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Virtual Instruments Extends VirtualWisdom Capabilities with 4.3 Release

Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom 4.3 Briefing Note

Today’s data center is dealing with tight budgets, demands for increased storage efficiency and of course higher application performance and availability. 684 more words

Briefing Note

My 1st Friday Favorite Guru Series: Jim Pershing

We begin the First Friday of this month, September 2015, with another of my Favorite Gurus, Jim Pershing.

Jim – or – James Pershing and I met through our work at NSPI – now ISPI: the International Society for Performance Improvement. 2,329 more words


Together the People this Sunday

Come and see a performance of “A People’s Manifesto” this Sunday 6th Sept, on the Soapbox Stage at Together the People in Preston Park, Brighton at 5.15 pm.


The Science of Sports Drinks

In honour of Oasis’ upcoming fitness-themed October issue, I wrote a short piece on the Science of Sports Drinks.  Enjoy…


I grew up in the old days where you were lucky if you could even find a sports drink in the local convenience store.  556 more words

Richard Corriere's Mindful Manager Update: Panic

Richard Corriere’s Mindful Manager Update:  Panic

When your body
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My focus is SEO/Social Media marketing, education, science, and the car industry. 12 more words


Conflicting effects of predator cue and ocean acidification on the mussel Mytilus coruscus byssus production

Understanding the impact of ocean acidification and warming on communities and ecosystems is a researcher priority. This can only be achieved through a combination of experimental and field approaches that would allow developing a mechanistic understanding of impacts across level of biological organizations. 235 more words


Biogenic acidification drives density-dependent growth of a calcifying invertebrate in culture

A major factor often overlooked in the production of calcifying marine invertebrates in aquaculture is the effect of changes in the carbonate chemistry of culture water caused by organism metabolism and calcification. 242 more words