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Three Ways to Objectively Assess Talent and Player Performance in Canadian Youth Soccer

On the first day of my FIFA 11+ Instructor Training Certification course in 2016, Matias Eiles, a FIFA Instructor and Coach Educator with the German Football Federation, told us that in his country, they have 1 National Team, but 80 million “National Team Coaches”.  957 more words


What Are Your Strengths? You Should Want to Know Your Strongest Stripes

There seem to be two great competing philosophies on whether someone should embrace their natural strengths, or extend the majority of their attention on their weaknesses.   1,182 more words


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I have found an influx of people wanting, or needing, to become more aware to their strengths, for a variety of personal and professional reasons.  I wrote this blog post to help in that discovery process!   You will find the strengths assessment, and I also offered insight to what my strength assessment said about me :)  You should definitely consider taking the assessment found in this post - I don't think you'll be disappointed :)

Call Center Productivity Issues?  It's About the Hands!

Over the last ten years or so I find my most meaningful work efforts seem to fall right smack in the middle of the chaotic environment of call centers. 1,552 more words

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Your Performance is not the Problem

It was late summer back in 1998 and I was finishing off the final work term of my Industrial Engineering degree at Dal. And as everyone is aware, with every single job that you will ever have there is some kind of performance review process to go through. 753 more words


The Beginning to the End

I have been reading a lot lately about companies who are eliminating their annual performance appraisal processes. This is making employees and supervisors happy as both dread this annual event. 535 more words

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Constructing a Music Assessment

In my last post, I began discussing assessment in the music classroom. I explained that conceptualizing the assessment must take place early in the planning process, right after the goal, enduring understanding, and essential question is stated, and  1,027 more words

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Debunking urban myths in management wisdom I

Myth 1:
People Performance Assessments by superiors are necessary, motivating and a good way for providing a base for variable pay incl. bonuses ea., promotion, improvement and feedback. 781 more words

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