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Circles and Squares

We started our performance assessment task day for Geometric Measure & Dimension with Circles and Squares, a Mathematics Assessment Project task.

Several students wondered about the ratios of the areas of the figures. 82 more words


Chasing Excellence: How Not To Confuse Efforts With Results!

When writing about “excellence” as a thought provoking exercise and discussion for the readers, participants and members of The Vertical, it made me think of my introduction to this very powerful word. 934 more words

Performance Assessment

How Do You Know When You’ve Done A Good Job?

–when my students are happy…

–when my students thank me…

While all of these are wonderful answers, read on to learn why these answers may not be the ones you are looking for in a candidate for your career management team. 773 more words

Career Education

The Honesty Gap; The Illusion of Measuring Proficiency

One of the great gifts of standardized testing was the premise of giving the same questions to many students would allow for a more reliable measure of student achievement. 1,108 more words


Setting the PACE: Teacher Assessment Practices in a Competency-based Education System

(Wordle created by Ellen Hume-Howard)

I continue to be amazed and impressed by our staff’s progress over the past five years related to our implementation of a competency-based education system. 1,430 more words

Using Blogs as Instructional and Assessment Tools

A blog is a web 2.0 tool enjoying immense popularity among netizens nowadays. Like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it can be used by people with the slightest knowledge of information technology. 617 more words


WEEK 13: Performance Assessments and Authentic Learning

Performance assessment is an assessment that requires students to demonstrate that they have mastered specific skills and competencies by performing or producing something. Asking students to create an electronic/ digital portfolio (e-portfolio) is one of the many ways of assessing students’ learning and progress throughout the semester. 532 more words