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The Curse of Unspoken Expectations - 3 Ways to Improve Teamwork and Collaboration

Unspoken expectations are a curse upon relationships. It’s a surefire way to guarantee you will have conflict and discord that leads to poor teamwork and collaboration in the workplace. 619 more words


Are You An Earnest Leader? 5 Reasons to Be More Intentional and Purposeful

I have always loved the word earnest, and I bestow the word on another person when it is, well, earnestly earned!  One who, according to Dictionary.com, is “serious in intention, purpose or effort … showing depth and sincerity of feeling” is good company indeed.  502 more words


Are You Being Clear About Expectations?

Today’s managers play a dual role—balancing their people management tasks along with their own work. Recently one of my clients was discussing this challenge and her specific time constraints. 357 more words


Providing Clear Direction—You’re Not Being Bossy; You’re Being A Boss

About 25 years ago I was running my coaching business out of my home office. I had an assistant come to the house twice a week to run errands and do some light bookkeeping for me so I could keep my focus on building the business and coaching my clients. 504 more words

Performance Management

Growing Moss

I suppose I’ve been waiting for an answer to come to me before sharing it in glorious fashion here in my own private little blog world. 672 more words

Setting Boundaries: 7 Ways Good Managers Get It Wrong

Employees know when they have a “nice” manager who isn’t really in charge—and in the end, it makes them feel unsafe. Dr. Henry Cloud literally wrote the book on this topic… 603 more words

Performance Management

Eliminating Performance Problems—A Four-Step Process

I’ll say it right up front: I’m not a fan of the infamous practice of ranking employees and continuously turning over the bottom 10 percent. I think it is bad business. 416 more words

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