GOOD news!!!!

I have been selected to attend the  183 more words


Exciting Performance Ideas!!

The initial idea for our show was family life. We wanted to explore the different layers of family life. We also wanted to entertain the audience and make them realise that they are not alone and everyone’s family has problems. 458 more words

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