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I’m Michael Mirsky and This Is How I Mesh

OK, I’ve got to come clean. I don’t rigorously mesh that often. As part of the product development team, the grids I spend most of my time with are those meshes submitted by our talented users. 1,885 more words


Week 06 - Patrick Bastian

This week I continued my routine from the last week. Grab all the new assets made last week, put them into templates, update their information and organize them in Perforce and the asset spreadsheet. 122 more words

Term 2 PPJs

Week 04 - Patrick Bastian

This week I spent most of it doing organizational work so going forward assets should be easy to find. First off, I edited the templates to add more detail (notably adding more space to the art area to give more room for alternate versions of the art as well as spritesheets for animations). 156 more words

Term 2 PPJs

Week 01 - Arjun Bajpai

For the first week of the second term of this project, I updated perforce with the latest files and builds, reorganized some of the build stuff in there and updated my local build and played it a few times. 81 more words

Term 2 PPJs

Hobby Game Developers: to use version control or not?

Version control, sometimes called source control, is the process of using a program to manage multiple versions of a software project, typically saving things in a remote database or similar structure. 708 more words

Game Development

Saving, SVN's, and Schedules

Yesterday was not a very good day.  I spent about 12 hours trying to fix my project, due to a myriad of issues surrounding file versioning and back-ups.   1,241 more words


Week 06 - Arjun Bajpai

Since Boyd is doing all the code work I devoted my attention to some basic audio elements (I offered my help with code work but Boyd says he can handle it by himself and he has been doing awesome so far. 264 more words

Term 1 PPJs