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I’m Chris Fouts and This Is How I Mesh

I guess you could say I’ve been working towards a career at Pointwise, Inc. since 1978. That’s when, growing up in the outskirts of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, I learned to program using my first computer, a… 1,828 more words


I’m Jim Colby and This Is How I Mesh

While originally from Illinois (Waukegan for you Jack Benny fans), I grew in foggy Santa Maria, CA. So, I know BBQ – specifically Santa Maria Style BBQ… 1,341 more words


Git doesn't scale, apparently #git

Of course, that depends on your definition of scale.

I was talking to my friend at Google, and was really surprised to find out that they use a Perforce-like version control system there. 109 more words


I’m Mike Jefferies and This Is How I Mesh

I am one of the software developers here at Pointwise. I have contributed to several areas of the code base, but the geometry and database functionality is my area of expertise. 854 more words


Cody Rowlands: Development Journal, Entry #2

The ball started rolling.

The first thing that was done this week was a team meeting to discuss what we needed to do this week as well as set up a definitive art style. 246 more words


Bryan Fawber: Development Entry #2

The first thing I focused on this week was getting the restart command to work within the console. At first, I thought this would be a simple one liner in the form of: 535 more words