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O guia da APM - O que é APM?

Simplificando, Application Performance Management(APM) é a arte de gerenciar o desempenho, disponibilidade e a experiência do usuário de aplicações. O processo de APM monitora a velocidade em que as transações são realizadas tanto por usuários finais quanto pelos sistemas e infraestrutura de rede em que essa aplicação é executada, fornecendo uma visão geral end-to-end de potenciais gargalos e interrupções de serviço. 365 more words


Scaling, There's More To it Than Just Adding Nodes

Driven by either the demand for more capacity, more performance or both, every storage system at some point has to scale. Broadly there are two types of scaling available: scale-up or scale-out. 606 more words


Reviewing Neil Rackham's 10 Training Design Criteria - #03

Is there a low threat learning environment?

If the learner feels threatened in any way – their learning will most likely suffer.

What can cause a threat to an individual is as varied as individuals. 750 more words


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The belonging group defines environment and this level of understanding, acceptance, respect and appreciation. #senseofbelonging #environment #acceptance


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