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The Hats We Wear

I attended Bethel’s Heaven Come Conference in Los Angeles back in May and was overwhelmed by the leadership and their ability to be vulnerable and raw with the attendees. 564 more words


So This Was Allowed to Take Place

So I was at work the other day and the homie, Rory randomly asked if I wanted to see something hilarious.

I instantly became skeptical and with hesitation said, ‘suuure?’ 403 more words

TheChefette's Adventures In Life

South African Crew goes VIRAL!

An amazing bunch of talented South African dances come together to create what I call art.

Rudi Smit, the choreographer shows his true talent by showcasing his sassy yet creative side through UNTIMITIVE Crew. 164 more words


Benefits of Stretching Everyday

You don’t have to be a yogi to enjoy stretching everyday. The amount of problems that can be eradicated, by simply just taking a few minutes to stretch is crazy.   199 more words

Hungry For Fire 

Fine Art print gallery: Hungry For Fire Photograph by Silvijo Selman

Portrait photography in black & white, monochrome and sepia taken with Olympus photo equipment.


[Hibernate] - Increase performance using @DynamicUpdate or @DynamicInsert

When you change only the value of a single attribute of an object we know that Hibernate makes an update query with all attributes and their respective values. 197 more words