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Art Rich 2015 Performance + General Life Mumble

I recently have been dwelling into the mysterious depths of foreign jungle commonly refereed to as “work-force.”

That’s right kids I got a part-time gig sifting children from the safety of their homes into the safety back into their homes as well as conversing with wonderful folk about the jungle that is art-work at the RAG. 296 more words


CMI: Top 10 difficult conversations:@cipdlondon @cmi_managers #HR #Law

CMI (Matt Scott):Difficult conversations. Everyone has them but, by their very nature, no-one wants to have to deal with them. And this is especially true when it comes to difficult conversations in the workplace.  428 more words


Working as a parent without the guilt

Having taken a year off after the birth of my son, deciding to get back into work was a decision not taken lightly. However after much discussion, it was decided that it would be a good idea to pursue, not only for our bank account but also for my sanity – I was not cut out for daytime kids T.V! 701 more words

Working Life

Young At Heart: Sinatra


Monday’s Birthday Girl celebrates number ninety.

Happy Birthday, Mom!


Your Weekend Catch-Up: 3 AUG

Weekends are a hectic time for most, whilst others might prefer doing absolutely nothing. Either way, here’s your morning scoop of what happened over the weekend to get you back into the groove: 344 more words


One (Hundred) True Sentence(s)

Haydn wrote one hundred and four symphonies.

Mahler finished only nine.

Mahler’s symphonies are outstanding and so are Haydn’s. It doesn’t take away from Mahler that he wrote less than Haydn. 127 more words