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April 20th-26th Events!

April fun fact: April is Humor Month. Go and have yourself a few laughs!

April 20th-26th Event Schedule!

1. Animals As Companions. Veterans, seniors, and children can enjoy the love and companionship of a friendly animal! 465 more words

Going to the GSCA National? Take a quick survey to see how many others will be there too!

We promise to keep a running count posted here of how many people answer YES, they are planning to attend the GSCA National Specialty, Purina Farms, St. 52 more words

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Clicker Training - what is it - how to do it - resource links

In the past couple of days we’ve heard from two Agility competitors, Susan Nelson and Linda Stebbins who both mentioned using clicker training as a core beginning for the more advanced work we see in Agility. 541 more words


Ready Set(ter) GOOOO!

I am so very pleased to welcome this week’s Guest Blogger – Linda Stebbins of Los Ranchos NM to share her training experience in Agility. I know you’ll all treat her right, give her a big round of applause or shake her hand and say “thanks so much” next time you see her! 1,614 more words


Agilitiy with Susan Nelson

Would you all join me please and give Susan Nelson, Casper WY a huge round of applause for sharing her experience with Gordon Setters in Agility! 987 more words

Gordon Setter

Rethinking Puppy Socialization

First off I’m shouting out a Thank You to my Facebook friends and fellow Gordon Setter exhibitors Karol Bloomquist Paduch and Gail Deller who both shared this excellent article about socialization. 113 more words


We Need Trainers!

We know you’re out there having the time of your life working and competing with your Gordon Setter in all manner of Performance events, Obedience, Rally, Agility, or maybe Flyball (have I forgotten any?) But after you’ve worn yourself out training we’re wondering if you would take a minute or more to share your expert knowledge – as in how did you get your dog to do that? 179 more words

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