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Throttle return spring

With a week to go before the trackday, and the car MOT’d, I turned my attention to trying to resolve this sticking throttle issue. From searching the internet, I could see that it was the return springs just not being strong enough to hold the plates closed against the vacuum of a car engine. 389 more words

Performance Upgrades

Mapping complete. Results in.

Loaded the car on the trailer this morning and took it down to Nick at Skuzzle Motorsport. We managed to get the bodies balanced on the butterflies themselves though it’s something I’ll have to keep an eye on. 158 more words

Performance Upgrades

All back together

Ok, the car is all back together now.

Most of the time was spent under the scuttle. I fitted the ECU in place of the Mazda unit, but opted for it to go underneath the ECU plate rather than above it. 495 more words

Performance Upgrades

More progress

Seems to be lots of little jobs recently. It’s almost like that stage during the build where you do lots of stuff, but nothing really changes. 920 more words

Performance Upgrades

Engine back in

Added a few more bits to the engine then managed to get it fitted back in this weekend. First up was the rear cam oil seal, in place of the CAS. 376 more words

Performance Upgrades

More engine build work

A few little jobs over the last few days, basically filling the time in between paint coats on a few bits and bobs.

First up was fitting all the timing belt covers. 330 more words

Performance Upgrades

Timing belt fitted

Managed to sneak an hour in the garage and amongst other things for the timing belt installed. Started off by getting the crank at the TDC mark: 204 more words

Performance Upgrades