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More engine build work

A few little jobs over the last few days, basically filling the time in between paint coats on a few bits and bobs.

First up was fitting all the timing belt covers. 330 more words

Performance Upgrades

Timing belt fitted

Managed to sneak an hour in the garage and amongst other things for the timing belt installed. Started off by getting the crank at the TDC mark: 204 more words

Performance Upgrades

Head built

With the head repainted, I built it back up this weekend. First job was to check whether I’d get away with not lapping the valves or not. 926 more words

Performance Upgrades

Waterpump fitment issues

Unfortunately the paint didn’t stick to the head and flaked off. I jetwashed the paint off re-painted, using etch primer this time.

Whilst waiting for it to dry, I tackled the waterpump. 148 more words

Performance Upgrades

Oil seals and sump done

With the crank and pistons/rods in, I could finish off the block, or at least the ‘internals’ of it. First up was the rear oil seal. 380 more words

Performance Upgrades

Crank and pistons in

Spent some time in the garage this morning after the F1 qualifying. Feeling that early start now! First up I retrieved the mk1 windage tray from the original engine and fitted the MSBP in its place. 611 more words

Performance Upgrades

Dilemma - to use the MSBP or not

One of the benefits of using a mk2.5 block over a mk1 or mk2 is that it comes with a Main Bearing Support Plate (MSBP). Essentially this is an uprated windage tray that sits between the sump and the block. 326 more words

Performance Upgrades